Candlelight shines as Disneyland gets ready to welcome Starbucks

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on December 10, 2012 at 5:05 am with 173 Comments

About Andy Castro

Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy wrote the long-running weekly Dateline Disneyland photo, news and opinion blog here on MiceChat from 2007-2016. Andy continues to make occasional special guest contributions on MiceChat.

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  • Trumpet

    Great Update Andy

    The looking back at the Disneyland Resort in the state it was shows how much was done during a short space of time.
    I can’t wait for Starbucks to enter Market House. But Kodak leaving will be different. In all the tims I have visited, Kodak has always been on the back of the map.

    There is a typing error in the section about ‘Starbucks leaving and Kodak leaving. Anyway, still a great update

    Thanks Again Andy


  • Carnation Dave

    Great update! The new holiday merchandise looks cool. I wish I could go back this month and make a purchase. But maybe next year.

  • mratigan

    Thanks Andy
    Sad that Kodak is leaving
    Hope they still give out maps,maybe we will get huge wall maps……

  • pose2pose

    Another great update, which always succeeds in both satisfying my Disneyland craving, and making me sad I’m not there! Also, I had a dream last night I was at Disneyland, but didn’t have time to ride Indiana Jones Adventure–luckily, I was able to experience the attraction via video this morning on your update!!


  • Malin

    Surely Jolly Holiday Cafe would be a much more suitable location for StarBucks. And already sells a lot of the same products that the DCA location sells. You have to wonder if using the Market House is being done on purpose so that Disneyland will have an excuse to add another Starbucks location to Disneyland in the future.

  • Terrytiger

    I love the Christmas decorations in Carsland. I’m sorry that I’m not gonna make it out this year to see them. I haven’t seen much reported this year on ToonTown and the Christmas decorations there. It used to be my favorite place with the wacky decorations and garlands, are they all still in place or have they been toned down and replaced with more generic decorations?

  • crmwed

    It’s amazing to really look at just how much better Buena Vista Street is compared to the original shops. It really is a gigantic upgrade!

  • MrGoat

    Great update! Last time I was there, all of BVS was under construction, and all of the old original entry-area stuff was gone, too. I didn’t realize how LITTLE I really missed that, until I saw these pictures. Wow! Now I *really* can’t wait to see Buena Vista Street! Not to mention CarsLand…

  • Ashphan

    Amazing update as usual!

  • rstar

    Great update Andy!
    I bet the Disneyana shop looses space, and maybe some backstage area gets used to expand for Star BUCKS. 😉 Is it possible for them to add a small patio outside, I wonder?

    • ayalexander

      I’d have to say there isn’t any space backstage unfortunately… the backside of the building is still in its original 1950’s form and preserved that way with its old fashioned push out windows and metal awnings… also… the locker room building is located only 5 feet away from the backside of the Market House building anyway (I know that the building appears to be at least 15 feet away, but if you go backstage the building juts outward toward the market house building creating a bottle-necked space kept open for emergency use)… there’s no backstage room. Something tells me however that they will re-purpose the Disneyana shop to fit to the starbucks but preserve the old shape of the shop (such as the round area originally built for the former coffee shop)

  • rrbars

    Great update!

  • ravencroft

    Love your writing and photos. Thanks for keeping us in the loop at DLR!

  • indianajack

    Great update as always, thank!

    I always felt the Kodak photo spots were tacky and took me away from the Disney storytelling. I don’t need to be told where to take a great photo. I won’t be sorry to see them go.

  • Leviathan

    Great update I love the photos!


    Thanks for another fantastic update! 🙂

  • eicarr

    What a DUMP DCA was. Now everything from merchandise to Christmas lighting is the best I’ve ever seen Disney do. It’s not amazing, its shocking.

    I hope they keep the party lines and stove, and just make that whole room for the lines. That disneyania stuff can go. I don’t get that empty store where people don’t buy overpriced items marked 1/8,500. They can put some of those in the Disney Gallery down the street.

