Disnerland is parody. If you don’t have a funny bone, move along. 

Come in to Week TWO of the Chrisbumps in the Disnerland!
So here we are! Do you have the old headstuff for the old Disnerland?
The best thing in the old Disnerland was the GLOWBES!


All of the glowbes would be all over the Disnerland. Even in the Tomorrorland!

The Chrisbumps Yelling Childs did too!

Even old Wald!

Wald and CHRISGRAMPS looooove the GLOWBES!

Chrisgramps wanted to give much thanks to Wald for all of the Glowbes. So Chrisgramps had a THING for wald! Wald wanted so much and Wald wanted the Butterhorn to be soooo BIG! So Old CHRISGRAMPS gave WALD MORE BUTTERHORN to put on the top of it!

Wald had MUCH HAPPY!

That is all for CHRISBUMPS IN DISNERLAND this week!
Disner hopes you LOOOVED it!
What do you like to put on your dome at disnerland?
Do you miss the GLOWBES at Disnerland? TELL DISNER ALL!
See you in the SOON TIME!

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