The off-season at Disneyland is a world of walls. In an attempt to keep you from seeing magic in process, Disney has erected an epic number of construction walls throughout the resort.  Main Street, Small World, Dumbo, Paradise Pier, parts of Downtown Disney. While it’s impressive to think about the amount of work going on, the parks do look less than their best at the moment.

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It’s A Wall World

Main Street feels a bit like the Twilight Zone these days. It’s so strange to walk down the street with towering walls surrounding the Hub and Town Square. Get accustomed to the feeling. This project will last through the winter while the trolley tracks are replaced and the cracked street repaved.

All those walls are a great place to put information. And that’s just what Disney has done here. In various places, you’ll find little bits of historical information about what’s hidden behind the walls.

Up On The Rooftops

While looking at all those walls, I couldn’t help but notice that there’s still snow on the rooftops of the castle.  The original roofs are still damaged and Disney will either need to fix them or put the diamond rooftops back up. It is winter, and the remaining Christmas decorations have been removed from the castle so they can get away with this look for a little while longer.

It’s A Small Holiday

Small World is the last bit of holiday time left at the resort. As soon as Haunted Mansion returns from its short refurbishment and holiday overlay removal, Small World will close to do the same. 

Due to Main Street construction, there are no parades currently running at Disneyland. And that has allowed for another long-delayed project to commence. The parade gate at Small World Mall is being repositioned to allow the Small World switchback queue to be expanded. Perhaps they can find a way to give it a bit of shade too. This queue can be brutal in the summer.

Yesterday, the old gate was demolished.

While Small World Holiday is still running, you can get a Fastpass for it at the Matterhorn Fastpass Distribution area.

Attraction Refurbs

Tis the season. Every year, after the holidays wrap up, Disneyland has to return some attractions back to their former selves and uses the normally lower crowd levels to justify major projects and refurbishments. Splash will be down until mid-April.

Haunted Mansion returns later this week.

Dumbo is getting a major refurbishment and new queue (with shade!)

Disneyland Refurbishments (as best we know)




Casey Jr. Circus Train



Dumbo the Flying Elephant



Haunted Mansion



it’s a small world



Main Street Vehicles



Splash Mountain



Storybook Land Canal Boats




Star Wars

Have you seen this? A Star Wars fan figures out how to make a math equation sound like the cantina theme.  That’s got me trying to type out this update to Vader’s theme.

Speaking of Star Wars. Things are really looking impressive in the new land far, far away.

From the river, you’ll see mountains in the background.
The new Star Wars mountains look just enough like Big Thunder that they feel almost as though they belong there. Also look at the jagged rocks along the train tracks. Similar design. It add’s a certain cohesiveness.

You can see the new mountains clearly from ToonTown.

Here they don’t fit as well since all of the hills in ToonTown are cartoon in color and design.

And from Big Thunder you can REALLY see the scale of this project.

If you are careful as you walk the Big Thunder trail, you might just spy a bit of the project through a crack in the walls.

From the parking structure, you can see that the two show buildings are nearly fully enclosed at this point and have been painted as well.

This and That

We still don’t know exactly when the Redhead will become a pirate herself. Some of her merchandise had been removed from the parks due to public backlash to the announcement of the plans to sanitize the attraction. However, this shirt has popped back up in stores and symbolizes how many of you feel. (Personally, I think the change is necessary to adapt to the times.)

New pressed penny portfolios have arrived. I really like this whimsical design.

Here’s what the inside looks like

Meanwhile, over in Tomorrowland . . .

Last Jedi and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge have taken over Launch Bay.

A small piece of the Star Wars land model has made its way to the Launch Bay. But it’s glorious to ponder.

New Orleans Square is ready for Mardi Gras.

And poor ToonTown looks like it’s been sprayed with “The Dip.” Those hills are really looking bad. Not Tough to be a Bug theater mural bad . . . but not good.

The paint has washed off or discolored in many locations.

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