Disneyland explores the Realms of Fantasy and gets ready for 2013

Written by Andy Castro. Posted in Dateline Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

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Published on December 17, 2012 at 5:05 am with 31 Comments

About Andy Castro

Andy is a Southern California native, raised with Disneyland and a life-long fan of Disney theme parks and animation. Andy writes the weekly Dateline Disneyland column, which can be found every Monday on MiceChat.

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  • Trumpet

    Great Update Andy

    I have to say that It would be sad if the old Railbow Ridge was removed. I guess we will have to wait and see. Personally, I think if it is replaced, then it should be rebuilt, as the scene at the end is always interesting when you are waiting in the queue and you return to the
    station after the ride.
    It is nice that they are updating the Disney gallery regulary.
    The decorations in Downtown Disney ar tacky, but hy look alot better than what was there before.

    Thanks Again Andy


  • Carnation Dave

    Nice update. I’m excited for the BTM refurb. It’s a family favorite. I sure hope that rainbow Ridge stays. I remember the mine train ride and miss it. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good week.

  • eicarr

    Everything looks great at DL!!!

    The labyrinth at the exhibit is the one thing I wish they put where the old motorboat was. What a nice change of pace it is in France. It would be perfect in the shadow of the Matterhorn and complete the Alice themed section at the edge of fantasyland. Seems somewhat inexpensive too. I hope they keep all of the new WDW fantasyland stuff unique to there.

    I imagine “imagine that” being something dorky/intrusive I avoid like Medevil Times. might work if they’re testing it for WDW though. It would be a nice complement to their new Pirates walk-through. Both would quickly become ghost towns at DCA.

  • eicarr

    While letting go of Rainbow Ridge might be hard… Look at WDW where they got rid of Snow White and Mr Toad for some mediocre fluff. After Carsland I trust DL to do something good at Big Thunder.

  • mickeyandme

    Great info as always. Dateline Disneyland rules!

  • indianajack

    I hope the Rainbow Ridge stays, it’s a wonderful vignette to the Old West. Why does Disney want to mess with an element that works well? They drive me crazy when they do that. Hey, Disney, please fix the things that need attention like most of Tomorrowland.

    The Downtown Disney Christmas Village is pathetic. Disney should be embarrassed of it. Knott’s Village is so much better and charming.

    Thanks for the update as always!

  • SoCalFan

    Form what I’ve heard, Rainbow Ridge is going to be demolished and rebuilt almost exactly as is. Take it worth a grain a salt but that’s what the murmurs have been saying.

    The Realms of Fantasy exhibit looks great and it’s surprising that Disney did not mention this change, even on their parks blog. They post the smallest, most insignificant things sometimes on that blog, you would think a new exhibit would get a mention haha. Interesting they mentioned how the New Fantasyland in WDW was at one time to include a mini Alice area…I almost wished it had in addition to what’s there. That story and that movie will always have life and relevance to them. A quintessential piece of Children’s Literature that has always captivated the reader in it’s world of the wonderment and bizarre and is truly one that has stood the test of time.

    Thanks as always for putting together these beautiful updates.

  • gauchogirl

    Another great update! I’ll definitely have to check out the new Gallery exhibit next time I’m there!

  • WheresMickey

    great update!

  • heysi

    Does anyone know when the “Class of 2013″ merchandise will hit the resort? My daughter has been waiting since she was 6 to be able to buy her picture frame, hat and shirt for her high school graduation……and now that its only a few short months away she doesn’t want to miss it.

    Also, as one of the people that was able to win an ebook during the 5th anniversary contest, let me say THANKS!!!! I feel so lucky to have been one of the few.

  • Algernon

    I’m sure Big Thunder will reopen with Coney Island style carnival safety railings all over the place.


    Great update as always. I’m especially eager to see the updates as my pass recently expired and I didn’t renew. Amazing how just a few years ago it was half the cost…. but that’s another thread…..

    I’m happy to see the new merchandise showing up for the 2013 New Year, but a bit disappointed to not see any merchandise playing along the Haunted Mansion theme of ’13′. You’d think that there would be a huge number of superstitious people that wouldn’t buy any of it, but there are also a large number of who would love the darker merchandise playing off of the number ’13′. Maybe, in the next few months, time will tell…..

    • Timekeeper

      I would wait till either it’s Bats Day in May or in October, or when any month in 2013 may have a 13th on a Friday.


  • mulva5

    Thanks for another great update, it’s the only thing i look forward to on a Monday.
    Hope there’s a way that they can preserve Rainbow Ridge.

  • Disney Analyst

    Saddened by your comments on this new show in testing. Improv is such a fun experience, and I always try to go to our local improv club to catch some fun improv battles. As someone in acting I can tell you improv is NOT easy, and when it works it is HIGHLY entertaining. I don’t know why you would be upset at Disney for creating a unique entertainment offering. Isn’t that the point, building diversity in the entertainment offerings? This is something never done at the parks, and I could see it working quite well if done right. I just find the comment in the article highly negative for no reason other then to pick another reason that Disney is “Failing” I do not see this as a failure, I see this as diverse art.

    • themur

      Good improv is highly entertaining and what is nice is that if the performers are good, the show is repeatable.

      Sometimes improv shows are inexpensive but sometimes not. If you see main stage performers at Groundlings or UCB or IO West you will drop more than a few bucks for tickets. Definitely not do it yourself/stay at home entertainment.

  • Disney Analyst

    Not to mention it was NOT a movie tie-in AT ALL. A completely unique and creative offering. I don’t get your comments at all.