Disney’s Be Our Guest restaurant review.

To say I was excited over the opening of the Fantasyland expansion is probably an understatement, but what I was looking forward to most was the new Be Our Guest restaurant in the Beast’s Castle.  Unfortunately, we experienced some bumps at dinner a few weeks ago, but when I was in Disney World for last week’s media event surrounding the opening of the new Fantasyland (FYI, I missed the much-discussed dragon because I was inside eating free cupcakes), I got the opportunity to eat lunch at Be Our Guest on my last day.

This location is a table-service restaurant at dinner, but it’s quick-service at lunch. You’ll line up in Belle’s ornate library, surrounded by elegant textiles and dark wood furniture, and order from a computerized screen.  Take the rose that you’re given and scan your order (there are cast members there to help you with this, although it’s not complicated) and then find a table. At lunch, you can sit in the main dining room, the brightly-lit Rose Gallery, or the West Wing, which can be a little scary for younger children.  You’ll need to get your own silverware and soft drinks, but your food is brought to the table on large carts that, as you may notice, have a habit of clogging the walkways.  Make sure you put your rose on the table so that the chip inside can signal your server that you’re ready for your food.

Get Park Wise: There’s no tipping at this location during lunch, although it may seem like the right thing to do given all that your server will do for you. Never fear, however.  Cast Members are compensated to make up for the loss of tips.

The menu here is “grown-up” quick-service and I highly recommend it.  Steak and carved turkey sandwiches, Croque Monsieur, braised pork, and a tuna Nicoise salad are just a few of the highlights on this menu, which feels more high-end than anything else you’ll get in the Magic Kingdom.  I had the carved turkey sandwich and I loved it; even the bread, which is usually bland at Disney restaurants, was delicious. You’ll also find two solidly good soups on the menu, potato leek and French onion.  Throw in some bread and these are a nice option for a light lunch.  The kids’ menu is a little more limited, with nary a chicken nugget in sight, so if you have picky eaters, skip this location. Dessert is the same cupcakes and cream puffs that you’ll find at dinner. At under $4 for the lot of them, they’re a sweet deal, both in taste and for your wallet.

A friend asked me what the difference was between lunch and dinner, and I think it can be summed up in one word:  Expectations.  At dinner, especially given the cost, I expect a decent meal, with table cloths and pleasant surroundings. I didn’t get any of that. While the main dining room is ornate and unquestionably beautiful, the jumble of tables and chairs give off a quick-service vibe that the exemplary service can’t overcome.   Add mediocre and you have all the ingredients for a disappointing dinner. But lunch? Lunch was fantastic. Given the food, the surroundings, and the service, it was worth every penny, if not more.

If you’re on the fence about Be Our Guest for lunch or dinner, pick lunch.  You’ll enjoy the same environment and better food for much less money.  Have you tried Be Our Guest yet? I’d love to hear about your experience.


  • indianajack

    Disney is trying to have the best of both worlds, therefore arriving at neither. They should just have made it a high-end dining experience for lunch and dinner. I was very surprised they went with the service counter for lunch. Another New Fantasyland disappointment, what a shame.

  • jcruise86

    Thanks for the comments, Chris!


    Had lunch there on 11/26 during my honeymoon, and LOVED it! Getting an entree, soda, and dessert was truthfully about the same price as getting lunch any where else in the park and the environment (complete with those cool carts they bring your food out in) can’t be beat. My wife loves Beauty and the Beast so it was a win-win for all! I was initially bummed I couldn’t get dinner reservations, but after what I’ve heard (Rose Gallery isn’t available, which is where we sat, and now this article) it sounds like we got the better experience! We waited 30-40 minutes to get in, but it was WELL worth it!

  • Micoofy Duck

    Both dinner experiences in both rooms were beyond expectations. There’s nothing disappointing about the dining experience for dinner at Be Our Guest. For people here to let one single review decide your future experience is crazy. Be Our Guest is nothing medicore, the food is amazing, the staff on point and the environment breath taking. Lunch lines were insane and if you want to wait in a very long line due to the machines themselves holding up the ordering process, then simply be their guest during the lunch times.

    Book a dinner if you can, it’s an experience worth every cent. And if you are celebrating an event like a birthday or anniversary, let them know so you can “try the grey stuff, it’s delicious”. I finally get to try it on my birthday early next year on top of getting to dine there for a 3rd time in a short span of a few months, that all coming from a fan who lives halfway across the united states away from Florida.