Look at all you childs!

You have all been in the EATITALLS time and have gobbled the food like the Man Mice. The Man Mice loves the Eatitalls. But now it is all done. Now it is all done for now.

What will be in the NOW TIME? WHAT WHAT NOOOOOOW?


All the childs love the Chrisbumps at the Disnerland!

Disnerland has the most best things for all of Chrisbumps.  All in the December Disnerland will talk about so many Chrisbumps stuff. Like what will happen with the TOM CRUISE when it meets the Chrisbumps? WHO KNOWS?? Or all of the Road Shows. Like the Old Road Shows with floppy tongue sky mooses and the New Road Shows with the Dancey Ladies? So much sooooooon!

Keep your eye holes WIIIIDE for more Disnerland
ALL IN the December!

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