Today’s Disneyland update was going to be about huge crowds this past holiday season. But given Disneyland’s announcement yesterday, it’s now going to be mostly about massive crowds coming later this winter and spring as a new round of resident discount tickets have been released.  This time around, you can get 2 or 3 day tickets at heavily reduced prices (you pay extra for the parkhopper option).  So, why the apocalyptic headline? Because these discounts turn an otherwise less attended season of the year into a mess of clogged walkways, extra long lines at the turnstiles (as ticket takers process new passes and take photos for tens of thousands of discount ticket holders), and extra long lines at the rides.  After the mess last year, many thought that Disney would dial the program back or not offer it at all.

We also have photos from around the park and say so long to Christmastime.

Southern California Resident Ticket Offer Returns

The new Southern California residents salute tickets offer up to 25 percent off select multi-day tickets:

  • 2-day ticket with choice of one park per day for $159
  • 2-day Park Hopper ticket for $204
  • 3-day ticket with choice of one park per day for $199
  • 3-day Park Hopper ticket for $244

Southern California residents may purchase tickets at and at Disneyland Resort ticket booths. Tickets are valid January 8 through May 24, 2018, excluding the following blockout dates: March 23 through April 8, 2018. You may purchase up to 5 tickets per person per day with valid ID.

While this offer is sure to be popular (saving money usually is) are you more excited to get a discount or worried about the traditionally huge crowds such discounts tend to bring?

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Holiday Crowds

This will come as no surprise . . . the holidays at Disney were busy this year.  There was some hope that the block out of all but the top level annual pass would lead to enjoyable conditions at the parks. And while that was true at times, most of the holiday season was absolutely packed this past year. But that seems to be the new normal. Sadly, it is perhaps more newsworthy for us to tell you when it ISN’T busy.

Most of the photos in today’s update were taken on Saturday. Though the shots from Brian and Debbie were taken yesterday.

Monday brought a major, and much needed, rain storm to Southern California. Generally, that would also mean the crowds would be washed out of the parks . . . but not yesterday. Midday, amid a steady rain, waits for all the major attractions were in the 30 to 60 minute range.  You know there’s high demand when the rain doesn’t scare away the locals.

By yesterday, Monday the 8th, Christmas was already largely removed from Disneyland.  The tree and garlands were removed by the time the gates opened in the morning. Disneyland crews worked through the night rain to transform the park for you. That’s dedication.

The Christmas tree is already gone for the season.
The garland above Main Street has also been removed . . . though even with the rain, crowds remain.

When you walk in the park and see the overflow gates open, that’s a pretty good sign that the park is packed. . .

Tomorrowland was jammed. Buzz was down for a quick refurb.
Another ‘sign’ of crowded days . . . when they have cast members hold signs reminding you to stay to your right . . . that’s a busy day! 😉

Main Street Repaving Project

The first full track replacement since the park was built has just begun on Main Street.  The project will take until late winter (Disney wasn’t specific). While the center of Main Street is under construction, Flag Retreat (until at least Feb 19th) will be suspended as will fireworks. When the construction is complete, things will look a bit different. Brick will be added to the street flanking the trolley tracks.

The bits of original track which haven’t been replaced since the days of Walt will be removed and saved. The remainder of the track will be recycled. But one look at Main Street will show you how needed this project really is.

Worry not . . . Uncle Walt is watching.

Tahitian Terrace Return? 

Disneyland has filed permits to work on Aladdin’s Oasis. As we’ve covered in numerous MiceAge Rumor Updates, Disney has toyed with the idea of returning the Tahitian Terrace to its rightful spot in Adventureland. The permit calls for the expansion of a deck, removal of an exterior wall, and restroom renovations. Construction could begin as soon as this month. Could this be the project we’ve all been waiting for? We’ll be watching with baited breath. Nothing would make us happier.  

Tahitian Terrace opened in 1962 and was always busy. I vividly remember the fire dancer and hula girls. It was dinner and a show at Disneyland. Magical. In 1993, the venue was rethemed to Aladdin with a similar idea, it would still be dinner and a show. But the concept flopped with guests. Rather than revert it back to its Polynesian glory, the venue has been only sporadically used as a storytelling spot, character meet and greet location, and recently as a distribution spot for Fantasmic box lunches.

Disney has been testing your interest in all things tiki and what you’d be willing to pay. Special tiki-themed events at the Disneyland hotel and the tremendous success of Trader Sam’s all bode well for the return of the Tahitian Terrace . . . or something inspired by it.

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Be a Turkey . . . Leg

Troubadour Tavern has a new sweet BBQ glazed Turkey Leg. It’s a bit of an odd location to add such a treat since this is essentially a concession stand for the Fantasyland Theater. That’s some messy stuff for Custodial to have to deal with after every show. But worth checking out if you love Turkey Legs. And if you aren’t sure if you’d like it, perhaps this will help . . . a single Turkey Leg has approximately 1100 calories (about half the calories you need to eat in an entire day).

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Disneyland Refurbishments

Here’s the bad news . . . there are a LOT of attractions down for refurbishment right now, with more on the way.  Obviously, Haunted Mansion needs time to revert back to its usual creepy self. Then Small World will follow to return to its equally creepy self (sorry, I had to). Splash Mountain is also down for a lengthy refurb and won’t return until April. Then there’s all that work on Main Street we told you about above which will prevent the Main Street Vehicles, Fireworks, Parades, and Flag Retreat from happening. That’s a lot of closed capacity, which could be an issue due to all those guests buying discount park tickets.  More people with less attraction capacity isn’t optimal.

The good news is that Main Steet has long needed some major refurbishment and that will make the street safer for parade performers and guests alike. But there’s another interesting refurbishment project going on right now. Dumbo closed yesterday for a nearly 4-month refurbishment and queue relocation and enhancement. When the attraction returns, the queue will be tucked a little further out of the way from the tight Fantasyland walkway and will feature much-needed shade.

Even before it closed for refurbishment, Timothy Mouse was missing from the top of the attraction.
Dumbo’s queue space is tight and mostly unshaded. The reconfiguration will be very welcome.

There’s also some sort of strange project going on at the Small World parade gate. It’s possible that the gate is being relocated a bit south to accommodate Small World queue overflow.




Dumbo the Flying Elephant



Haunted Mansion



it’s a small world



Main Street Vehicles



Splash Mountain




“Get More Happy” campaign

This one came out of left field. “Get More Happy.” Hmmmm.  It just doesn’t sound right to me. What’s supposed to make us “More” happy? Is there something new I missed? There’s a lot closed. So there’s actually less “Happy” right now. It’s an awkward campaign at best.

This and That

Christmas is buzzing off. By the time you read this, most of the holiday decor has already been packed away.

Splash is under refurb and the Christmas tree has been removed from the cargo window.
Hey kids . . . what time is it? Time to put Christmas away until next year!

Meanwhile, at river’s edge, we see more and more of Star Wars every day.

Rockwork will hide a lot of this.

Have you been in Launch Bay lately? It’s filled with things from The Last Jedi (our photos HERE)

I don’t want to rub it in for the folks in the rest of the country who are in a deep freeze. . .  but it’s been really lovely here. We are just starting to hit Fall-ish weather. Look at the beautiful color in some of the trees on Big Thunder Trail.

Where in Disneyland would you find this:

Where is this?
It’s on a shelf in the Magic Shop on Main Street.
It wasn’t the rain that washed the guests out of this photo . . . it was security. Brian likes to be the last one out of the park . . . which makes for some lovely photos.

We have more California Adventure and Downtown Disney news for you this week. Stay tuned!  Our Paradise Pier closing coverage is HERE.

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