Mickey’s Big Band

Hello everyone and Happy New Year, this is our first article of the year, and the relaunch of Star Wars “Season of the Force.”

But first I’d like to share a bit of the Christmas season with you, which was marked by the magnificent last performance of “Mickey’s Christmas Big Band.” We hope that this show will return next year . . . or perhaps be produced year-round!

Video of the last Performance:


The same show from multiple angles:

Last Visit

January 7, 2018, was also the time to say goodbye to the original version of Phantom Manor (Haunted Mansion). No excitement, but a relief, the attraction will finally receive some of the updates that the American versions have had for nearly a decade.

Moreover, the Manor will be fully refurbished on the exterior after more than two years of decay.

On the last day of operation, a “Last Trip” badge was distributed to visitors.

To get warm, nothing better than a break in the Agrabah Café Restaurant in Adventureland.

Star Wars: Season of the Force

January 13, 2018: This is the launch of the second edition of the Star Wars season until March 25th. Let’s discover the new decorations!

The season of the force is clearly announced at the entrance into Studio 1 in the Walt Disney Studios Park, where new decorations have been installed. Two big Star Wars Fighter are on display. The giant X-Wing should act as a magnet to visitors. Each of the two ships weighs 4 tons!

Outside, there are three other ships from the Star Wars universe not created by Disney, but by Legion 501, an association of Star Wars fans. Unfortunately, the vessels are not emphasized and left outside on their roller supports. More broadly, the effort made by Disney in Studio 1 should be replicated outdoors with better-built props.

The First Order March is back with new choreography.

The Stormtroopers bring a lot of joy to park visitors.

Both shows, “Star Wars: A Galaxy far, far away” and “Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration” have improved visual effects, improved choreography and new characters. The night show, which was already a real gem, is the best of all the current nighttime spectaculars.

Hyperspace Mountain also returns.

What do you think about Season of the Force at Disneyland Paris?

Merci de votre fidélité. A bientôt!

Thank you for reading. See you real soon!

Max Fan – DLPwelcom