Gingerbread House at Walt Disney World Boardwalk Resort

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Disney’s Boardwalk Resort features a Gingerbread display with a little bit of a mischievous side.  On the far left is the Gingerbread House that Stitch has taken over.  Let’s hope he hasn’t replaced the Gingerbread smell with chili dogs. Inside they do sell items, but it’s nothing like the other Gingerbread Resort offerings (check out the Grand Floridian here). Let’s take a tour!

What a great disclaimer! “It is not intended for consumption. Please refrain from trying to eat the gingerbread or any of the decoration.”

Gingerbread House – $35; Stollen Bread – $16

Do you see anything interesting here?

Stitch getting up to his antics again.

Mickey Wreath

In the middle of the display you’ll find a snowman and a lot of packages from various Disney characters to their respective character counterparts.  (ie. Donald to Daisy)

The far right side of the Gingerbread display features a fireplace gazebo.  The gazebo has lots of details and is surrounded by a miniature train and lots of Poinsettias (actual plants are on the ground and the gingerbread variety are attached to the gazebo).

Train was not working when I visited.

Details of the BoardWalk Gingerbread display

Our display contains:
50 lbs of icing
402 sugar & gum paste flowers
301 lbs of chocolate
2012 gingerbread pieces
1 Donald Duck
Can you find the 16 Hidden Mickeys?

Scan for information

What are your thoughts on the BoardWalk’s Gingerbread display?  How do you feel it measures up to the other holiday displays on property?

Personally, I wish they were selling shingles to buy from the house.  All of that gingerbread there and none of it to eat is rather disappointing.

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  • Hmmm. I sort of like the stitch idea. But if they are going to use him, the house should either look like he made it (totally insane) or like he is eating it (with big jagged chunks missing and claw marks). Instead, it just looks like they perched him on top with a big perfectly square section removed. Just looks a bit off.

    And great comment about the lack of goodies being sold compared to the other hotels with gingerbread houses. I remember buying a gingerbread shingle from this exact location years ago. Wonder why they stopped offering them?