Welcome back to the Farm. It may be slow season over at Disney, but not here at Knott’s. Today we are going to be running around the park and checking out their weekend Peanuts Celebration delighting guests through February 25th.

Peanuts Celebration!


Knott’s has placed Peanuts banners everywhere around the entry to the park.

Just inside the gates there a few photos spots.

Ghost Town:

Look slike Charlie Brown has lost a lot of kites to the trees in Ghost Town.

Down at the end of Main Street, Pig Pen has taken up residence with a few fellow dirt magnets inside the Livery Stable.

This is Pig Pens first appearance at the Farm, or any of the other Cedar Fair Parks. His dust cloud is a welcome addition.

Just across the street, in the Bird Cage Theatre, Knott’s has an animator come out to show the audience how to draw a Peanut Character. We drew Charlie Brown in the class I was in.

Bird Cage replaced the house lights during the last month

After each Sketch School class, they play a classic Peanuts Special.

Over at the Town Hall, an exhibit is set up to honor the Peanuts and Charles Schulz.

The Peanuts Cowboy Jamboree occurs throughout the day in Calico Square. Frankin and Linus lead kids through various games.

And during the day on the Calico Mine Stage, Schoder, Sally, and Snoopy perform in the Music Goes ‘Round and Around – A show where Sally learns about different styles of music

Camp Snoopy:

Of course Camp Snoopy is in on the celebration as well.

Lightpoles around the land are adorned with Peanut placards.


In addition to the usual Meet-and-Greet in Camp Snoopy, we were able to meet Peppermint Patty and Linus along the main walkway.

Also on the light poles are these cute word burbs of famous Peanut lines. They are perfect for everyone for they are along short garden retaining walls for the kids to stand on.

On the Camp Snoopy Stage, Charlie Brown and Lucy learn how to “Ballance” in their personal lives.

Knott’s has also added an overlay to the Grand Sierra Railroad.

Fiesta Village

Over in Feasta Village, Knott’s has set up a little stage for Lucy and Sally to come and perform Peanuts Festa Fantasy.


Knott’s has put up “balloons” as well on the Boardwalk.

Where have we seen these balloons before?

Along the Construction walls for Hang Time there are some classic Peanuts cartoons strips all about construction. (We have more about Hang Time below)

Even the windows at Cordies have been changed out for the celebration.

Cheer up Girls, It’s a Celebration!

And at night Supreme Scream lights up in bright Yellow to represent Charlie Brown.

And When Night Falls…

Back at the Calico Mine Stage, Woodstock’s Music Festival features the Jelly Of The Month Club. Please note the two sets are somewhat different so be sure to see both shows.

Around The Farm


The weekends may be packed with Peanuts and guests, but come back on a weekday this upcoming month and you will likely find a very quiet park.

Timber Mountain Log Ride is getting its winter Refurb.

Conveyor belt is missing

Outside the Calico Sloon, the Waggon Camp Stunt Team perform audience-driven shows that keep ya’ laughing the whole time.

Also during the weekdays, the Galloping Goose can be seen riding the rails.

The Surfside Gliders received a light refurb last week.

Now, let’s take a look at the HangTime coaster construction. The track appears to be completed and just about ready for testing. We can’t see the chaser lights on the track yet, but they will be installed soon enough.

Most of the work remaining looks to be on the Station Building and landscaping.

And some things that interested me . . .

Anyone for some Lemonade Cotton Candy?
Just Outside The Farm


In the California Marketplace, the Snoopy Headquarters is finally being completely remodeled. The Game Shop is also closed for a reworking. The two spaces are being combined into a larger Peanuts Headquarters.

They work pretty fast remolding the store

Window Displays set up for Peanuts Celebration.

The inside portion of what used to be the In The Game shop is already reopened and the new flooring and fresh coat of paint are greatly welcomed.


Snoopy and Lucy for Valentines…yea right.

That’s it for this month we will see yea again soon!

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