Grand Openings – Test Track and New Fantasyland Now Officially Open at Walt Disney World

Written by Cory Disbrow. Posted in Dateline Disney World, Walt Disney World

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Published on December 07, 2012 at 5:03 am with 13 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • Fantastic update! Looks to me like Test Track outshines the New Fantasyland.

    • mratigan

      I agree, seems like there is more to do in Test Track(make your own car, the sim track,and the postshow) than in New Fantasyland(enchanted tales,little mermaid)

  • Eric Davis

    great photos!

  • Trumpet

    Great Update Cory

    I have to agree with the comments above that Test Track is better than New Fantasyland. I have to say Cory, your opinion of that Test Track 2.0 is more in keeping of EPCOT center has made me see the new update in a new light (which is positive). Overall, I have to say that it is more futuristic and inkeeping with Future Eorld and Walt Disney’s visions of the future, with technology changing. Maybe that is how we will test cars in the future.

    The Tangled tower looksgood, and I agree, the Contempary Resort has been seen from Disneyland since it was built, so I don’t see the problem (maybe people are not used to it).

    Thanks Again Cory. it is really good to have a weekly column of all the things happening at WDW.


  • Terrytiger

    I love the redesigned Test Track. Finally, something futuristic and forward-thinking in FutureWorld which it hasn’t had in years. Even the last redo of Spaceship Earth didn’t do much to really give that attraction a contemporary feel. Now let’s do something about Universe of Energy!

  • Malin

    What ever you want to say about WDW. It has in 2012 given us New Fantasyland, an updated Test Track and the Jack Sparrow Experience.

    The new Test Track looks amazing but at the same time I’m thinking some WDW Fan Boys are geeking out too much over it. Although it offers an alternative to all the Fantasyland stuff. So Disney World has addressed the balance.

    The New Fantasyland might not be for everyone but I can certainly find a few of the offerings worth my time. Including that stunning Beauty and the Beast Restaurant. So I feel like the DCA that WDW is offering something for everyone this year.

  • Timekeeper

    Test Track looks fun, but some of the non-Disney fans out there in the interwebs miss the old version (but then again, most of these fans were probably born around 1990 or later, and never did experience Epcot when it was called Epcot Center.) I think this new version is much better, I wish it didn’t have a similar color scheme to Spaceship Earth and Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, but that’s minor in comparison to the whole experience of what Test Track is, it being you now testing out your own ride designs and how well it runs. (I have only seen the ride video and I have yet been on the new attraction, myself being from Southern California.)


    • Omnispace

      I thought the same thing about the color scheme. Since glowing blue lights have been incorporated into almost every product and design scheme for the past decade it almost seems like a cliche nowadays. In this case I’m pretty sure that they selected the blue to represent GM and Chevrolet. Regardless, it looks good — and futuristic!

  • Omnispace

    It’s refreshing to see Test Track redesigned to embrace the future. This emphasis is what has been missing from Epcot for years now. It’s unfortunate that it takes companies like Siemens and GM to push the original vision of Epcot while management seems to have abandoned it. While it would have been fun to have the guests’ car designs affect the ride more, a bit more like Indiana Jones operates with it’s variations in programming, I can understand how difficult it would be to do that. Perhaps it’s something they can figure out how to incorporate more in the future. Otherwise I give a big thumb’s up to the production of the ride. It’s really come a long way in just a short rehab!

  • BrizMarc

    Test Track looks amazing. I really cant wait to ride the new version. Disney have really one upped them self.

  • fnord

    I love that you can catch a train at the Main St. Station and disembark at the circus. Walt wanted a circus at Disneyland, but abandoned the concept. This expands Main St. as well as Fantasyland! Meanwhile Disneyland is castrating the Main St. experience by selling out the hub. This corrupts the original theme that was crucial to Disneyland’s incredible success!

  • DisneyDylan

    Both visiting, and working at the Disneyland Resort, I feel like Florida is still missing that story factor that I so treasure. I wish Test Track went with a definite story to propel the ride instead of it becoming a Chevy commercial. ( I know, I know, in a perfect world right?). However, the visuals on this ride look stunning and I agree it was a much needed facelift to this attraction, something EPCOT as a park needs. (Don’t even get me started on Tomorrowland at DLR, I could go on for hours). Anyway, thanks for the update and the great photos as always!


  • darkamor

    I wouldn’t mind having an Attraction on par with this latest version to TEST TRACK @ Epcot over @ Tomorrowland (Disneyland), because that place needs some “ooomph” added to it …

    C J