Welcome back to the Farm. Today’s article is a bit different. Let’s take a look back at what has happened around the park throughout 2017 and ahead to next year. And if you don’t have plans for New Year’s Eve, please come join the MiceChat crew at the Farm for a very special event. Info at the bottom of this update!

2017 at Knott’s


At the end of 2016, Knott’s Sky Cabin was stuck in the air for 8 hours. Knott’s left the tower alone trying to decide if the Cabin was going to remain part of the Boardwalk’s future.

Knott’s started working on refurbishing the Calico Train Station to add more drainage for water dropped by the locomotive.

Knott’s began their winter promotion, offering special park tickets and merchandise to help raise money for the Orange County chapter of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure – a charity which fights cancer.


Knott’s continued to promote the Knott’s Pink promotion also roping in the CBS Star (and previous Disney Channel Star) Brenda Song to help with the campaign.

Knott’s replaced the cement around the Calico Train Station.

Knott’s also started work on the all-new Boardwalk BBQ.

Over in Festia Village Knott’s broke ground for Sol Spinner.



Knott’s announced Showdown in Ghost town and even our own Dusty Sage was able to test out the experience.

Work continued on Sol Spinner.

Knott’s expanded All Day/Season Dining by increasing the offerings from 6 quick-service restaurants to 14 at Knott’s and 2 at Soak City. Added to the list was Panda Express, Fireman’s Brigade BBQ, and the around the park Fry Stands.



Knott’s held their best and biggest Boysenberry Festival yet.

One of the highlights that we were surprised at with the Hand Crafted Boysenberry Cream Soda. Knott’s has added to their year-round offerings around the park from its success.

This year’s Boysenberry Festival featured Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree. It was a really fun and very old-school theme park show.

A new melodrama was also performed in the Bird Cage Theater, which was a real hoot.

At the start of the Boysenberry Festival season, Knott’s publically launched VR Showdown in Ghost Town.

At the end of April, Knott’s closed Boomerang after a 27-year run. However, Knott’s did not initially tell the public of their plans for the replacement.

Knott’s removed the Rip Tide attraction in previous years and speculation began to grow that Knott’s might use the two attraction plots for the new attraction.

Knott’s also took similar security steps that Disney and Universal have implemented and installed metal detectors at the park gates.


Ghost Town Alive returned for a 2nd year with lots of enhancements. It’s one of the most heartfelt theme park experiences in Southern California and it truly does bring Ghost town “Alive.”

At night, Crius of Wonders wowed audiences with some amazing acts.


Knott’s opened the Boardwalk BBQ with an impressive menu.

Outside the quick-service, Knott’s added another Refresh Beverage Station.

The difference with station though is that it has a sink so you can wash out your reusable beverage cups.

Inside, the restaurant has a 1960’s art deco vibe.

Also on display, a Rotisserie Chicken Cooker.

Snoopy’s Magical Revue, featuring Magician Greg Wilson, was also a crowd favorite.

In July, the Catawampus also disappeared.  We worried it wouldn’t return.


Knott’s finally keyed us into their plans in the Boardwalk area. HangTime will tower 150 feet over the park and features a 96-degree drop (the steepest drop in California). After a near vertical ascent, riders will “hang” for nearly 2 seconds facing straight down at the ground until the ride plunges them into a  beyond-vertical drop. Across 2,198 feet of steel track, riders will experience five gravity-defying inversions, a negative-g stall loop, and dive below the pier on two occasions.

Knott’s finished up their second year of Ghost Town Alive. The citizens of Calico cannot wait for this upcoming Summer to return.


What more can we say then it was Scary Farm season…everywhere.

During the day Knott’s offered a very family-friendly vibe around the park.

Knott’s did an overlay to the Log Ride this year featuring a song from Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies. The attraction featured a whole bunch of monsters meeting at the Monster Hootanany being held the Witch. It was fun and cheesy all the same time.

But when the sun sets, the Monsters came out to play.

The Log Ride looks absolutely ghoulish during Scary Farm nights.

The big attraction this year during Scary Farm was Elvira’s Last Performance. And boy did she go out with a bang.

This year The Hanging was fun, and as offensive, as always.