    Disneyland seems to be pouring money into stuff people won’t notice(though refurbishments is money well spent}. If I were going this season I’d make a b-line for DCA and spend more time at BVS and Carsland (and speed through MS when at DL). I never got the candle light thing and 20 days of its unsightly staging during the day make me glad I avoid the crowds and skip the Christmas Season. The talk of charging for night parties next year just seems like a conspiracy to forever keep me away during the holidays. Though I don’t mind.

  • ParadeDude

    Fantastic update!

  • fandelraton

    Great update

  • napamaninsocal

    Great flash back, what a difference a year makes!!

  • matman

    Thanks for the update.

  • CandyPandora

    Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing info about the Birthday Cake Room… What a wonderful place that would be to enjoy a frappucinno!

  • DisneyBuff

    Always great to see the updates. Thanks.

  • pli1018

    As usual, great update. Looking forward to seeing what ends up in the Fantasyland Theater!

  • Rongo

    It’s interesting, this infiltration of Starbucks – I have to say that I’m on the fence about it. Here’s why I think it could be a good thing: it’s more diversity and “realism” on Main Street, more like it was originally with “real” shops and “real” brands, but taken back in time. (Of course, Starbucks didn’t exist in the Main Street timeline, but…)
    I would much prefer a street that is a little more like a real small town Main Street than a series of big warehouses selling the same Disney merchandise from behind a facade. Could this be a start in that direction, letting third parties back in? Or is this where it ends, with Starbucks?

  • whyshouldiworry

    Great update. It’s exciting that Indiana Jones has some of its details back in working order.

  • dmomof4

    Another great update Andy…thanks!

  • dfan07

    I wonder where all of the cooking supplies currently sold in Market House will end up. In some shop where they don’t belong, no doubt.

  • heysi

    Such is the nature of corporate sponsorship. Kodak leaves and people lament its loss. Starbucks comes in and people lament that they’ll ruin the iconic space they’ll occupy. Change is enevitable and sometimes not so good but I think that DCA proves that even huge mis-steps can be corrected and the end result can be way beyond what was ever intended. I think Walt would have been unafraid to knock down something in favor of improvement or better show.

  • tomdar2

    If I had the time off I’d schedule a trip right now. The Christmas decorations & candlelight show look awesome.

  • dgpollard

    Thank you for all of the nice pictures! I wonder if Walt Disney Company will ask Polaroid or Cannon to take Kodaks place? Polaroid has more of a historic background in this country, so who knows? It will be different not seeing that Kodak logo on the maps or on Maint Street anymore. But there are still many American companies left in our country that haven’t gone “belly up” yet…..

  • gauchogirl

    It seems like forever ago that DCA looked like that! Sometimes, I still can’t believe that’s what it was, especially when compared to how amazing it is now.

  • Tiny Mermaid

    I never realized how much of a presence Kodak had in the park, though I’ve seen the picture spots and the brand name on the park guides a thousand times. It’ll be interesting to see what happens there. I never knew the Kodak shack was an old Fantasyland booth, either. Hope it doesn’t go anywhere.

    The pictures of DCA 1.0 are incredible. Hard to believe what a blah, boring mess the entrance and shops were not too long ago. It’s truly astounding what the geniuses at Disney can do in such a short time.

  • Oathkeeper

    Great update! I really hope that old Fantasyland ticket booth doesn’t disappear when Kodak leaves, would be sad to see it go.

  • WheresMickey

    Great update!

  • JDN

    I, too, am curious to see what becomes of the Market House! Thanks for the great pictures and reporting, as always!

  • etoilemini

    Thanks for another great update! It’ll be interesting to see how Starbucks is incorporated to Main St. Here’s hoping they keep some of the Market House’s charm (but not the awful coffee!).

  • Smoke Tree Rancher

    Beautiful photos of Candlelight.

    I can’t believe the change in California Adventure from 2011 to now!

  • bummerkit

    I’m really looking forward to checking out the new Indiana Jones when we get a chance to get over there again. Last time we were able to make a trip to DLR it was in pretty sad shape. 🙁

  • urbanleadership

    Thanks for another great update. Happy Anniversary!

