Welcome to the MiceChat Disney News Roundup!

Welcome to this week’s Disney & Theme Park news roundup. Lots of news from Disney regarding the California Original, some good, some bad and some so/so. Plus, some fun trip reports, rumors and more!

This week’s Top Stories

DCA Update – Pixar Pier, Is It Enough?
California Adventure is currently in the middle of two big shifts. By the time you read this, Halloween will be mostly removed and Christmas will officially open just a week from today! That’s a quick switch-a-roo. But first, we have more news on the complete re-theme of one of the park’s original lands . . . Paradise Pier, which will soon get a Pixar makeover. Is it ambitious enough or just a bit of lipstick on the proverbial pig?

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News from all things Disney!

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Photo Trip Report 10/25-10/27
Seedubxj just came back from a spooky fun time at the Disneyland Resort with some spectacular photos!

Oct 21st 2017
Jmc92 didn’t have a Spooktacular time at Disneyland this time around, they share their not so fun experience here. What are your thoughts?

Pixar Pier taking over Paradise Pier in Summer 2018
More details have surfaced this week about the upcoming retheme of Paradise Pier, what are your thoughts?

Skyway Cameo in New Disneyland Christmas Commercial
Disneyland has already started showing their great Holiday commercials with a cameo of a great classic ride.

New Disneyland Resort Hotel Coming In 2021
It has been officially announced that Disney is going to redo a large part of Downtown Disney and add a new 800 room hotel to meet demand, concept art has been released what do you think about it ?

Posted a video that park regulars and CM’s might enjoy
sirwillow brings us a fun video of some of the silly questions and conversations that cast members hear.

Favorite Mazes
With Halloween in the rearview mirror, bassmonkey1962 has rated the different mazes and wants to compare your notes.

Podcasts & Videos

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Like sands through the hour glass, summer has slipped away and suddenly become Halloween! Pumpkins line Main Street USA at Disneyland and new Halloween treats have transformed Disney California Adventure. But that’s not all, we have a few more tricks up our sleeve on this fun episode of the show.

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Mousetalgia: Welcome to Mousetalgia’s Halloween Specter-tacular! This year, we have a bountiful boo-tique of freaky features to make your Halloween a ghast – er, a gas! First, Jeff recounts the DoomBuggies 20th anniversary party held at the Winchester Mystery House on Friday, October 13th (with a special guest appearance by Ghost Host Peter Renaday… bwahaHA!) Then, Kristen takes us back to Hong Kong where she celebrated Halloween in China with a scary twist. Hear about the seasonal parade, the special events, and the haunting Maze of Madness, where Disney characters turn murderous, you party in hell, and the whole experience mystifies Kristen. Finally, author Jim Fanning joins us to discuss “Trick or Treat,” the fabulous Disney animated short from 1952 staring Donald Duck. We talk a little history, share a little behind the scenes info, and celebrate that famous song. Plus – a listener’s review of Disneyland’s new Happiest Haunts tour, and we share our scariest moments in Disney parks.

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The Sweep Spot: In this episode we welcome back podcaster, author, and friend Jeff Baham. Jeff has written a book on the Haunted Mansion, has a website called Doombuggies.com, and a podcast Mousetalgia. We get into some interesting talk on Haunted Mansion fandom, history and more. Plus we have the latest in the Disneyland Resort Current Events. for more info on our book, T shirts, show notes and more at www.thesweepspot.com

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The Season Pass: Technology has been rapidly advancing over the last several years. Completely changing how we vacation as well as how we go about our daily lives. Cell phones, RFID, virtual queues, augmented reality, virtual reality, and so many other kinds of tools are redefining how a day is spent. Innovation pushes the themed entertainment industry forward. It provides new avenues for creativity and opens the doorway to possibilities for the audience. People who have that drive to keep pushing technological boundaries in innovative ways provide some of the most interesting Season Pass Podcast interviews. One of the best places to find those talented minds is the TEA Summit!

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Disney Cruise Line Prepares for Epic Fleet and Itinerary Expansion
It dawned on me the other day that it’s been awhile since I’ve written a Disney Cruise Line Connoisseur article, and there’s actually quite a lot to discuss. Back at D23 Expo 2017, the news broke that the company was increasing its fleet expansion plans from two new ships to three. Plus, just the other day, the brand recommitted to California and Florida homeports with expanded itineraries. So, let’s check it all out.

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