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The Holidays are here and we all have the updates, news and photos from Disney and beyond.

From Knott’s Berry Farm to Harry Potter Christmas at Universal and all the Disney in between. Let’s dive in.

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Disneyland Update: It’s All About The Candy Canes
It’s a post-turkey MiceChat Disneyland Update. We sure do hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. I spent the day at Disneyland and it was quite enjoyable. While busy, it wasn’t packed. But we spent most of our time doing the sorts of things that don’t generally get long lines . . . and we used Fastpass a couple times as well.

The NEW MiceShop!

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Just in time for the holidays, MiceChat has launched a brand new shop featuring fan art, Disnerland, and MiceChat logo wear. We are currently offering a special on Disnerland attraction poster parody mugs. Buy 4 Disnerland Mugs and get $10 off with promo code: DisnerMugs MiceShop HERE

If you like the Christmas designs, you’ll need to act fast. They’ll be retired soon.

All Disney Related News!

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Celebrating Ian’s birthday at Disney and tasting food from the Festival of Holidays
Mre200200 gives us a fun adventure for a very special birthday, and lots of fun hats!

Disneyland needs a second entrance/exit
Interesting concept, what are your thoughts of adding a full on Entrance / Exit for Disneyland? Even if its possible is it really needed?

Waffle Fries are Back at Smokejumpers Grill
Stop the presses! Waffle fries are back at the smokejumpers grill, what else do you need to know?

Disneyland to discontinue Southern California annual pass – for now
News broke early in November, official ending of the Southern California Annual pass. Some say it will be temporary other say it is permanent.

Other Parks & More!

Check out the photos and videos from Tokyo and Hong Kong. ~ Trekkie Dad

MiceChat Disney News Roundup

Thanksgiving week in TDR Nov 2017
AndyR reports from Tokyo Disneyland with pictures and videos.

30 Years of Pixar Exhibition
The Cultural Museum in Shatin, Hong Kong is running this exhibit from now until March.

Knott’s given January deadline by CA state regulators to improve safety on Log Ride
SpacemanSpiff has shared information from the OC Register about the state of the Log Ride at Knott’s Berry Farm.

New Year’s Eve Event

You’re invited to a New Year’s Eve extravaganza with MiceChat

Welcome 2018 with MiceChat at Knott’s Berry Farm!

This is a very special event limited to no more than 100 guests – Don’t delay, snag your tickets now!

What better way to ring in the new year than at Knott’s for home-style food, folksy fun, plus music, entertainment, rides and more.

The night will begin with a relaxed all-you-can-eat buffet.  Here we will savor the delicious buffet prepared for us by Knott’s with all your favorites.

Knott’s offers a tremendous amount of entertainment, including Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies, holiday shows in the Birdcage Theatre, and the heartwarming Snoopy on Ice show. In addition to priority seating for the ice show, we’ll take some time for the world famous Log Ride and Mine Train. Just before midnight, we’ll head to Charleston Circle to ring in the New Year with an incredible fireworks display!

UPDATED: Co-Author of the best selling Knott’s Preserved, Eric Lynxwiler, will be hosting a history presentation during our dinner. Eric is a MiceChat favorite and knows all the crazy stories from the Farm.

We look forwarding to sharing an amazing evening with you! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS AND MORE INFORMATION

Podcasts & Videos

Don’t Miss The MiceChat Podcast

NEW! MiceChat Podcast: It’s the hap-happiest time of the year as the Disney theme parks unveil their holiday offerings for 2017. But that’s not the only jingle jangle for this show. We have the rundown on all the big new attractions set to debut next year AND the theme park industry awards for the best of last year. This show is PACKED with holiday and theme park delights from your MicePals Doug and Dusty.  But beware, they’ve been drinking too much eggnog. . . as usual.

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Mousetalgia: This week, travel to China with Mousetalgia as Kristen concludes her series of reports from Asia with an overview of the Adventures of Disney tour experience. Joined by Mouse Fan Travel CEO Beci Mahnken, Kristen and Beci discuss Beijing, Hong Kong, the airports, the tour groups, the value of the experience, the elite ABD guides, and some all-time highlights from various Adventures by Disney excursions. As a bonus, they also review a dining experience in Club 33 in Shanghai Disneyland! Next, we preview Pixar’s upcoming film “Coco.” Director Lee Unkrich, Co-director Adrian Molina and producer Darla Anderson share some secrets from the making of Coco, recorded live at Pixar Day at AT&T Park in San Francisco on September 17. The filmmaking trio talk about the inspiration for the film, the characters and what to watch for, and some of the hidden secrets inside the film. Plus – we discuss our bucket-list Disney destinations, Tiny Tinsel returns – and more!

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The Sweep Spot: In this episode, we take a look at Disneyland in the year 1977. We discover some attractions that opened that year, and some closed, plus many other interesting facts. This is a fun way to virtually take a walk around the park in 1977. Plus the latest in the Disneyland Resort Current Events.

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The Season Pass: Technology has been rapidly advancing over the last several years. Completely changing how we vacation as well as how we go about our daily lives. Cell phones, RFID, virtual queues, augmented reality, virtual reality, and so many other kinds of tools are redefining how a day is spent. Innovation pushes the themed entertainment industry forward. It provides new avenues for creativity and opens the doorway to possibilities for the audience. People who have that drive to keep pushing technological boundaries in innovative ways provide some of the most interesting Season Pass Podcast interviews. One of the best places to find those talented minds is the TEA Summit!

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Chrisbumps in the Disnerland: CHRISBUMPS ROADS SHOW!
Look at you childs! And now it is Chrisbumps time in Disnerland! In this now time is all of the Chrisbumps ROADS SHOW! SO many shows are on all the roads and THE ROAD, but all the childs LOOOOOVE the roads show! And the CHRISBUMPS ROADS SHOW. HERE ARE THE ONES THAT THERE WAS AND NOW IS IN THE DISNERLAND!

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