  • Chuck-D

    Great update! Candlelight was great on Saturday and Sunday! Even ran into John Lasseter! 😀 He was so kind to give a minute to my kids and me! Class act!

  • bhbob

    Terrific update again! I always love the pictures you include. Thanks

  • KENfromOC

    Regarding Poster Art of The Disney Parks book – sorry to say it’s not currently available on Amazon or Barns & Noble and may not be until January.
    As far as “It’s Kind of A Cute Story” – currently reading the Kindle version (on my iPad) and love it! Great job Jeff!

  • Tinkbelle

    Any chance they’ll reschedule Dick Van Dyke when Thursday gets rained out?

    Lots of great pictures from this update. I never knew about the ticket booth in Fantasyland. I’ll have to keep an eye out for that next time. I love the decor in Market House and hope they don’t get rid of all the interesting things there.

  • jsanch2

    Thanks for another great update!

  • cris77

    Happy 5th, Dateline Disney! Thanks for the update! Will be interesting to see how all the changes work out in 2013…

  • stitch1085

    Monday’s are so much better thanks to this column! It’s great to see how far the Resort has come in just a year! WOW! Dare I say it Paradise Pier and Hollywoodland still need some serious work. What happened to the covered queue lines for Mickey’s Fun Wheel and California Screamin’? (BTW I think the name of the coaster needs to change as a friend pointed out to me that California Screamin’ is a play on words of the famed song “California Dreaming” by the Mommas and the Poppas which was released in the 1965. From my recollection Paradise Pier is not designed after a pier in the 1960s but the 1930s or something of that nature.)

  • SFDave

    Great update, I am going to miss Candlelight this year, but hopefully will get to see Buena Vista Street Xmas !

  • mkemows

    It is sad to see Kodak leave the Disney family, but I guess nothing lasts forever. Gee, no more Twinkies either! Another great update as always!

  • Goofy85

    Bummer, I really like the “From the Archives”, it putts a lot of perspective to all the changes in the parks. Great update as always!

  • jjmaneja

    Great update. I’ve always wondered how much of the crowd ratings have been changed/altered in respect to DCA 2.0. Is last year’s data used heavily in determining the crowd levels? Are there much more people visiting the parks compared to a year ago? I would highly doubt that DCA was a 9 a year ago.

  • CasaFamilia

    Thanks again for the informative and attractive update. Your pictures always perfectly capture the Holiday Season at the Resort.

  • Trekkie Dad

    Will be on our way tomorrow to see it all in person!

  • knaacje

    pick me 🙂

  • mabelkitty

    Glorious update as usual! And I cannot believe all of the asphalt from the “old” DCA. I haven’t yet experienced Buena Vista Street or Carsland – I’m already impressed from the photos so I know it’s going to be so exciting in person. Thanks Andy!

  • Suppin Falls

    Thanks for the look back on old posts. Really great to see how far DCA has come.

  • mulva5

    Great update Andy, can’t wait to ride Indy next week.

  • jdotcole

    Great post. Beautiful photos again, but you should get more from that Jacob Genzuk guy 😛

    Seriously, love the Tobacco Indian at the top!

  • Bangarangbrian

    Great update! Went on Indiana jones this weekend and notice slight changes in lighting. Other than than still same old ride

  • tinkermonkey

    Even though I was just there two weeks ago, all the holiday pictures make me want to go back! I’m glad to see that the lights in Carsland are getting better. I’d still love to see the CozyCone tree all lit up. Maybe in next week’s update! 🙂

    Once again, congratulations on five fantastic years of providing us with beautiful photos and timely updates!


    Great update. I also was just there 2 weeks ago and I’m looking forward to my return trip hopefully in April/May.

  • LadyNimrodelle

    Thanks for the update…I agree that Jolly Holiday would be a much better location for the new Sbux…I wonder what that is about?

