Candlelight shines as Disneyland gets ready to welcome Starbucks

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on December 10, 2012 at 5:05 am with 173 Comments

About Andy Castro

Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • JMazz

    wow. They really did alot in such a short time.

  • disneylandfan8

    Another fantastic update and photo selection. My AP expired on Saturday and seeing your reports and photos will help lessen the blow.

    It is quite amazing the progress that has been made within the past year. I’ll be dreaming of visiting my Happy Place again someday.

  • bobbjosh

    As always…. Great update!!!
    It is shame the semi free coffee will be leaving:-( and I hope they keep the stove thingy!

  • QPerth

    Thanks Andy for another stunning, and super informative Dateline Disneyland. Truly gorgeous photos, that opening shot of the American Indian is terrific! Also, I’m still loving and blown away by the look back at DCA construction and the difference now. It’s another world and a whole lot of Class! They really did a wonderful job with DCA 2.0.
    Thanks so much again! -Q

  • scottc

    Love the update, this is the best part about Mondays!

  • Benhari

    Great post, always look forward to Mondays for Dateline Disneyland

  • kat3010

    Sad for the Toys for Tots drive. Hopefully Disney will come thru with a donation. Thanks for another great update!

  • 100acrebarb

    Hope Starbucks maintains the charm of the Market House. Looking forward to seeing christmas in Carsland in person. It looks fantastic.

  • anmal2

    Always something to look forward to reading on Monday night. Awesome!

  • MicCheshire

    I believe Marcia Gay Harden had to bow out of December 14 Candlelight; replaced by Dennis Haysbert.
    Buena Vista Street is very nice but I still miss the original DCA entrance mosaic.

  • LoonAZ

    Yes, Marcia Gay Harden is no longer on the schedule (replaced with Dennis Haysbert) and John Stamos added to replace Dennis Haysbert on December 20th.

    Most recent narrators schedule from DisneyParks Blog page…

    Dec. 9-11: Lou Diamond Phillips (actor)
    Dec. 12-13: Dick Van Dyke (actor and Disney Legend)
    Dec. 14: Dennis Haysbert (actor)
    Dec. 15-16: Patricia Heaton (actress)
    Dec. 17-19: Molly Ringwald (actress)
    Dec. 20: John Stamos (actor)

    Please note that narrators are subject to change without notice.

    • Thanks for your help! I’ve updated the information in the original post.


  • BrerBear

    My wife and I will be there this weekend and I must say we are a bit reluctant as the crowd levels surge for candlelight. However, thanks to your in-depth updates and touring plans crowd calculator we know what to steer clear of. As always, great update on the park and the upcoming and anticipated Starbucks. I am in total agreement that anything replacing the mud Disneyland is pushing as coffee will be a huge improvement. I can’t wait for the weekend; we will have to pack a coat and some crowd patience! Happy holidays guys.

  • Lucky Oswald

    Thanks for the update! The coffee at Market House is not good that’s for sure. I do like the “secret” free refills with receipt perk though. It allows me to have something warm while waiting for fireworks, parades, etc. It is sad to see the checkerboard already gone from the pics you took. My boys always liked to play a game while i waited in line for coffee.

  • GiRiMama33

    Thank you for the update Andy!

    So excited about the new things to come to DLR in 2013… Can’t wait to see the new PFF!

  • Gil T. Pleasure

    If I can’t be at the parks, at least I can get a nice dose of them here. Thanks for the great updates!