Happy Holiday’s everyone! Greetings from the Happiest Place On Earth. Everything may look shiny, merry and bright . . . but this holiday is all about Star Wars. Let’s take a quick look around the park and see what’s new and take a look at that Star Wars Land construction as well.

It’s important to note that all passes except for Signature Plus and Premier are now blocked out through the end of the year. That should make for some enjoyable conditions for those of you with valid tickets.

We are going to attempt to squeeze in a couple updates for you between now and the end of the year. We really appreciate the time and hard work of the entire Update Crew, especially at this busy time of year. We are also thankful for you and your support in reading these updates and sharing them with your friends and family.



The Last Jedi Invades Tomorrowland

Some quick changes were made to Path of the Jedi and to Launch Bay this past week to add props and new video promoting Disney’s blockbuster new Star Wars film. If you haven’t been to either of these attractions recently, both are worth a visit to get caught up.

Star Tours has also been updated with Last Jedi scenes, though that happened a while ago.

The latest Star Wars film has amped up enthusiasm for related attractions in the park. The Star Trader was packed with guests on Friday all looking for Star Wars merchandise.

The store had one of the longest lines at checkout we’ve seen yet for this location.

We haven’t been the biggest fans of Path of the Jedi. While the film itself is well done and a sort of Star Wars 101 video for the uninitiated, it did not hold up well to repeat viewings. Thankfully, it has been updated with a new intro featuring the Director of The Last Jedi with an engaging trailer for the new film at the end.  But, like the previous version of this attraction, it isn’t likely to draw your attention more than once in a blue moon.

The Refreshment Port sign has been fixed.

“Thirsty” is fully lit once more

What hasn’t been fixed is the Orbitron high above the old People Mover platform.

Captain Phasma steins are now available in Tomorrowland. You can get it filled with grapes or pineapple for $12.99.

But the big updates to Tomorrowland this week were in Launch Bay.  The display cases at entry are filled with The Last Jedi props. There’s a new film playing in the little theater. A piece of the Star Wars model from the D23 Expo is now on display. Star Wars Lego sets are now being sold in the gaming area. And some GREAT new merchandise has hit the store.

I love seeing the minatures and costumes. It’s all Hollywood magic to me.

Read the sincere description of this costume piece. So much detailed back story.

The new AT-M6 is badass.

The little theater is showing a great new film. I ended up watching it twice (video from yours truly below).  The film talks about the Star Wars saga, how Lucas Film works on all aspects of the universe (films, animation, games, merchandise, VR, Lands).  You’ll meet many of the key players behind the scenes and hear their motivations. I thought it was very well done. Interestingly, there were several young kids (perhaps 10 to 12 years old) also watching. The short film held their attention surprisingly well considering the content.

We are the Spark, that light the fire, that’ll burn the First Order down . . .

A bit of the D23 Expo has made its way to Launch Bay.  You can now view part of the Star Wars Land model.

Some of the Rogue One props are also still on display.

The gaming area is now selling Lego sets.

I was pleased to see both Kylo Ren AND Darth Vader meeting with guests at the same time!

The shop has been updated as well. Of particular interst are the jackets and clothes which are modled on costumes from the film!

Luke’s jacket

BB-9 was getting a lot of attention from some kids in the shop.

Star Wars Land Construction

The latest Star Wars film, plus the updates to Launch Bay, Star Tours and Path of the Jedi have me REALLY excited for the new Star Wars land.  As rock work advances rapidly and buildings take shape, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve . . . unable to sleep in anticipation of surprises yet to come.  Open, open, open . . .

From inside the park, you can see the construction clearly from the train, river boats, along the banks of New Orleans Square, and from ToonTown.

From the parking structure, you can see that the new mountains will be huge.

The rock work towers over the massive show buildings.

Not sure what this trench is for, but it sure it deep.

Rose Gold Insanity

Because the Rose Gold Mickey ears were so popular, it was only a matter of time until Disney expanded the line.  New Rose Gold sweatshirts have gone on sale in the park for $59.99.  While they are selling briskly, we heard several different ladies commenting on the price and that they thought the shirts looked peach and not Rose Gold.  A cast member was assigned to explain that the sparkles in the lettering are supposedly rose gold and not the shirts themselves.  But none of that really matters as long as they sell out.

This and That . . .

I arrived at Disneyland just as the sun was setting. Unfortunately, that means that most of my photos didn’t turn out. But there are some fun ones to share. . . .

The snow show is neat. It plays throughout the night. If you watch on Main Street, it’s best to get a spot as close to the Hub as you can. If you are on Small World Mall, it snows there too! And it looks like a LOT of people took advantage of Small World Mall to watch the show on Friday.

This is how guests get hurt at Disneyland.  The Sword in the Stone is a prop. It’s not intended to be stood on by anyone, much less an adult:

ToonTown continues to languish. The hills behind Mickey and Minnie’s houses are looking faded, stained and worn.

The ToonTown lagoon was also drained.

Ever since the Fruit Stand was moved from the Jungle Cruise side of Adventureland to the opposite side of the walkway, it’s been empty.

I have lots more to share with you folks, but it’s nearly 6am and I’m out of time. Almost time to go to work! Yikes!

Please check back a little later this week for some very interesting things from DCA and Downtown Disney. Also, Kevin Yee has a fascinating review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi today.  You can check that out HERE.

Kevin Yee review of The Last Jedi


New Year’s Eve at Knott’s with Micechat

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve this year? MiceChat is offering another amazing event to ring in the new year. This time around it features Mrs. Knott’s Famous Fried Chicken and a full buffet of delectables. There will also be a Knott’s history presentation from Knott’s Preserved co-author Eric Lynxwiler, VIP seating for the ice show and fireworks at midnight! Plus rides, shows and attractions! It’s a great way to spend an evening, especially since most of the Disneyland passes are blocked out that day.

More info HERE

Gumball Rally


Journey down the rabbit hold with us as the world-Famous MiceChat Gumball Rally celebrates the 50th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. This Rally will be curious and curiouser. We can’t wait to share this amazing adventure with you.

What’s a Rally? It’s a competition to see which team can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day.  It’s every bit as fun as it sounds.

Information on how the Rally is played, photos of previous events, and ticket information HERE.

Don’t be late for this very important date SIGN UP NOW HERE.

That’s it for today’s update. Join us later this week as we look at California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and the Around the Resort. My thanks to Brian Pinsky and DsnyDebbie for their additional photos, as well as the entire Disneyland Update Crew for their assistance identifying things you’d be interested in hearing about. Are you a photographer? Do you love the parks? Would you like to contribute to the Disneyland Update or other MiceChat columns? Contact Dusty Sage: [email protected]

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