Welcome back to the MiceChat weekly Round Up. Lots of Disney news to uncover today. Should Candlelight at Disneyland move indoors?  Will there be a new Fantasmic for the 60th anniversary of Walt’s original Magic Kingdom?  Why you should make plans to join the MiceAge 10 Year anniversary. We also travel to Aquaventure on the Palm in Dubai, We learn about the MiceChat Fantasy Cruise in 2013, and we compare soak levels on Splash Mountain attractions in Tokyo and the U.S. Parks. All this plus a new Communicore Weekly, a ride through of the newly refurbished Indiana Jones ride, and a brand new MiceChat Podcast.

Aquaventure on the Palm in Dubai
TimmyTimmyTimmy brings us a fantastic look at what could be the best waterpark in the world, Aquaventure.

From reports at the Candlelight ceremony to very rare photos and brochures from the Disneyland Hotel, this week offers some very fun and unique photo reports. – DLandFansAZ

Joe’s 2012 December 5th Candlelight Trip Report with Kurt Russell – Photo Heavy
Joe mre200200 first gives us a look at the December 5th Candlelight with Kurt Russell.

Joe’s 2012 December 7th Candlelight Trip Report with Edward James Olmos – Photo Heavy
Then Joe mre200200 returned on the 7th to share the Candlelight with Edward James Olmos.

Disneyland Hotel: Very Rare, Very Early Photos
While conducting research, oldhotelguy came across some very rare and old Disneyland Hotel pictures.

1980’s Disneyland Hotel
In another stash, oldhotelguy also found a stash of brochures and paper items from mostly the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Disneyland Resort, 11/17-11/19 Trip Report (long, but with photos) – Days 1 and 2
sarki7 brings us a detailed trip report with photos.

CARS Merchandise Signing Failure… Lasseter walks out on fans.
Disney holds an Cars merchandise signing with John Lasseter and Chip Foose that leaves people perplexed by the outcome.

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmastime! Once again it’s the Jolly Holiday season here at the Disneyland resort. Decorations are hung, trees are up and the cast and crew are in their holiday best. Along with the posted rumors here this week, I will add one I have right here: Rumor has it that next year there will be even MORE Candlelight Processionals than there are this year. Guess we will see! Post your ideas, rumors and thoughts and remember…you just might make it to the weekly Round-Up!  -Demigod-

Candlelight Processional Move to Hyperion Theater for 2013
The Disney Ninja has also heard that the Candlelight Processional next year will move indoors to the Hyperion Theater.

Oz attraction
Mice Chat member DJS would like to see something Oz-themed come to the parks.

California Pizza Kitchen should sponsor Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta!
MiceChatter Chesire thinks that CPK should sponsor DCA’s Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta. Thoughts?

New Fantasmic! For 60 years at Disneyland
Alexshow means he’d like a new Fantasmic! show for Disneyland’s 60th birthday. He has some ideas what could be in it, too!


MiceTrip: Sail Away on the Disney Fantasy with MiceChat – October 19th – 26th, 2013
We invite you to join us on a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy.


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Moldy Malestrom
KingEric takes a harrowing journey on the dilapidated attraction and is shocked to see an alarming level of disrepair.  Why is it that WDW management thinks this is ok?

Disney still working on Avatar Land
Plans for an Avatarland addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom were revealed by our friends at the Orlando Sentinel.  Should Disney continue with these plans or should they walk away from the project?

How thrilled are you now about Avatar coming to WDW?
asks the MiceChat community how excited they are at the prospect of visiting Pandora.  The answers may surprise you.

Set your calendars for February 1, 2 and 3rd as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of MiceAge! To mark the occasion, we’ve prepared three days of celebrities, meets, events, prizes, friendship and lots and lots of fun. Click the link and let us know if you see any events you’d like to attend: READ THE FULL SCHEDULE HERE

Welcome to the latest Communicore Weekly, where we talk about Miss Disneyland, an EPCOT Book, the New Fantasyland Dragon, and Big Thunder! DISNEY HISTORY! – Here she comes, Miss Disneyland! Learn all about her in this week’s History Segment! BOOK OF THE WEEK! – George looks another EPCOT book for his book of the week! DISNEY DEBATE! – There’s a dragon in New Fantasyland…and its social media presence is terrible! Find out why in the Disney Debate! FIVE LEGGED GOAT! – And finally, find out what’s in the Gold Dust Saloon in this weeks Five Legged Goat!