Knott’s announced two new mazes this Scary Season that opened with great success.


November was the launch of this year’s Merry Farm and Knott’s pulled out all the stops.

This year’s Snoopy on Ice is definitely the best in recent memory.

But the entertainment didn’t stop there.

The wood carvers are back again this year as a part of the Merry Farm booths.

Over at Boardwalk BBQ, Knott’s offers a seasonal Turkey Holiday Sandwich which is a part of the Meal Plans.

Look who finally showed back up! And this time with a baby!!! It’s a miracle.


Around The Farm

Now that we have looked back at 2017, let’s make a quick check on the park as it looks today. And if you haven’t seen it yet, Knott’s Mery Farm ends on January 7th.

As the Christmas Season draws to a close, I want to emphasize the amazing lineup of festive Shows and Entertainment the park has to offer right now.

This previous week I was able to catch the Snow and Glow show that runs down Ghost Town’s two main paths: Main Street and School Road.

Over at the Schulz Theater, this year’s Snoopy On Ice show is soon coming to an end. If you are in the park this next week, don’t miss it!

Also, the also amazing It’s the Merriest Christmas Ever, Charlie Brown! closes soon, so be sure to not miss it.

As well as the A Peanuts Guide To Christmas. It’s a great way to start off your New Year.

I was also able to catch Krazy Kirk And The Hillbillies this week. The Hillbillies know how to play to the crowd and is a really fun show. They are sadly missed at Disneyland, but Knott’s was smart to snap them up.

Over at the Calico Mine Ride, Knott’s has replaced the line-queue decorative lighting (the lanterns) with some new LED bulbs that simulate fire.


The bulbs have not been added to the interior of the attraction yet, nor to the neighboring Log Ride which uses similar lanterns. The lanterns have more of an authentic look to them and help keep the area well themed while saving energy. Well done Knott’s.

Over at Santa’s Christmas Cabin, the Big Man has headed back to the North Pole for the year, but Snoopy is filling his big shoes for the rest of season.

Across from the Cabin, Knott’s has a Cookie Decoration Station, where for $5.99 you can decorate your own Christmas Cookie.

Over at the Sky Cabin, Knott’s is now in full refurb-mode getting the cabin back into tiptop shape. We hope for a spring return.

We have seen the cabin at different points on the towers at different times of the day.

Currently, the cabin windows are missing and there is scaffolding at the top of the tower.

Over at HangTime, track work is going up fast as a few of the loops have already been installed. Knott’s is on track for an early Summer 2018 opening.

Knott’s has repainted this sign to reflect the foods it actually sells.

That used to be a burger in her hands.


Sad Eye Joe said he has been very lonely during the holidays.
Upcoming in 2018

Peanuts Celebration

Knott’s Berry Farm will kick off its 2018 with the addition of the all-new Knott’s Peanuts Celebration, uniquely dedicated to celebrating the beloved Peanuts Gang. Guests can step inside the pages of a Schulz comic strip as the Peanuts characters take over the entire park. Peanuts decor and comic strip elements will provide the backdrop for photo spots. New character experiences, activities, live entertainment, and deliciously themed-treats will top off this whimsical celebration.

The Knott’s PEANUTS Celebration will take place weekends starting January 27 through February 25, 2018, including Presidents’ Day.

What you’re doing New Year’s Eve?                     


This is your last chance to Join Us. Ticket Sales End Friday 29th at 11:59pm.

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve this year? MiceChat is offering another amazing event to ring in the new year. This time around it features Mrs. Knott’s Famous Fried Chicken and a full buffet of delectables. There will also be a Knott’s history presentation from Knott’s Preserved co-author Eric Lynxwiler, VIP seating for the ice show and fireworks at midnight! Plus rides, shows, and attractions! It’s a great way to spend an evening, especially since most of the Disneyland passes are blocked out that day.

More info HERE

See Ya Real Soon
All of us on the Micechat crew would like to thank you for joining us today. Today’s MiceChat Knott’s Berry Farm Update was shot and assembled by Brian Pinsky. I would also like to thank all those who helped bring Knott’s to you this year: Dusty Sage, Scott Attula, Dsny Debbie, Shelly Valladolid, and Hastin Zylstra!



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