    • ayalexander

      Disney probably wants to retain the original look and purpose of those two shops… the Plaza Pavilion used to be a cafe and has returned to that purpose… the Market House has always been a coffee shop… and you can’t compete Disney’s cruddy columbian coffee with starbucks’ (seemingly delicious coffee illusion). It can’t be done.

  • beldoe34

    Great update! I sure wish I could see a Candlelight performance someday. Definitely on my Disney bucket list.

  • neemarita

    Thanks for another great update! Went to the parks last week for the first time in a long time. Too bad we couldn’t see Candlelight like we wanted but maybe next week.

  • Bat Stanchion

    Great update. Christmas time at the park can’t be missed!

  • scarymouse

    Very sad to see Kodak go, but that is the sign of the times. With all the I-phones out there how about a apple photo spot. The loss of the photo spots would be extremely sad, thats one thing you don’t have to think about for those iconic photo ops. Nice update!

  • bigfry

    Thanks for sharing!

  • AstateEditor

    Great update as usual! Thanks!

  • garyman

    We were there last Thursday through Saturday, Saturday was the most crowded..

    Indiana opened on Friday afternoon.

    The rolling ball at the end of the ride was not working when we were there.

    The line was 100 minues long at some point.
    Big Thunder, Pirates and Indiana all went down around the same time for an hour or so.
    We had lots of fun.

  • martinjbell1986

    Great update as always!

  • Chasoneering

    The posts make Monday tolerable. Thank you so much Andy et al! Here is to another five years of Dateline Disneyland (and beyond!).

    Now, about that contest… PICKMEPICKMEPICKMEPLEASE! 🙂

  • FlubberZorro

    No Kodak picture spots? They should leave those no matter what.

  • Pan

    Great read! Great update as always! Makes me really miss my AP…

  • rhaws2

    I miss the golden gate bridge.

  • Timekeeper

    Wonderful update! I am glad that the special effects on IJA are fixed. I have a guess that the Disneyana Store might move to where the current camera shop is located, there’s enough room there to display everything, or if they close a section or just close the Disneyana store, there’s still the Disney Gallery next the Main Street Opera House for the Disney-Fans who collect art. On a past reconciliation, I miss some certain elements from DCA 1.0, like the golden gate bridge; I wish it, the Statue of Liberty and a surfer crab were included in the America room at IASW. (There are on a post card as we exit the Good-Bye Room.)


  • Kateyandstitch

    Starbucks!! Im excited to get my fix!! Can you tell I’m from Seattle?

  • esmith

    Thank you for another amazing update!!!

  • tystock

    Great update…we were there this week and surprised how mild the crowds were still, especially in the morning.

  • Jay Allen

    Can’t believe the Fantasy Land extension will be done so fast. Are they planning on removing the Frontier Land structures in the background when BTMRR goes under for maintenance?

  • dLite

    Great Update!! Thanks.

  • disneyseeker

    Excellent Update. Glad that Indy is back up and running. Your photos are amazing BTW!

  • marcomboy

    Agree with others. Purely speculating on my part. I bet the Disneyana shop ceases to exist in it’s current spot. It will replace the current “Disney Gallery” and Starbucks will take up the entire area. They are probably keeping it on the down-low to not upset the traditionalists. Assuming they will only have coffee there and not all the extras because Jolly Holiday is just down the way. But who knows.

  • fitztwg

    Great update!

  • ShorelineDLer

    The “old” pictures of DCA shops and restaurants make you really appreciate the new DCA even more.

  • ah92us

    Amazing what they can do in a year.

  • LarrySubs

    Really nice photo’s in the update!!

  • KiMcHeEfOrLiFe

    Never was much of a coffee drinker so Starbucks moving into Disneyland won’t really impact me. Anyways, thanks for the update as usual!

  • Tiki AA

    Another wonderful update!


