The winds of change are blowing once again at the Disneyland Resort. Disney California Adventure was packed with guests this past weekend. And while many of them were there to use up the last bits of credit on their Festival of Holidays tasting cards, most were there to say farewell to one of California Adventure’s surviving opening day lands, Paradise Pier.

Just about everything currently in Paradise Pier is staying, but it’s getting a Pixar overlay. And some new things are coming too.

Pixar Pier will be divided up into 4 zones: the Incredibles, Toy Story, “a celebration of many of your favorite Pixar stories” and the fourth zone will be themed to Inside Out.

California Screamin’

When the park first opened, this was the big thrill ride. Though made of steel, it was intended to look like a wooden coaster. It was a bit unique in the world of Disney E-Ticket coasters as it wasn’t either enclosed or built into a mountain.


Remember, You may get wet!
Disney’s best attempt to clone a Six Flags’ coaster queue, nailed it!
The station as it was yesterday is largely unthemed.

Disney is transforming this DCA opening day attraction into the Incredicoaster. The upgrade will bring the Incredibles story to the attractions. It seems that Edna Mode has been left in charge of Jack-Jack . . . until he gets away and the Incredibles have to save him.

Disney will be inclosing more of the scream tunnels to allow for “Character Moments”

King Triton’s Carousel

Dusty caught the Princesses taking a final ride:

Disney has not announced their plans for the Carousel yet, but from the concept art, we can see that it will be part of the Toy Story section of the pier and a wall will be added around it.

The carousel animals were really adorable. Will you miss it?

Ariel’s Grotto/Cove Bar

Ariel’s Grotto will also be going behind construction walls. This restaurant was the only Princesses Character Dining at the resort. We’re guessing that Disney will eventually find a spot to move the princesses. But for now it’s lights out for Ariel and friends.

The always popular Cove Bar will also be going under the knife. The Cove Bar has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Even with additional seating added, demand still outpaces the supply.

We asked, and the wait was FOUR HOURS to get in on the final day. WOW!

Disney has said that the Cove Bar will reopen for a short time in April for the Spring Break Rush but then reclose to finish the transformation.

Dusty has repeatedly suggested that they add bar seating downstairs as well to help meet demand. I think that’s a great idea. They’d certainly make a lot more money.

Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania will not be receiving any significant changes during the closure of the land around it. In fact, this will be the only attraction operating on the South side of the pier starting today.

Hopefully Mr. Potato Head gets an upgrade. He’s been broken a lot lately.

Games of the Boardwalk

The Games of the Boardwalk will be also getting a re-skin. Three out of the four games are not Pixar-themed so they will have to go.

Bullseye’s the lucky chap who gets to stay.

Mickey’s Fun Wheel

While Mickey’s Fun Wheel is not going anywhere (except around). Disney will be slapping Pixar Characters on the side of the Gondolas.

Hopefully, Disney can cover up the less attractive back side of the Wheel.

Maliboomer Park

This spot once housed the Maliboomer drop-tower attraction and has since been a dead zone in the Pier.

From the concept art, it appears that this spot will be getting a spinner ride themed to Inside Out. It appears that Flick’s Flyers (over in Bugs Land) will be rethemed and moved to this slot with a wall placed behind it.

The change to this area means that the Toy Story Meet-and-Great location will be removed as well.

Sideshow Shirts

Of course, all the shops will be rethemed as well.

It’s amazing that this shop has remained mostly unchanged from opening day.

The new look will be quite different.

Sideshow Shirts will be divided into Bing Bong’s Confectionary and the entry to a theater.

Treasures in Paradise

The Treasures in Paradise theme will also be changing but Disney has not released any information on what it will become.

Other Stuff

Disney will be retheming the ODV stands Hot Dog Hut and Don Tomas. While we don’t have any solid piece of concept art, we were able to pick out what we think Don Tomas will be rethemed into.

For the Paradise Pier Ice Cream Co. I would be betting on them retheming it to Fenton’s from Up. (Although it has a real-world counterpart in the Bay Area).

We are likely going to see the removal of the attraction/land-themed posters along the piers eastern walkway.

I wonder if this DCA 1.0 drinking fountain will remain 

Paradise is dead. . . long live Pixar . . .

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