In the Parks brings us a ride through of Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye POV. After a major refurbishment this E-ticket attraction returned on December 7th, 2012. Here is a point of view ride through (keep in mind that this is a very dark and bumpy ride and it’s difficult to really capture it – we help provide the most detail we can by switching back and forth between standard and night vision).

It’s true!  We have finally produced another MiceChat Podcast.  Episode 4 features Al Lutz, Dusty Sage and Doug Barnes as they discuss the biggest news in the Disney universe, Marvel, Star Wars, Cars Land and more. You can listen to the podcast on the player below OR subscribe on iTunes

Will Despicable Me Be Larger At USH, Will Ride Be More Elaborate Than USF?
With more space in the old Terminator building, Ride Warrior wonder’s if the Hollywood version of Despicable Me will be larger and more elaborate than Florida.

MuMmy the Ride Original Ending? (hollywood)
So what happened to the original ending of Mummy the Ride at Universal Hollywood?

This week we have a few questions answered about Tokyo Disneyland. ~ Trekkie Dad

Why is Tokyo Disneyland so crowded compared with Disneyland in CA?
ssaamm asks and gets some interesting answers.

Bringing snacks into the park
LizCatMom has children that are picky eaters that may have trouble with the food choices at Tokyo Disneyland.

Splash Mountain
We all know that you can get soaked on Splash Mountain here in the US, but is that also true for Tokyo Disneyland? asks LizCatMom.

Cinderella Castle Research
New MiceChatter Aladar has pictures that show some of the differences between the Cinderella Castle at Tokyo Disneyland and its sister at Walt Disney World. Is one of them missing a spire?

D23 Announces 2013 Schedule of Events
D23 is preparing for a big year of events in 2013, including another “Fanniversary” tour of the country, holiday events, movie screenings (new and old), and the crowning event of the year, the D23 Expo.

Has anyone traveled to China with Adventures By Disney?
TNutter has asked the question, do you have any information that can help ?

Spring Voyage 2013!!!^^
has reported some new merchandise is coming to Tokyo for all those Duffy lovers!

Which is the best animated film of 2012? Looks like there is some disagreement. Read below to find out. ~ Trekkie Dad

Netflix and The Walt Disney Studios Announce Multi-Year Deal
Tigga Please reports that Netflix and The Walt Disney Company today announced a new multi-year licensing agreement that will make Netflix the exclusive U.S. subscription television service!

Oz The Great and Powerful (2013)
Are you excited for this movie? There are some new trailers and images that have surfaced and you just have to take a peek!

National Board of Review names ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Best Animated Feature of the Year
The National Board of Review disagrees, according to ALIASd. The year’s best animated film is Wreck-It Ralph.

Current Disney Pitches
imaginashton has found a blog that lists several movie ideas that Alan Horn has lined up for Disney.

‘Tron: Legacy’ sequel back on the Grid at Disney
The Hollywood Reporter has just posted a story that Disney has a ‘Tron 3’ script!

Burton’s Billion Dollar ‘Alice In Wonderland’ getting a Sequel
Tim Burton’s wily, psychedelic Alice In Wonderland is getting a sequel, and the original film’s screenwriter is penning it for Disney.

‘Frankenweenie’ chosen by Los Angeles Film Critics Association Best Animated Film
Tim Burton’s ‘Frankenweenie‘ was named as Best Animated Film of the year by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow – Virtually Yours
Lost in the deafening roar of this past week’s Disney press event junkets (which celebrated Test Track with a visit by band One Republic and New Fantasyland with a visit by a nighttime dragon flapping…

Just Say No to Avatar Land
Something different today… A long time ago… In a place far far away (from Florida) an executive retreat was convened. For those unfamiliar with the term “executive retreat,” let me explain: it’s a way for…


Cars Land in Tokyo
I had the opportunity to visit New Fantasyland a few weeks ago. I’m not the first person to snoop around this area, but I did spend some time thinking about the ramifications of New Fantasyland…

Keith Liked the Rocket Rods
As one of the few, the proud, the mournful, Keith LOVED the Rocket Rods.  Sure it killed off the classic Peoplemover attraction for a troubled 2 year run.  Yes it’s queue took up an an entire attractions worth of show building.  But there were goo points too.  Hear what Keith has to say.

