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Published on December 21, 2012 at 4:02 am with 17 Comments

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Cory likes Walt Disney World so much, he recently packed his bags and moved to Orlando. Cory is a photographer and writes MiceChat's Dateline Disney World columns every Friday.

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  • ParkerMonroe

    “One thing that I think is hard to convey with photos on the internet is the scope and scale of this project, especially with it changing every week. This project takes up a large plot of land, and it is going to be rather large once it is all completed.”

    Thank you for saying that, Corey. I’ve grown quite tired of people on the internet comparing the Mine Ride to the Barnstormer.

    Lastly, 70 minute waits for an omnimover ride is ridiculous! Thank you, Fastpass.

  • GhostHostJeff

    I just want to note that on my visit last week that Mermaid was listed at a 45 minute wait and it we only waited 10 minutes. I’m not sure how accurate these wait times are.

    • Eric Davis

      I have seen this a lot of with The Little Mermaid…. the wait time always seems to exaggerate the actual time it takes to get to the front of the queue.

      But I am thrilled the the Little Mermaid is popular!

  • jmuboy

    I agree that the views of the Tangled Tower in FL and L Sq are not ideal, but not terrible.
    At least the Tangled bathrooms somewhat blend with the Yankee Trader buildings. Plus once some additional landscaping is in and the bridges/water elements are open I think the transition (at least at the ground level) will be much better. It’s a theme park; there will always be some awkward transitions. After all, the Sunshine Pavilion is visible in Frontierland as well as you walk from Big Thunder and Splash back toward the “town” of Frontierland.

    My 2 BIGGEST concerns with the Tangled area are:
    1 – planting a few trees to hide the HM from view when inside Fantasyland.
    2 – Planting trees or something else to screen the side of the Small World show building. It’s very visible in all directions now. At the very least the castle wall look should be painted onto the side of that building all the way down the side now.

  • ttintagel

    “Things like Splash Mountain and the Tree of Life literally falling apart are much more pressing matters to this blogger than some jarring of theme.”

    While this is true, I don’t see how it matters. When I’m paying a premium price for a premium product from a world-renowned company, I don’t expect to have to choose between the lesser of two evils. There’s no excuse for EITHER of these examples of bad show.

    • I absolutely agree with you. At the prices Disney charges, everything should be as perfect as possible. I really feel their reputation is now in jeopardy because of the sorry state of the parks.

      For goodness sakes, Disneyland is nearly 60 years old and blows the Magic Kimgdom and the rest of the WDW parks out of the water on maintenance and adherence to the Disney perfection principle.

      Yes, there are some wonderful new things, but lets not lose sight of the big picture, which is much less rosy these days. Put it this way, if Disney World were run by a licensee (like the Oriental Land Company or The Children’s Place), they’d have grounds to sue and take the property back. Someone at Disney needs to wake up and fix this resort before the Disney name is irreparably damaged.

      Building big fancy new things is only half the solution, fixing what’s broken and keeping EVERYTHING else fresh is the critical part.

      Thank you for the photos Cory. Love reading you every Friday! Merry Christmas.

    • saphron37

      YES!! Well said!

  • Eric Davis

    What about the nets at Splash Mountain, the the crumbling attractions?

  • Claybob

    I totally agree with Dusty Sage and the rest…it should strive for perfection! I always thought it was the Disney way. Guess I was wrong. There is no excuse! Living here on the west coast, I actually prefer going to Disneyland over WDW. True, I’m headed to FL. this May, but I’ll be shaking my head the whole time as I see chipped paint, missing finials on gates and generally poor upkeep of what used to be the “Best of Show!” And I’m paying premium prices for…WHAT?

  • CupcakeTerror

    Great pictures, especially of the track on the new Mine Car attraction. Looking forward to seeing the progress and, of course, the final result!


  • tofubeast

    I concur with GhostHostJeff that the LM posted wait times appear exaggerated. Much of last week, it was at 20 mins. However, there was no line. You just had to walk to the length of the queue to get on the ride. (Doesn’t take 20 mins to walk it!). I also was impressed with the size of the Mine Train. It will be a nice addition to New Fantasyland.

    I will also add that I actually enjoyed Enchanted Tales w/ Belle. It was a unique experience, and I heard lots of positives about it from other park attendees. It was way more than any ‘meet and greet.’ I might be the only person on MC to actually like it, but that’s fine with me. 🙂

    Nice update! Wish I had all those blue skies while at MK a few days last week.

  • Malin

    I can’t comment much on the issues like Splash or Tree of Life because I haven’t visited since 2008 and these things are not being covered by the main sites and blogs lately including MiceChat. Is the finale scene in Splash still broken?

    What I can comment on is what’s being provided by Cory in his excellent column each week. And I see great improvement in fixing Fantasyland. Obviously areas need to be brought up to the standards so far set by New Fantasyland. But if WDW continue to enhance the area and improve the facilities it’s only a good thing in my view. The Tangled Restrooms continue this trend.

  • Ravjay12

    Great update! The Tangled area isn’t finished yet. I’m sure they’ll have a way to obscure the view from Liberty Square. Let’s let them finish it before we criticize it!! They’ve done a great job so far..

  • SpectroMan

    I knew the Mermaid lines were going to be ridiculous at WDW whereas at DCA they’re always a piece of cake. Same with Soarin’ and Toy Story Mania. Makes me laugh.

  • Trumpet

    Great update Cory

    The Seven Dwarf’s Mine Coaster construction look great, and it seems to be rich in detail. It should compliment the rest of New Fantasyland needs at the present time. However, it needs more attractions that makes the guests to visit again, which the current attractions are not doing, in my opinions.

    Hope you are feeling better Cory. Without these articles, my Fridays feel quite empty when browsing Micechat

    Thanks Again Cory


  • tcsnwhite

    Maybe it’s just me…but since plenty of folks keep talking about the “decline” of WDW…why doesn’t anyone mention the fact that WDW’s live entertainment – parades, shows, and spectaculars – are ALL outdated, old, and stale.

    How has Steven Davison and his WDI-CE team not been able to get their hands on WDW in the past 12+ years (other than a fireworks show here or there)? The company seems to be good at keeping DLR, TDR, HKDL, and even Paris’s entertainment somewhat fresh… but my god…it’s the same lame crap – and even WORSE – since the last time I’ve been in 2003. That’s coming up on 10 years. And in 03, that entertainment was already several years old.
    Why isn’t WDW’s live ent. on a five year rotation like the other resorts?

    Is WDW management that cheap?
    That you can’t even update parades and shows to the quality level that Steven and his team are now known for?

    It’s not just about WDW’s stale services, rides, etc… entertainment is huge part of that. Hell, it’s Disney’s “flagship” resort and park (Magic Kingdom)…it should at the very least have one of the most lavish daytime parades …and yet DLR and the international parks continuously every three to five years outdo them.
    No matter what they build there in terms of the overall attraction offerings, the live ent. just gets older and cheaper…and the overall experience suffers.

    • tcsnwhite

      I think it’s time Kevin Yee or someone at MiceAge/MiceChat writes a good LONG article (with pictures) on the sad, sad state of parades/shows/and spectacles at WDW…with comparisons to recent offerings in the last decade at DLR and the international parks. I get that live entertainment is often seen as not as important as rides and such in the Disney online community…but it is a major aspect of the overall Disney experience…and I think it should be pointed out and taken to task as well.