You’ve got a friend in me . . . and I’m going to take you with me to the Disneyland Resort this week. Today finds us at Disney California Adventure as the old Paradise Pier begins a major transformation. There’s also a big shakeup in Downtown Disney and some news about Garden Walk.

Welcome to Pixar Pier

Disney has wasted no time getting to work on the old Paradise Pier. Construction walls have gone up and scaffolds along with them.

“Paradise” has been removed . . . but “Pier” remains. Looks like they’ll be keeping at least part of the old sign.
Longtime friend and MiceChatter, Jeff Gordon, happened upon the Incredibles at just the right moment. They were contemplating the upcoming Pixar expansion just as the sun was setting on the Pier.

The loop has gone missing. Over the years, Disney has struggled with the structural integrity of this loop. It has been repeatedly replaced, welded, and pampered. Hopefully the extended down time will allow them to make some permanent fixes. 
The cars have all been removed from the Fun Wheel. They’ll be repainted with Pixar characters.

The canopies have been removed and await their new color scheme.
Decorative signs have been removed from the side of Ariel’s Grotto.
The Linear Induction motors are being removed from the California Screamin’ launch. They were in a pretty grungy state and will either be refurbished or replaced.

Much of the scream tunnels on the coaster will be fully enclosed during this retheme.

Midway Mania and the Triton Carousel remain open.

Scrims hide the Midway Mania building and the exterior queue is closed. For now, guests line up on the pathway leading to the attraction.

You can no longer walk from one side of the Pier to the other. The section from Midway Mania to the old Maliboomer is completely blocked off on both ends.

The pathway deadends at Midway Mania.
A long line of guests await their turn to ride.

Entry is near the shop.
The construction wall around the coaster queue.
This is what the area will look like after it is reworked.

Do you think the mid-century design of the Incredicoaster will fit in with the more Victorian look of the rest of the Pier?

For once, the Cove Bar without a line . . . because it’s closed. 😉
The furniture has been removed from Ariel’s.
Strangely, the menu for the old restaurant remains on display.

The shops and restaurants have been closed.

Put a pin in this for a moment.

What’s in a Logo?

Look at the “P” in the tile above. That’s the old font for Paradise Pier. Now, take a look at the new logo which was briefly posted to the construction walls around the Pier. They’ve essentially mirrored the “P” to create a sort of heart shape . . . but it reminds some of someone bending over or perhaps something worse . . .

These signs were removed shortly after they were posted.
But a version of the logo remains on the Incredibles posters near the carousel.

So, why would the logo have been removed so quickly? Hastin Zylstra posted the logo to the MiceChat Facebook group. Seems that a lot of folks see something in that logo that Disney might not have intended:

What do you think of the new Pixar Pier logo at Disney California Adventure? Does it remind you of anything? Click To Tweet

Downtown Disney shop shakeup

A major shakeup continues in Downtown Disney. Build-A-Bear, Ridemakerz and D-Street have all closed. The Dress Shop remains open for the moment but should close as soon as construction begins on the new brewpub.

D-Street will become “Disney Home.”

The new Star Wars VR experience is a lot of fun (our review of Star Wars VR)

Although it’s best to buy your tickets online, tickets DO become available for sale in the store.

The Splitzville bowling alley is really starting to look good. Furniture has been stored inside.                   

Here’s a little sneak peek inside. Looks like they might be ready to open very soon.

Looks like those tall towers in the planters are sticking around a while longer. They held pumpkins during Halloween, Christmas colored orbs for the holidays and now have pots filled with spring flowers.

Eat your breakfast cupcakes.  I saw this on Kathy Lee and Hoda last week and had to check it out in the store. . .

The candy kitchen is getting a refurb at Marceline Candy Company.

The apples are being made off-site for now. The kitchen will return soon.

World of Disney is getting a much-needed update beginning February 14th. The extremely busy store will undergo a reimagining in phases throughout 2018 and will remain open to guests during the transformation. We aren’t going to be sorry to see this store go under the knife. While the initial look of this shop was magical, it has undergone consistent cuts and streamlining since it opened which has robbed it of much of that initial character. Hopefully, some magic can be restored.

Here’s how the store looked this week:

Speaking of shops in need of an update . . .

GardenWalk Up For Sale . . . AGAIN!

Normally we don’t give too much attention to the shops outside of the Disneyland Resort . . . but this is really important news. The biggest plot of land standing between the Disneyland Resort and it’s expansion areas (the failed Eastern Gateway and the future 3rd park/Toy Story Lot) is the troubled GardenWalk mall. A decade after its opening, the mall is still a ghost town with what feels like mostly empty storefronts.  If Disney can obtain this mall, they’ll be able to link all of those properties to the rest of the resort for future expansion. Failure for Disney to take control of this property would pose a significant challenge to future resort expansion and dreams for a 3rd park.

The areas in blue on the map below constitute the land Disney currently owns. The Red is GardenWalk.  There’s a spur near the top of the blue circle, the old Carousel Inn, which Disney purchased to connect a skybridge to the Disneyland Esplanade (a project now canceled even though Disney owns the land). You can quickly see why the GardenWalk property is so important to the future of the Disneyland Resort.

This and That

We have a few more tidbits for you from California Adventure.

New AP Popcorn buckets have arrived.

Grizzly is closed for anual maintenance. Ironically, it was in the 80s when this photo was taken.

It looks like the bridge is getting some work. This same bridge had the wooden walkway replaced during the last refurb.

Redwood Creek is also closed.

With so much of the park closed, the remaining areas are packed. The Wharf was very busy this past weekend.

The lower patio of the winery was closed for refurbishment, making the other half of the winery busier than usual.

Some of the drinks from the Cove Bar have moved to the little upstairs patio/bar at the winery.

You’ll have to wait to hear Rosy tell you about yeast, the Bakery Tour is closed for refurbishment. It reopens early February.

Ghirardelli was VERY busy, with a line blocking the pathway toward the restaurants in the Wharf.

Meanwhile, the employees in Bugs Land did their best to create a cheerful mood with a little procession.

Oddly, the Christmas decorations are still up.

At first blush, it appears that the Bugs mural has been repared. But look a little closer and you’ll see that this was just a temporary touchup.

The section with the peeling wrap has been sanded and painted over.

The neon sign on the Ice Cold Refreshments spot has lots of missing tubes.

Thor and Loki have a meet and greet which uses the little stage across from Monster’s Inc.  At the beginning of their set, they come out on stage for a little 4 minute moment.  Then then start taking photos with guests.


Untie this man!

The Sunset Showcase Theater doesn’t have anything to see at the moment . . . but A Wrinkle in Time is “Coming Soon.” It’s really too bad that they don’t have something always showing here. The park has a serious lack of attraction capacity at the moment.

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