It’s a post-turkey MiceChat Disneyland Update. We sure do hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I spent the day at Disneyland and it was quite enjoyable. While busy, it wasn’t packed. But we spent most of our time doing the sorts of things that don’t generally get long lines . . . and we used Fastpass a couple times as well.

Thanksgiving has always been the official start of the holidays for me. While I was lamenting #toosoon back on November 1st, now I’m really in the mood for all things Christmas. And just in time, we’ve got a huge update for you.

So hang on tight and keep those hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the sleigh at all times as we journey to Disneyland USA for Candy Canes, new Star Tours destinations, holiday merchandise, and all sorts of entertainment.

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Candy Canes

Tis the season for expensive hand-pulled candy canes. They’ve become quite the phenomenon over the years. They were first made on Main Street during the 1968 holiday season. When DCA opened, they doubled the number of days you could find one of these striped weapons of holiday delight.

Lines can be quite long to purchase a Disneyland candy cane. But to ensure you’ll go home with the prize, you’ll need to get to the park at opening and get a wristband.

Here’s the schedule of remaining candy cane distribution dates.

Candy Palace: Nov. 29; Dec. 1, 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20, 24
Trolley Treats: Nov. 28; Dec. 2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 25

According to Disney, here’s how you can get your hands on one of these crooked candies:

A limited number of candy canes will be available for each release. Available while supplies last. Wristbands will be distributed accordingly at park opening. Wristbands are limited, available while supplies last. Limit ONE (1) wristband per guest. Wristband entitles bearer to purchase ONE (1) candy cane at designated location. Wristband must be shown at time of purchase. Information subject to restrictions and change without notice, including but not limited to release dates, prices, etc. No discounts apply. No exchanges or refunds.

But beware . . . that candy you are buying may not have been made at the Candy Palace and/or may not even be fresh. There are some interesting comments about the candy canes from former candy makers on our Facebook page:


The Christmas processional will be performed this year on Saturday December 2nd and Sunday December 3rd, with two performances each night. The stage is being set up now for one of the hottest tickets in town. Have you done Candlelight? What are your tips on finding a good spot it see it?

Ear Hats and Bows

The popularity of ear hats and bows has really exploded this year.  You’ll find dozens of options in stores throughout the parks.

While I just don’t understand the insanity that the rose-gold ears seem to spark whenever they are restocked, I totally see the allure of these neat bow hats below.

Cuckoo for Coco Merch

The Main Street Emporium offers a nice selection of Coco merchandise. Some of this stuff is unique. Although I imagine it takes the right kind of kid to cuddle up to a skeleton plush . . .

The guitar lights up when you play with it. This is a toy and not a real working instrument.

Star Tours New Destinations

I FINALLY had the chance to see the new Star Tours destinations. The journey will take you to Crait (from the upcoming Last Jedi film) and land you in Batuu (the planet in the upcoming Star Wars land).

I enjoyed the new destinations, which you’ll be guaranteed to get for the near future, and think it’s fun that they’ve been keeping this attraction up to date with fresh new content.

Meanwhile, in the gift shop . . .

Porg! This is the dancing Porg, just touch his belly. Coming soon (under a Christmas tree in Dustylandia), Porg: The Musical!

Still better than the Star Wars Christmas Special.
Merry Sithmas!

Nearby, the sign at the Refreshment Port has seen better days.


The vault in Disneyana caught my eye this past weekend.

Meanwhile, some of the merchandise and decor in the shops on Main Street also grabbed my attention.

Purchase with purchase. . .

Hannakuah is not forgotten . . .

You’ll find artists customizing ornaments in a number of spots around the resort.

A Holiday Stroll Down Main Street

I don’t need to be all bah humbug about the early Christmas decorations anymore. It really feels like the season to me now, even though we had some near 100º days last week.

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Bridge to fantasy

The new cinnamon apple doughnut looks interesting. Though, at first glance I thought it was a turkey sandwich.

Scott had one and said it was one of the tastiest donuts he’s ever had, but also the sweetest.

The treats in the bakery are fully holiday-ized. . .

And the garlands on Main Street are back once more, as we showed you last week.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade

I was able to see this parade a couple times over the Thanksgiving weekend.  While I love it, there are some things that sort of make me cringe. First, the music loop is excruciatingly short.  I watched one of the showings with a theme park music composer, so perhaps I was a little more critical than the average guest.  But this parade could use an overhaul and an all-new soundtrack that would give it that freshly unwrapped Christmas morning feel.

Regretfully, the Frozen sisters return to the former ice skating float. That was always one of the highlights of the parade. And why can’t Anna or Olaf skate while Elsa looks on joyfully? As it is now, Elsa looks like she’s affixed to a snowflake and not too happy about it.

Do any of you remember Mrs. Claus? She was budget cut out of the parade a few seasons ago.  What a shame. I always thought Disneyland had the best Mrs. Claus.

Anyone miss the old reindeer costumes with the comical long tounges?

There’s a lot of holiday entertainment in the park. Beyond the obvious parade and fireworks, you’ll find the Dapper Dans, a show in the Golden Horseshoe, nearly all of the bands have updated set lists for the holidays, and all of the Characters are in on the holiday act as well.

The Dapper Dans are seriously talented. They’ve got sets for Halloween, Christmas and the rest of the year. That’s a lot of songs to memorize and sing in perfect four-part harmony.

The Golden Horseshoe is doing their version of a Christmas Carol, complete with pulling a guest from the audience to play Scrooge.

Elsewhere in the park

You can eat popcorn from Oogie Boogie’s back once more . . . the popular popcorn buckets have made a reappearance.

This delightful young lady was handing out celebration buttons. They do this from time to time throughout the year, but more often during the holidays.
Baymax Ears!
Bridge to Thunder. It really pays off to get to Disneyland early, as the sleepier parts of the park like Big Thunder Trail are empty until almost lunchtime.

You can’t miss the Star Wars land construction. It can be seen from ToonTown, Frontierland, Critter Country and New Orleans Square. . .

There’s two interesting things going on in this pic of the Gadget Go Coaster in ToonTown. . . the obvious one is the Star Wars construction. The 2nd is . . .
Coaster repair. There were two guys on the lift hill fixing something.

The construction also looms over Big Thunder Trail . . .

scaffold and stairs now wraps one of the rock formations.

The Rivers of America is another great place to spy the construction . . .

While we’re in the area, let’s pop in to the most popular of the holiday offerings . . . Haunted Mansion Holiday!

We spotted some interesting plush in the Mansion merch cart at the exit of the attraction. But there’s some unfortunate placement of the unnecessary loss-prevention tags on poor Oogie . . . ouch!

Sad that something as simple as a plush needs loss prevention tags. But where is it going to beep? Have you ever heard a loss prevention tone at Disneyland?

For the price of your soul, you can buy a simple version of the Haunted Mansion gingerbread house (sorry about the line down the middle, they have it in a square lucite box). It’s on display at the French Market:

What do you think about that? Would you pay almost $290 for a gingerbread house?

And let’s not forget Believe in Holiday Magic Fireworks. . .

And your view from Small World


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