  • tcsnwhite

    I know this is blasphemous to the purists/traditionalists…but there is really no need for a camera shop anymore. Most peoples’ cameras are point and shoots, or in their phones now…and serious photographers are obviously going to get their serious supplies before hand anyway. The camera shop really serves no purpose anymore…esp. if Kodak is leaving.
    And is the Disney Photopass service now all accessible online (and you can order your photos with customization online from home)? Again, no need for it in the park. And if they are desperate for that revenue (and I never see a line in there anymore)…move to a much smaller location elsewhere.
    The photo shop is valuable space that the Disneyana shop could easily fill.
    (And not all of Disneyana’s offerings are going to fit in the already tiny Disney Gallery. The shop there is too small, and the gallery space is for art exhibitions…while Disneyana’s fine art is for purchase. Two different exhibition purposes.
    The camera shop seems like a natural fit.
    The Market House is going to need all that space for Starbucks.

  • yoyoflamingo

    I hope we get to head back to Disneyland for Christmas to see the Candlelight Processional some day.

    Great article, as always!

  • dolewhipdude

    Thanks for the update on Starbucks and Kodak. Seems like the end of an era.

    Great article to start the week off right!

  • ewokrights

    Great update!! Can’t wait to get to the parks on Wed to ride Indy again!!

  • Wyatt Furr

    Great Update! Still on the fence about Starbucks, oh well…..

  • Donald Fan

    Wow. The old CA Adv. entry shops were REALLY terrible. I always thought they were bad, but comparing to what they have now…SHEESH!!!

  • chipndale57

    another great update. Thank you!!!

  • mickdaddy

    Amazingup date. Looking forward to starbucks in the park. Continuely impressed witb tne DCA make over cannot wait to see BVS and Carsland in person.

  • LittleSquirt

    I really did enjoy though, that in the greetings from California store had murals depicting the rides throughout the park. By overall, I’m so glad California adventure went through phase one of its major remodel

  • iamdisneysgirl

    My first Candlelight Processional experience was really awesome! From falling in line till the end of the show I was smiling, feeling happy, and tearing up a bit. I’m so thankful to Walt Disney for doing this and I thank the company for letting Annual Passholders get seats this year (even though I wasn’t picked in the draw, got the seat from another AP).

  • rallyhappy

    Thank you for the great update and I am sad to see Kodak leave… just one of the the things I remember fondly.. Our family has had some great “Kodak Moments” at “The Land”.

  • shadowman

    Guess we won’t be able to cut through the Market House when Main Street is too crowded anymore. It’ll be more crowded than the street.

  • DisneyDrums

    Whoever edited this made a mistake in the flashback part. Text said DL was turning 57… the button in the picture says 56.

    • Thanks! The typo has been corrected.


  • sleepybear

    I do hope that they keep the photo spots as well as the Fantasyland kiosk. Please listen to us Disney!

  • Wyatt Hertz

    I can’t believe there are people with burned out taste buds that don’t like the Disney Coffee. I wonder if this means they will not make the retail packs of the coffee grounds and beans to take home. The coffee was good, damnit! More erosion of the Disney brand, with the destruction of Market House and Disneyana. I know I will survive this change, but only because I have to. Where the hell will all the Disneyana merch be moved to?

  • DisneylandPlanner

    July 2011 seems just like yesterday, but WOW have things changed!

  • mugglechris

    I just got back from spending a week at the park, and had a blast. I did experience the Candlelight Ceremony, having won tickets as a passholder. I didn’t care for the show, and won’t see it again. I did hate the crowd issues because of it, and the funneling of crowds after the show.

    I did enjoy riding Indy again, as I missed it on my last few trips. I enjoyed the new effects, as did my boyfriend.

    Thanks for the update!

  • paswato

    Great update!

  • JMazz

    wow. They really did alot in such a short time.

  • disneylandfan8

    Another fantastic update and photo selection. My AP expired on Saturday and seeing your reports and photos will help lessen the blow.

    It is quite amazing the progress that has been made within the past year. I’ll be dreaming of visiting my Happy Place again someday.

  • bobbjosh

    As always…. Great update!!!
    It is shame the semi free coffee will be leaving:-( and I hope they keep the stove thingy!