Snow White On Her Way to the Family Museum
Learn what is happening at the Walt Disney Family Museum.  This article features details on the new Snow White screening going on as well as other activities that can be found at the museum.

Candlelight shines as Disneyland gets ready to welcome Starbucks
Candlelight continues to draw big crowds this holiday season as it performs twice nightly for 20 nights in Town Square. Candlelight might bring a bit of gridlock to Main Street, U.S.A. this holiday season, but…

Grand Openings – Test Track and New Fantasyland Now Officially Open at Walt Disney World
Hello, and welcome to Dateline Disney World! This was a big news week with the grand opening of New Fantasyland and the reopening and complete re-imagining of Test Track over at Epcot! Before we start,…

Valerie is a Disney All Star
In this week’s From The Mouth Of The Mouse, I chat with Valerie, who worked at the Walt Disney World resort hotels. I find that a lot of the folks from the resorts have much…

It’s Kind of an Amazing Book, Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump and His New Memoir
It’s Kind of a Cute Story is a Disney memoir that stands heads and shoulders above the slew of small- and self-published books from the past year. It’s also a book that surpasses most of…

Refurbished Magic at the Disneyland Resort – Indy Reopens!
Refurbishments, ride closures, and upkeep are all part of the life of any well-maintained theme park.  Disneyland has been maintaining things nicely ever since the 50th anniversary and it is to be commended.  It’s all…

Universal Studios Hollywood Bestows Whomanitarian Award Upon Betty White
On Thursday, December 6th, the estimable Betty White was awarded the Whomanitarian award for her lifelong dedication to animal welfare. Ms. White graciously accepted the honor and kicked off Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood. The…

Universal Studios Hollywood – The Show Must Go On – Rain or Shine
The old saying, “The show must go on,” is taken seriously at Universal Studios Hollywood. We visited the park last week during a rain storm and found that when bad weather rolls through, their gates…

Construction and more at the Universal Orlando Resort
Tick tock, tick tock, Universal’s in a race against the clock. Construction of two major attractions continues at the Universal Orlando Resort as the year winds to a close. Transformers: The Ride 3D is nearly…

Should You Add Insurance to Your Disney Vacation
For a lot of guests, adding insurance to their Disney vacation package makes perfect sense.  Maybe your job situation is iffy or planning a trip far in advance makes you nervous.  Maybe you’re just worried…

The Beloved and Long Lamented WEDway PeopleMover
One of the breakthrough attractions of Disneyland’s Tomorrowland was the WEDway PeopleMover. Although it is now gone, it certainly is not forgotten. Where did this marvel of technology come from? The PeopleMover is a by-product…

Disney’s Beach Club Resort features Gingerbread Carousel
Denise Preskitt shares this close-up look at the charming gingerbread carousel at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. ~~Rick One of the things I enjoy most about Christmas at Walt Disney World is the various decorations and…

WONDERful MiceChat Cruise on the Disney Wonder, Day Five
BC_DisneyGeek continues his trip report with day five of the MiceChat Cruise on the Disney Wonder. If this looks like fun to you, check out the information about the 2013 MiceChat Cruise at the end…

Hong Kong Disneyland Celebrates A Sparkling Christmas
We have a great Hong Kong Disneyland update from Alain Littaye of the Disney and more blog. As we have seen over the years, Disney has brought the American-style Christmas tradition to the other countries…

The Original Carnation Ice Cream Parlor
Whether you’re looking for a meal, dessert, or both, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere and nostalgia at the Carnation Ice Cream Parlor and Restaurant. Read the full YESTERLAND article HERE: The Original Carnation Ice Cream Parlor.

It’s Kind Of A Cute Story – Rolly Crump Legendary Disney Imagineer
For me, today is a very special day. You see, aside from writing a multitude of columns right here on MiceChat every week and doing Communicore Weekly, I’ve been quietly toiling away on another project.…

Happy Birthday Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
Sunday November 18th was the birthday of the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Or, rather, it would have been if it was still at Disneyland today.

Candlelight Procession Dining Package and New Holiday Treats!
One of the long-standing traditions at Epcot is the Candlelight Procession.  It’s become so popular that Disney has added dining packages that include priority seating for the event. The Candlelight Procession started at Disneyland in…

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