Merry Christmas everyone! Hope your holiday is merry and bright and filled with delights.

In place of the normal MiceChat Disneyland Photo Update, I’ve got a little holiday treat for you. Well, my treat actually. This is my top 10 favorite things at the Disneyland Resort this holiday season. Then I’ll share little Lindalee Rose’s top holiday tips.  We’ll end with some amazing aerial photos of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction.

Let me preface by saying that these are just MY favorites of the season, your list may be quite different. I’d love to hear what YOUR top 10 is in the comments below!

#10 – Festival of Holidays at DCA

I purchased a Passholder saver card this year for the first time. I’m a picky eater, so the flexibility was much appreciated. The festival is filled with entertainment, festival foods, and even a few shopping opportunities. It definitely cracks my top 10.

Here’s a link to our Festival of Holidays coverage this year. 

#9 – Christmas Fantasy Parade

This parade has been around for a looooooong time . . . but is still entertaining. Though I do miss the reindeer tongues sticking out. This entertainment offering might climb a few spots if it were updated or replaced.


#8 Small World Holiday

This would be higher on my list if it wasn’t so painful for me to get in and out of the boats (bad knees). Still, it’s filled with wonder and magic.

#7 – Carland Decorations

Adorable! And this treat of a Christmas overlay was enhanced a bit this year with an update of the two spinner attractions. They now feature Christmas music and a few new holiday props here and there.

#6 – Peppermint Treats

Soft Serve Ice Cream with crushed Candy Canes . . . Yes!

Hot Chocolate Peppermint Churros. . . while not as chocolaty as you might expect are still yummy.

Handmade Candy Canes. For me it was worth the wait and cost. Mine was still warm.

#5 – Cookie Decorating

My kids loved this and still talk about it now as adults. The cookie may not be the best and the frosting isn’t anything special . . . but the experience is memorable and worth doing on a busy day. You can find them at Treats for Santa in the Food and Wine Festival and Sonoma Terrace at the Golden Vine Winery, both at DCA.

#4 – Baymax

Disney FINALLY came out with new/more Baymax goodies. And while this may not scream CHRISTMAS to you, it sure does to me. Love this guy and so glad to see more of him in the parks.


#3 – Haunted Mansion Holiday

Man-eating plants are my favorite kind of foliage. I love just about everything to do with Haunted Mansion Holiday. Jack, Sally, gingerbread Mansion, the music. But I’m always happy to see classic Mansion return in January.

Do you know where the hidden mickey is?

#2 – Pooh Corner

On my daily walks through the park I always visit my thoughtful spot, the waterfall. This area is all the more festive at the holidays as this is where Disneyland’s Santa resides.

#1 – Horses and Main St.

Walking down Main St. hearing the clippity clop of the Main St. horses . . . add in the jingle bells and holiday decorations . . . the giant Christmas Tree . . . Mickey head garland strung across the street . . . has to be #1.

Last week, Dusty introduced us all to little Lindalee Rose. She’s a YouTube star at just nine and a half years old. She’s got her own Disneyland holiday list that’s tough to beat.  Give it a look and then let us know YOUR top ten below.

You can find more Lindalee Rose on her Youtube channel HERE.

Oh, and there is just one more thing . . . a lovely Christmas gift from our friends at Nearmap, enjoy: 

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction Update

Here’s something amazing, aerial photos showing the current status of Star Wars land (taken the end of November). Our thanks to Nearmap for the imagery. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Here’s a fantastic overview of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. That’s the First Order attraction on the middle left and the Millennium Falcon attraction to its right. Shopping/dining in the middle right. You can see how the land wraps around the Rivers of America and follows the Big Thunder Trail. They are certainly packing a lot of facilities in the back of the land with public space toward the front.
Here’s the Millennium Falcon attraction. That circular cut-out area in the front will eventually contain Han Solo’s famous ship. I can feel my heart racing.

Here’s some concept art for that attraction:

Let’s swoop around the attraction and show you some different views:

That’s the Millennium Falcon attraction on the left and a shopping village in the middle right.

Here’s a close-up of that shopping area.

I like this shot. It shows you the river at the top right. You can clearly see one of the entry tunnels to the land in the top middle. You’ll access that tunnel from Big Thunder Trail.

And here’s the First Order (sometimes called “Battle Escape”) attraction. It’s the big one we’ve been watching from the parking structure.  It’s a monster.

This is the area on the south end of the First Order attraction.
New Year’s Eve at Knott’s with MICECHAT

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve this year? MiceChat is offering another amazing event to ring in the new year. This time around it features Mrs. Knott’s Famous Fried Chicken and a full buffet of delectables. There will also be a Knott’s history presentation from Knott’s Preserved co-author Eric Lynxwiler, VIP seating for the ice show and fireworks at midnight! Plus rides, shows and attractions! It’s a great way to spend an evening, especially since most of the Disneyland passes are blocked out that day.

More info HERE

Gumball Rally Team Entry                 


Journey down the rabbit hold with us as the world-Famous MiceChat Gumball Rally celebrates the 50th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. This Rally will be curious and curiouser. We can’t wait to share this amazing adventure with you.

What’s a Rally? It’s a competition to see which team can ride the most attractions at Disneyland in a single day.  It’s every bit as fun as it sounds.

Information on how the Rally is played, photos of previous events, and ticket information HERE.

Don’t be late for this very important date SIGN UP NOW HERE.



My thanks to Scott Attula, Brian Pinsky and Photo Matt for their additional photos and Dusty Sage for his assistance pulling it all together on Christmas Eve. But most of all, I’d like to thank all of you for reading all the way to the end. Getting to know you this year has been the greatest gift. Merry Christmas one and all.

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