Merry Thanksweenmas, MiceChatters! The smashed pumpkins have barely had time to dry on Main Street and the Christmas season officially starts later this week at the Disneyland Resort.  Let’s take a look around and see all the merry making . . .


The Thanksweenmas guide maps feature the Mark Twain.

The Mickey Floral will be red and green by this time next week  . . . if it isn’t already.

Main Street

The Epicenter of the holidays at Disneyland is Main Street USA. It may be early November and still warm, but it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas to me.

A Christmas tree has temporarily replaced Walt’s lamp in the apartment above the Main Street Fire Department.

Christmas Tree Point will soon live up to its name. Yep, that’s what they really call that little round garden at the tip of Town Square.

Lot’s of garland with red bows all the way up and down Main Street.

I heard this is a good place to find a date.

New Orleans Square Decorations

Is it Christmas or Mardi Gras in New Orleans Square? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

The Riverbelle Terrace redo continues. The kitchen and old quick serve lines are being reconfigured to convert the space into a permanent table service location. The first available reservations are on November 21st.

Haunted Mansion Holiday continues . . .

The green ornaments are skulls, and some of the orange ones are pumpkins. This isn’t new, but I had never noticed this before.

Critter Country

As in years past, the tree is in the process of being loaded in through the receiving window above the entrance to Splash Mountain. Brer Rabbit has a sense of humor.

Santa will be returning to the meet and greet area in front of Pooh Corner again this year.

This bench is on loan from Calgary Transit.

Castle Decorations


As in New Orleans Square, the scale of the Toontown decorations has been dwindling over the years, but it’s still creative and each building is unique.

Pluto’s is one of my favorites. Garlands of mustard and ketchup with a little relish thrown in for good measure.

No decorations yet for Clarabelle’s.
dollar dollar bill y’all

Daisies for Daisy.

So many jokes here, but I promised I would behave.

From Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.

This and That

it’s a small world Holiday Preparations

Looks like they didn’t take the opportunity to repaint the flume.


Soundsational wrapped up for the season yesterday. A Christmas Fantasy Parade returns this Friday the 10th.  What’s unclear is if Soundsational will return after the holidays. The Pixar Play Parade is moving from DCA to Disneyland in the Spring. But will Soundsational make a short return before Pixar takes over?  Soundsational is slated to be dismantled so the bases can be reused for a new parade.

Space Mountain Returns To Normal


Saturday was a pleasant day.

It’s been a while since there was a fun new snow globe worth sharing. This one is pretty cool.

If you want people to give you strange looks, just spend a few minutes taking pictures of trash cans. Works every time.

Because there’s never enough Frozen, you can now smell like Elsa
And in other news…they still make these.
For nights when the internet is offline.


Yes, that’s a maple donut with bacon on top. It’s also $6.

Star Wars Merchandise

Because there weren’t enough bubbles in the parks already.

How can you resist this face?

Dapper Star Wars dresses. That poodle skirt with the AtAt walker . . . brilliant!

Resistance is futile. Seriously, you are going to buy one. It’s just a matter of when.

Christmas Merchandise

Disneyland has officially entered the Ugly Christmas Sweater market.
Hatbox stocking. Those aren’t going to last. Too adorable.

It’s so nice to see the shirts say “Disneyland” and not “Disney Parks.”

These are Tommy Bahama “Dad Shirts”. They can be yours for the bargain price of $150.

Star Wars Land Construction

Enclosure of the show building for the battle escape attraction is well underway. The rooftop is packed with equipent, HVAC and all sorts of pipes.

Rock mountains tower over everything.

Steel supports are waiting for their wire frames . . . more mountains on the way.

Hope you are all enjoying your Thanksweenmas, because the resort is going to get increasingly crowded each week leading into the holidays.  We’ll be back with you later this week with a DCA update AND the official start of Christmas . . . at least as far as Disney is concerned.

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