EDITOR NOTE: Disnerland is Parody. Allow yourself a few moments to enjoy the warped world of Wald Disner. . . .

Disner is so busy with Chrisbumps stuff. So it will be a short one today, but it will be GOOOOOOD. Be cause THE WARS is NEW.

JAMMY BRAMS made the last one but now it is all for RAMROD JENKINS.
He is the BEST mooma child for the making of more THE WARS.

This The Wars is called GOODBYE JEBIDIAH. It is all about the Jebidiahs all over the empty all going far in the far away. It is so sad. But the only Jebidiah that is in the close place does the BEST THING. This is LOOK STUDEBAKER. He is the ONLY JEBIDIAH! Come all childs! Let us say GOOD BYE JEBIDIAH!

Now that The Wars are done it is back to CHRISBUMPS! And Chrisbumps is the STUFF. The THINGS. Why not spend all the coin on all of the Disner Stuff?
Wald Would! Go here for things! ALL THE THINGS!

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N Nielsen is the creator and main driving force of the absurd and loving parody of Disneyland called Disnerland. N has been a fan of theme parks and absurd humor their whole life. So it was inevitable these two loves would come together into the delightfully odd soup that is Disner. A Seattle native, now living in Los Angeles, N works as a media designer for a themed entertainment company. They enjoy hiking, prop making, cosplaying, and of course, visiting theme parks.