Welcome back to the farm everyone! We hoped everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. If you’ve got a moment, we’d like to show you the impressive and charming holiday they’ve whipped up for us at Knott’s.

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Merry Christmas!

Ghost Town

Throughout Ghost Town, we can see the Christmas glow down the streets as the heart of the park has been transformed.

As in years past, the Bird Cage Theatre is offering two melodrama shows: A Christmas Carol and The Gift of The Magi.

The Mayor of Calico helps light the tree while giving the first Christmas Gift of the Season.


Over at the Calico Saloon, the Christmas Version of the Saloon Show plays daily for guests.

Knott’s has two versions of the show. The performance above is just the main cast of the show, the other has the Cancan dancers in it as well. It’s worth seeing twice!

The real magic of Ghost Town happens each night as snow falls down Ghost Town’s Main Street and School Road.

Ghost Town is so beautiful at night.

Over at Calico Mine Stage, Knott’s is running It’s the Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown!

Can’t You Read the Sign I just made!

Craft Booths

Knott’s has limited the number of holiday craft booths throughout Ghost Town this year.

This is a probably an outside activity.

The Chainsaw Wood Carver is back again this year.

Scott was able to try the Peppermint Stuffed Churro. He liked it.
Knott’s is not afraid to display some of the religious aspects of the holiday season.

Santa meets daily at the Western Dance Hall.

Does Santa know what happened in this barn the last two months?

Camp Snoopy

A Peanuts Guide To Christmas

A Peanuts Guide to Christmas returns again this year at Camp Snoopy.

Who puts a Woodstock on a Pear Tree? What Kind of Gift is That?

Fiesta Village

Fiesta Village still offers a bit of Navidad. But just a bit. This is certainly an opportunity area for future holiday expansion as there wasn’t much here other than a few wreaths and a photo op.


The Boardwalk area is also thin on holiday cheer.

The tallest tower in the park, Supreme Scream, flashes red and green throughout the night.

Photo opportunity along the Boardwalk

A highlight of the season is the Merry Christmas Snoopy ice show in the Charles M. Schulz Theatre. It’s a truly beautiful show and not to be missed. Many may feel that this show alone would make the price of admission worthwhile, and I’d agree with that.


Looking Forward to the New Year

New Years Eve

On December 31st each year Knott’s remains open until 1am. (Check further down in this article to see how you can join MiceChat for the New Year!) You can see our coverage of last year’s countdown as Knott’s really knows how to start off a New Year right!

Peanuts Celebration

As soon as Knott’s puts it’s Christmas Decorations away, they will be a special celebration with the Peanuts Gang. Running Weekends January 27th through February 28th (Including the Monday of Presidents Day), Knott’s will be filling the park with Peanuts decorations, character interaction, and new Peanuts shows! We appreciate any opportunity to hang out with Snoopy!

Boysenberry Festival

The Very popular Boysenberry Festival will be returning this coming Spring from March 16th to April 8th. We Always look forward to it and If you want to check out how much fun we had from this year’s Festival you can just look back right HERE.


Knott’s Newest Rollercoaster will be opening this Summer. Knott’s has released a POV video of the attraction:

From the video, you can see the size of this coaster. You can already tell it’s going to be a monster from the first bits of track going up now.

Unfortunately, it does appear that the new coaster will loom above the Calico Mine Ride.

Around the Farm


Outside the park in the South Lot, Knott’s has parked the replica of the original Berry Stand in the Motorcycle Parking area.

Xcelerator is still closed for Refurbishment. The North-West Corner of the park is really quiet lately.

Sol Spinner is also down for some Refurbishment.

Along the Walkway between the Indian Trails and The Stagecoach Station Platform Knott’s has placed this wall cutting off this vital walkway from Calico Square to the front of the park. This forces more park guests to walk through the streets of Ghost Town. Although it’s a small diversion, it does create more traffic to the booth-crowded streets around Ghost Town.

The Catawampus has a baby now!

Knott’s has installed a new menu sign at the Boardwalk BBQ with the store hours posted (11am through Park Closing). These hours appear to be permanent as the hours are affixed to the sign.

Also on the menu is the Holiday Turkey Sandwich. Good news, it’s part of the All Season Meal Plan and it’s really good.

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See Ya Real Soon
Today’s Knott’s Update was shot and assembled by Brian Pinsky with additional photo contributions by Scott Attula and Shelly Valladolid.


Charlie Brown definitely knows how to save that dollar this year…something about not going to Anaheim
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