It’s a beautiful night in the galaxy and I certainly know that Disney has over 1.2 billion reasons to be happy right now.  How about you? How cool is it for us Disneylanders that we can now see Chewbacca OR Darth Vader OR Kylo Ren in the Launch Bay in Tomorrowland? How is the setup in Florida?

And please read all the way to the bottom for some very exciting news about MiceChat Anniversary weekend Feb 2-4, 2018 at Disneyland!!!

(spoilers for The Last Jedi ahead; the two-week period has way passed!)

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Did you all see The Last Jedi already? Tell me I’ve been right about Kylo Ren being the coolest ever all along. Because truly. And wasn’t it cool to see Uncle Luke completely hand him his…hubris? And how he totally lost it at the Milennium Falcon? And how Poe “Tokyo Drifted” his X-Wing? It’s been done on the TV shows, but never in the movies before. And that completely silent moment with the Hyperdrive…my heart stopped!

And the throne room fight! Why was that shredder thing even there? And Snoke, talk about hubris! Yeah, you read your apprentice’s intentions perfectly, dummy, but you were so breathlessly congratulating yourself, you interpreted them completely wrong! Oh, and DamAge (Poe Dameron and Armitage Hux) at the beginning. “…I have a…message…It’s about his mother…”

The film wasn’t perfect. Canto Bight was cool and all but it sidetracked the story and all it did was end up getting most of the Resistance killed and making me dislike Benicio del Toro for the first time. I turn the channel on his Heineken ads now. Ugh, especially the “S-s-sorry” from that Sally Field-Keifer Sutherland 90s movie. And yeah, that kneel-and-slap was really, really wrong.

I loved seeing Kylo and Rey team up but romantically . . . but I’d rather see her with Finn because they are kriffing adorable together. I’m sick of angsty couples a la Twilight. Also, with Hollywood (and Culver City, and Burbank, and Emeryville, and…) in the state that it’s in vis a vis interpersonal relations, I’d really like to see a man and woman team up and kick ass without it having to get all sticky and grabby. It’s been done quite a lot in the Star Wars TV shows.

Everything we’ve seen, so far, of Galaxy’s Edge has been from The Force Awakens or prior. What would you like to see added to the new land from The Last Jedi? How about that awesome green Thala-Siren milk? Freshly squeezed? Endless mirrors in the bathrooms?

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that Carrie Fisher will not be in the next film, and they will NOT be doing a CGI version of her. So that takes away two great, strong women leads we had in this film:

Well, at least we know there is another. At least two. Possibly three.

I can’t really think of anything there that could be turned into an attraction right offhand; the casino might make a good upscale restaurant, if you can keep the wildlife from running through it. My question is this: Will Galaxy’s Edge seem out-of-date to parkgoers who have seen the second film? The land opens a few months before Episode 9 premieres, so it won’t have any clear moments or new characters from that film at all, and possibly not any/many from Episode 8, as it was all planned a few years back at this point. What is your take on this? Do you think there will be a phase 2? If so, where would they put it, and what would go there?

Speaking of Premieres:

Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Premieres MONDAY


I am so excited about this. to be honest, I’ve never seen Alden Ehrenreich in anything, but I love (new dad) Donald Glover and the others in the cast I know, and if you’ve been following the tweets director @RealRonHoward has been sending out, this has been the most open and transparent Star Wars filming of all time, but we still don’t know Jack about the plot.

For example, this post on January 1:

“Happy New Year from Team . We’re pretty pumped for 2018″

Twitter @RealRonHoward

I hope he sends back my Commodore 64 controller when he’s done with it.

You might want to watch Good Morning America and try to sit through Monday Night Football. I’d rather watch Quidditch or Calvinball, but I don’t make the rules.

I sing so good, I should sing solo…

Geeky Tiki Star Wars Mugs and Shots journo Jon Waterhouse, I love his pop culture Star Wars stuff, has an interview with Beeline Creative Kahuna Brandon Giraldez. He’s got a shop in Marina Del Rey that does all of the Star Wars Geeky Tikis. I think it’s fantastic that actually gives credit to the artisans who create their products instead of just slapping “LucasFilm” on everything and leaving us without a face behind the product – and it makes it less of a product and more of a personal keepsake.

Geeky Tiki Star Wars Tiki Mugs,

Compatriots and I were having a major discussion about the Star Wars Geeky Tikis this week in our Trader Sam’s group on Facebook and love them or hate them, there’s one thing we could agree on: they’re a great way to get people started out collecting and loving tiki mugs. So, Brandon, when are you going to sculpt a Kylo Ren mug for me, huh? Huh huh huh? Huh?

The shot mugs from Celebration

Read the full interview here.

My Hero Academia Meets The Last Jedi

The December 11 issue of Japan’s popular Manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump featured a pull-out poster celebrating The Last Jedi, created by legendary Manga artist Professor Kohei Horikoshi, creator of “My Hero Academia”.

Said Horikoshi in a statement:”I am honored to be involved in this way with my favorite Star Wars!” He added that he loved “Cairo Len”, Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers because of their fresh appearance and his favorite character design was Sebulba.

You can order it here. I don’t get anything if you do, but it’s a pretty sweet poster.

Can’t Wait for the Star Wars Hotel?

Take the risk on a trip to Tunisia. The Hotel Sidi Driss was actually where they filmed the scenes of Luke Skywalker’s childhood home on Tatooine. As a bonus, many of the original props are still on display in and around the area.

It looks really cool, but given the unrest in the region, I think I might wait it out.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this ramble around my little corner of the galaxy. Maybe I’ll see you Sunday in line to say Hi to the Supreme Leader. Next time: LEGOLAND!!!

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