As we near the end of Thanksweenmas Week, join us for a festive stroll through DCA. We are previewing the decorations that have been put up for the holiday season, which begins TODAY (November 10th). Full coverage of the holiday season will begin in Monday’s Disneyland Update. Grab your gingerbread latte and enjoy the early holiday jingle jangle from the MiceChat crew.


Welcome to Christmas time at Disney California Adventure. As with Halloween, Buena Vista Street sets the tone of the season.

Photo: Brian Pinsky

The warmth of the holidays has been added to many of the window displays.

One of those holidays is Chanukkah.

Images from the 1930’s Silly Symphony, Santa’s Workshop, decorate some of the windows.

Ladies ear hats with bows seem to be all the rage these days.

Even the Citizens of Buena Vista Street are getting into the act.

And the Tree is once again positioned in the little park outside Elias and Co. Department Store.

Hollywood Land

Many of the decorations weren’t up yet on Hollywood Blvd. when we shot this update. But they should all be on display by the time you read this.

Photo: Brian Pinsky
Photo: Brian Pinsky
Photo: Brian Pinsky
On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen. On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen!

Festival of Holidays Returns!

The Disneyland website describes this as, “a holiday celebration inspired by diverse cultural festivities with food, music, and dance from November 10, 2017–January 7, 2018.”

The event has been enhanced with new decorations this year.

The Festival of Holidays is now open for the season. Our team is out in the park today to sample all the goodness and take photos for you. Last year’s event was a good start, but the prices and selection of food led to empty booths for much of the festival. We weren’t certain it would return at all. But it’s back! Have the addressed the issues? We’ll be back with our honest reviews very soon.

Bugs Land

Coco has invaded a bugs land.

Photo: Brian Pinsky

Bugsland theater is showing a Coco preview


The webs linger during Thanksweenmas

Pacific Wharf

This area is still waiting holiday decorations.
Seasonal Bread Bowl, Bacon and Cheddar Ale, available until Nov 12.  Photo: Brian Pinsky

Stage in front of Boudin Bakery.  Photo: Brian Pinsky

Photo: Brian Pinsky
Photo: Brian Pinsky


It’s the last Christmas for Paradise Pier as much of the land goes under the knife just after the holidays for transformation to Pixar Pier.

Photo: Brian Pinsky
Photo: Brian Pinsky
Photo: Brian Pinsky
Photo: Brian Pinsky

Photo: Brian Pinsky

Photo: Brian Pinsky

The old Maliboomer area awaits the installation of a Pixar-themed spinner.

The Paradise Gardens area prepares for the return of both Viva Navidad and Elena of Alvalor.

Many tables have been removed in preparation for what will most likely be a meet and greet of some sort.

Photo: Brian Pinsky

the super long refurbishment of Goofy’s Sky School continues.

Photo: Brian Pinsky
Photo: Brian Pinsky

The attraciton is scheduled to return mid-December.


Pumpkins have been replaced with holiday ornaments. Literally. The new pumpkin towers from last season remain and now sport Christmas decor.


While the ornament towers are over the top fun, these fellows look a bit too much like they are from the garden section and Home Depot.

The Star Wars VR experience is making its way to Downtown Disney.

The Sephora facade is out from under wraps.

Splitzville is really starting to look like something now. With all those windows, the view inside is sure to be great. Too bad it faces the wrong directon for Disneyland fireworks.

Holiday Merchandise



New Hotel

As we covered for you last week, Disney has released plans to build a new hotel and parking structure. This means the ESPN zone, AMC Theater, and Earl of Sandwich might head off to Yesterland. What do you think of the proposed changes? Discuss in the comments section.

It’s unclear if Rain Forest will be going, but it doesn’t quite fit the look of an establishment which would literally be at the doorway of the new hotel.

The Monorail station will be rebuilt and reconfigured.

We can only hope that security checkpoints for the parking garage are somehow involved with the new parking garage and hotel plans. The current ugly and innefficient system really needs to be addressed.

Star Wars Land Construction

Star Wars construction is getting really interesting as the rock mountains take shape. The land is more or less ringed with rock formations. Some of them tower over the already huge show buildings.

The First Order battle escape attraction is nearing full enclosure.

That’s all for this update. We will have another mega update showcasing the holiday decorations for you soon!

Shot and assembled by DsnyDebbie with photos from Brian Pinsky and Photo Matt and support from Dusty Sage.

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