  • QPerth

    Thanks Andy for another stunning, and super informative Dateline Disneyland. Truly gorgeous photos, that opening shot of the American Indian is terrific! Also, I’m still loving and blown away by the look back at DCA construction and the difference now. It’s another world and a whole lot of Class! They really did a wonderful job with DCA 2.0.
    Thanks so much again! -Q

  • scottc

    Love the update, this is the best part about Mondays!

  • Benhari

    Great post, always look forward to Mondays for Dateline Disneyland

  • kat3010

    Sad for the Toys for Tots drive. Hopefully Disney will come thru with a donation. Thanks for another great update!

  • 100acrebarb

    Hope Starbucks maintains the charm of the Market House. Looking forward to seeing christmas in Carsland in person. It looks fantastic.

  • anmal2

    Always something to look forward to reading on Monday night. Awesome!

  • MicCheshire

    I believe Marcia Gay Harden had to bow out of December 14 Candlelight; replaced by Dennis Haysbert.
    Buena Vista Street is very nice but I still miss the original DCA entrance mosaic.

  • LoonAZ

    Yes, Marcia Gay Harden is no longer on the schedule (replaced with Dennis Haysbert) and John Stamos added to replace Dennis Haysbert on December 20th.

    Most recent narrators schedule from DisneyParks Blog page…

    Dec. 9-11: Lou Diamond Phillips (actor)
    Dec. 12-13: Dick Van Dyke (actor and Disney Legend)
    Dec. 14: Dennis Haysbert (actor)
    Dec. 15-16: Patricia Heaton (actress)
    Dec. 17-19: Molly Ringwald (actress)
    Dec. 20: John Stamos (actor)

    Please note that narrators are subject to change without notice.

    • Thanks for your help! I’ve updated the information in the original post.


  • BrerBear

    My wife and I will be there this weekend and I must say we are a bit reluctant as the crowd levels surge for candlelight. However, thanks to your in-depth updates and touring plans crowd calculator we know what to steer clear of. As always, great update on the park and the upcoming and anticipated Starbucks. I am in total agreement that anything replacing the mud Disneyland is pushing as coffee will be a huge improvement. I can’t wait for the weekend; we will have to pack a coat and some crowd patience! Happy holidays guys.

  • Lucky Oswald

    Thanks for the update! The coffee at Market House is not good that’s for sure. I do like the “secret” free refills with receipt perk though. It allows me to have something warm while waiting for fireworks, parades, etc. It is sad to see the checkerboard already gone from the pics you took. My boys always liked to play a game while i waited in line for coffee.

  • GiRiMama33

    Thank you for the update Andy!

    So excited about the new things to come to DLR in 2013… Can’t wait to see the new PFF!

  • Gil T. Pleasure

    If I can’t be at the parks, at least I can get a nice dose of them here. Thanks for the great updates!

  • emjaylovey

    I love the update! There’s no place like disneyland during the holiday season. It’s as close to heaven on earth. Simply amazing! 🙂

    • Trumpet

      I agree, Christmas at the Happiest Place on Earth is fantastic, especially with the decorations. Disney shines when it comes to different decorations in ach area. In Buena Vista Street, I feel that I am in 1920s LA durng the holdiay period

  • jazzy67962

    thanks for the awesome update as usual! Can’t wait to see it in person!!!

  • BrerDan

    Thanks for the update!

    I was there over the weekend for the first time in over a year and have to admit that it was one of the least enjoyable trips I’ve ever had. Nothing in particular happened–but it was soooooo crowded that it became unenjoyable. The Candelight Processional created so many headaches, and the new turnstile requirements for photo IDs on multi-day tickets made parkhopping a hassle for the rest of us. We still had a good time, but can’t wait to go back at a quieter time. 🙂 Oh, and it was great seeing the Country Bears at the Billy Hill show.

