No sooner is The Last Jedi out of the gate than we have a release date and working title for Episode IX. As most fans know, the working title for The Last Jedi was Space Bear, and many of the characters were called by bear-themed code names in the script; Kylo Ren was called “Grizzly”, Rey “Panda”, and Stormtroopers “Marshmallows”, which have nothing whatsoever to do with bears, but there you go.

Hey, a marshmallow stormtrooper. I stand corrected. Target.

Well, this time, apparently, though it’s not set in stone, it appears to be set in quite a valuable stone: a Black Diamond, to be exact. I’m guessing all of the cast will have gem names a la Steven Universe this time around. I wonder what each character will get? C-3PO is easy, gold. Rose might be a ruby because it’s red. Amber or Topaz for General Hux. What do you think? J.J.Abrams will return to direct as well as write the script, this time with co-writer Chris Terrio (Argo, Batman v. Superman, Justice League…?)

We have LOTS for you in this update. Be sure to read all the way through to the end for a big surprise from the sky.  WOW!!!

Live from The Last Jedi Red Carpet with Lindalee Rose

Dusty sent me this video and I’m sure glad he did. Lindalee Rose is MiceChat’s newest junior reporter and this nine and a half year old is destined for greatness. Join Lindalee as she does all the cool stuff and meets all the right people. You’ll feel like you were there . . . it’s an old Jedi mind trick:

You’ll be seeing more from Lindalee very soon. She has a Christmas surprise for us.

A Celebration of The Last Jedi in Tokyo

To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi at Tokyo Disneyland, they are having a celebration called “Feel the Force”, and if you happen to visit, you’re definitely going to feel this one  – it’s amazing.

Feel the Food

The popcorn bucket craze actually started in Tokyo, and it’s still going strong with jaw-dropping designs. This celebration is no exception.

R2-D2 Popcorn bucket and snack container; BB-8 Popcorn bucket, Drink container and snack container. OLC.

I like the popcorn containers because they are beautiful and useful; I can use them to store things.

Darth Vader popcorn bucket and stein; Stormtrooper snack container. OLC.
A better look at the “Dark Side 9” mochi set; 8 Stormtroopers plus Darth Vader. OLC.
C-3PO Stein with coffee jelly. OLC.
Feel the Force Menu with “Spark Fuel 8” (Ginger Drink with Tapioca Boba) in Collector Glass. OLC.
Dark Side Spicy Chicken Curry Calzone, sprinkled with gold and silver edible sparkles. OLC.
Melon Ramune flavored churros with lightsaber handles. OLC.

Star Tours is Recruiting!

Prepare for your test (non-interactive) and find out where to buy your test packet HERE.

Helpful literature. OLC.

Depending upon how well you answer the questions, you will receive an Expert Agent, Agent or visitor ID card:

Will you be an Expert Agent, Agent or Visitor? Take the test and find out! OLC.

A Package Fit for a Supreme Leader

If you stay at the Tokyo Disney Ambassador Hotel during this time (Dec. 15-March 20), you’ll also get to stay in a Star Wars: The Last Jedi themed room and receive an extremely nice goody bag (limit 1500):

Ambassador Hotel The Last Jedi special package. OLC.

It contains a sterling silver key card, numbered, limited to 1500:

Stainless Steel Key Card, numbered, limited to 1500. First Order Luggage Tag. OLC.
Rebellion keychain. BB-8 pin. OLC.
BB-8 “Wave” art towel. Gold X-Wing and Tie Fighter bag. OLC.
Plus this B2 size movie poster when you check in.

The Superior level room fits three people, and there is one gift per room. The cost is 40,400 yen or about $350.00.

To book this package, call 0570-05-1118 or click here 

Day-Trippers, Don’t Despair!

There’s something for you, too:

Collectible Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tokyo Disney Resort Line passes. OLC.

Dear Santa:

I’m not going to even scratch the surface, but here are a select few of my favorite toys and gifts that they’re offering for this special promotion:

Darth Vader Smartphone Cover, Cosmic Encounter. OLC.
Star Tours: The Adventures Continue tote bag, Cosmic Encounter. OLC.
Name badge accessory with pins. OLC.

A Little Old, A Little New, a Little Crait, a Little Jakku

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue will be making the same stops as Californians and Floridians have been enjoying recently, plus a little keepsake of their visit:


In the Theater

If you see The Last Jedi in IMAX in Japan, you’ll receive one of four gorgeous collectible posters, released over the next few weeks. The first was released December 15 with the other three to follow December 30, January 6 and January 13. For the list of the 29 participating theaters, click HERE.

Disney/Lucasfilm IMAX

And then, there are always those things that are beyond explanation, but they’re so adorable, you just go “Oh, Japaaaan!” and don’t care how much sense it makes:

If it freezes up, wave your mouse over it or tap it with your finger.

What do you think of all these cute and somewhat wacky Japanese Star Wars offerings?

The Last Jedi Has Second-Highest Opening Weekend in History

Second only to The Force Awakens. The Last Jedi has already made $650 million worldwide.

Have you seen The Last Jedi?  How would you rate it?


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction Update

I’m a nerd for all things Theme Park and all things Star Wars. So, you can imagine how eager I am for this new Star Wars land to open at Disneyland . . . that is if I’ll be able to get in. Lines are probably already forming.

Here’s something really special for you. Aerial photos showing the current status of Star Wars land (taken the end of November). Our thanks to Nearmap for the imagery. May the Force be with you!

Here’s a fantastic overview of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. That’s the First Order attraction on the middle left and the Millennium Falcon attraction to its right. Shopping/dining in the middle right. You can see how the land wraps around the Rivers of America and follows the Big Thunder Trail. They are certainly packing a lot of facilities in the back of the land with public space toward the front.
Here’s the Millennium Falcon attraction. That circular cut-out area in the front will eventually contain Han Solo’s famous ship. I can feel my heart racing.

Here’s some concept art for that attraction:

Let’s swoop around the attraction and show you some different views:

That’s the Millennium Falcon attraction on the left and a shopping village in the middle right.

Here’s a close-up of that shopping area.

I like this shot. It shows you the river at the top right. You can clearly see one of the entry tunnels to the land in the top middle. You’ll access that tunnel from Big Thunder Trail.

And here’s the First Order (sometimes called “Battle Escape”) attraction. It’s the big one we’ve been watching from the parking structure.  It’s a monster.

This is the area on the south end of the First Order attraction.

AMAZING!!!  Now, the lower to the ground photos from Dusty:

The massive rock mountains are already looking impressive.

The two big show buildings are nearly fully enclosed now. But Dusty managed to get us an inside shot. . .

See that big open door?

Yes, that one!

If we punch up the photoshop levers and dials we can give you a better idea of what’s inside that dark door.  Oooooooh. That’s a . . . well . . . it appears that Disney is building a nuclear power plant. I have no idea what this is. Though it is on the side of the building which supposedly contains a launch bay. Hmmmm.

Alright folks, I’ve done my magic, now it’s time for you to do yours. We added these aerial photos late in the day today, so we need your help to spread the word so folks know taht these amazing images have been posted. Share, share, share. And let’s hear your comments below as well.

Have a Happy Life Day!

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We’ll have more from this side of the galaxy in the next Star Wars News!

“We are the spark, that will light the fire that’ll burn the First Order down.”