    Chalk me up as one who wishes there were no Starbucks coming the Disneyland. I personally LIKE being able to get flavored coffee at the Market House–and the ability to get a refill later in the day is a real plus. I also LOVE the atmosphere. I’m sure it will still be pretty, but it will likely become more industrial (checkout stand in the back of the store with big queue spaces–just like they’ve done with the rest of Main Street) and I’ll miss the unique charm of the current Market House configuration. People do notice too–my other half, who doesn’t follow any Disney blogs or news, immediately noticed that the glass elephant was missing at the remodeled Gibson Girl.

    Brer Dan

  • bryce

    So what happens to Mickey Mouse Coffee, the special coffee blend that they currently sell in the Markethouse? Is it replaced by the same Starbucks I can buy around the corner?

  • Dduck1972

    Great update and awesome pictures!

  • lesterpablo

    Another great update! Thanks for braving the crowds to keep us in the loop!

  • jayshap

    great update! Rode the new Indy 3 times this weekend and loved it!

  • 4Apples4Disney

    Always love this update. Gives me something to look forward to!!

  • Pirate Wench

    I still can’t believe how ugly the DCA entrance used to be!

  • walterfamily05

    The Kodak thing is so sad. Welcome back Indy! Looks great!

  • DisneyContinent

    Candlelight Processional was BEAUTIFUL! I love it so much!

  • JonnyFairplay

    Great update as always guys.

  • Outtiehere82

    Great update!

  • icleanblood

    going today! thanks for the wonderful update, Merry Christmas!

  • tad4irsh

    Another great update — makes missing Disneyland even harder when i see such great photos and updates! But the future looks good…can’t wait for the next big thing though….has to be something to take on Universal.

    I wonder what the next five years will look like at Disneyland Resports….Tomorrowland? Fantasyland? DCA? The Disneyland resorts five years from now may be another super construction zone as Tomorrowland becomes Marvel/Starwars world…..???

    • Trumpet

      Who nows, but with the latest additions in DCA, if they do redevelop Tomorrowland, it will look special. Somehow, I think it will look similar to Tron and how they hav redesigned Test Track

  • waltopia

    Thank you so much for those lovely photos of Market House as it is today, much as it has been for a long time, and soon to be changed. I’m looking forward to good coffee, and certain that Starbucks will do a nice job, hopefully preserving a great deal of those old details; sad to say it, but I even think the Disneyana shop has lost its focus, and purpose since the Gallery opened on Town Square, so I think repurposing the space is a welcome thing. The mug/merchandising possibilities are endless, as is the need for seating.

    Really, still no smoke ring – breath of death- at the end of Indy’s darts room? Bummer, that’s SO cool in Japan. Seemed an ez upgrade to add here, now.

    Thanx again for your update.

  • DyNaH428

    always look forward to these updates. thank u!

  • OCBear

    Great update!

  • thelittlestmouse

    Great update! I’m so glad Indy is open again, as I’ll be in Disneyland during my holiday break. 😀 Thanks for the info about the “birthday cake room”, another piece of awesome Disney trivia!!

  • cheshiregirl

    Thanks for another fantastic update & happy holidays!!!!

  • kat3010

    Not liking the crowded, congestion on Main St in the evening.

  • chipndale16

    Love the update. I’m a little worried about how Starbucks may change the market house.

  • mgmomma

    lots of great info here, love the TouringPlans tips for park status – really helpful. The MarketHouse is the first place i hit upon entering DL for my coffee fix (and the coffee isn’t that bad) love the free refills. thanks for all the pretty pics.

  • pyttius

    Thanks!!! Great update!!

  • Sleepy505

    Great Update as always, Kodak how sad to see another part of Americana leave from the park. As for Starbucks I’m sure people will love this new edition to the park but the lines sure will be noticeable and hmmm how much for a cup of coffee.

  • CupcakeTerror

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Princess Fantasy Faire and the new Fantasyland Theater projects all finished! REALLY looking forward to seeing the theatrical offerings as well. Wonderful photos as always! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Retlaw1

    Love me my MiceChat!

  • ViDeOmAnCiNi

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