We have a Disneyland Resort update for you today that will have you screaming “Off with their heads!” Splitsville Luxury Lanes opened today at long last. DCA is celebrating Lunar New Year. ToonTown turned 25, but is it already past time to put this land out of its misery? Plus, Pixar Pier and Star Wars land construction updates.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes

Splitsville is supposed to open today. This is a long time coming and long delayed, but Splitsville is set to open today in Downtown Disney Anaheim. (UPDATE: We are hearing that the opening may be delayed yet again). The entertainment establishment is a mix of restaurant, bars, bowling and event space over two stories. Whether you bowl or not, the vibe of the place  should appeal to Downtown Disney visitors.

The patio wasn’t set up for guests on the day we shot these photos, but they’ll be ready for you today.

The patio furniture looks comfy (event stacked up as it was on Saturday).

Splitsville isn’t the only project in Downtown Disney. Two new restaurants are on their way to the building which once housed Build-A-Bear and Ridemakerz. Disney Home is under construction in the old D-Street space, and a new hotel will soon be plopped down on the far West side of Downtown Disney.

That Poor Unfortunate Soul . . .

Ursula lost her head this weekend at Disney’s California Adventure. Literally. . .

Equipment malfunctions from time to time. Shocking to see, but it happens. But what’s even stranger is that Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris also suffered a decapitation this past weekend:

Lunar New Year

DCA’s latest festival launched on Friday – Lunar New Year. This is the year of the dog . . . and that means you are going to see Pluto everywhere.

As seems to be the case with the Paradise Garden Grill, the Mediterranean fare has been replaced by a limited time Asian menu.

Do you know which year of the Chinese zodiac you are? I’m a Monkey.

Mulan and Mushu meet and greet with guests.

So does Pluto. It’s his year after all.

You can get a steamed pork bun or almond cookie at a cart in the dining area.

There’s also an opportunity to get your name in calligraphy.

Make a paper lantern

Add a wish to the wishing wall.

Have your face painted.

There’s a little AP nook on the Paradise Garden patio where you can get a free button and take a photo in front of a wall.  There’s also an AP wishing wall in this space.  

There’s Mulan’s processional.

There are event some festival booths set up with foods from Vietnam and China.

You’ll also find all sorts of entertainment, including a drum troupe from Shanghai.

Pixar Pier Rising

The large white Paradise Pier sign has been completely removed.  But a new version will eventually return as it’s in the concept art.

More scrims and walls have gone up throughout the Pier.

As you walk toward Midway Mania, there are walls on your left and scrims on your right.

Triton’s Carousel will remain open until early March according to Disney’s refurbishment calendar.

Walls, walls, walls . . . but there’s concept art to review.

We’ve all seen the Incredicoaster station concept art.

But did you notice that the lower level of the coaster seems to indicate that the track will be covered, most likely with show elements.

The indoor theater appears to have been canceled and has been replaced by an outdoor stage in the concept art.

Even the old billboards are behind construction walls.

ToonTown at 25

Yes, you’re getting old . . . Disneyland’s ToonTown turned 25 last week. It seems like just yesterday when it opened. These guys still looked young:

ToonTown grand opening press event. Steven Spielberg looks as though he just raided Bill Cosby’s sweater closet and George Lucas was sporting his classic ‘Take the photo or I’m sticking a light saber through your neck’ pose. Ah, memories.

Thanks to Dsny Debbie for sharing the ToonTown fun facts handed out on the 24th. Did you know that the ToonTown hills spell out the letters WDI?

Sadly, ToonTown is long past its prime with perhaps the least satisfying mix of attractions in the entire park. On opening day there was a ball pit, a bounce house and a trolly which gave the land kinetic energy. All of those attractions are now gone or replaced by unsatisfactory bandaids. Chip ‘n Dale Treehouse is a pathetic experience these days. It is quite simply a boring spiral staircase up to a platform, with another staircase leading back down. Donald’s Boat is a poorly maintained walk-through with very little to see. Gadget’s Go Coaster is a super short slow-loading kiddie coaster which takes much longer to load into than the actual ride takes. Goofy’s Playhouse was a bounce house and is now just a space you can walk-through. Mickey’s House, along with Roger Rabbit are the real highlight of the land. But a Mickey Meet and Greet could be built elsewhere in the park and be just as successful. Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin is a fantastic dark ride based upon a movie that most kids today have probably never seen. Not quite irrelevant to today’s youth, but getting close to that.

To make matters worse, the land is very difficult for Disney to maintain. The bright colors fade. The mountain murals which hide the backstage buildings are constantly in need of being repainting, the interactive elements are under constant assault of little hands. Is ToonTown overdue for the dip? Would you be sad to see it go or excited to have a Fantasyland or Star Wars expansion inside?

The paint has washed off or discolored in many locations.

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Star Wars Land Construction

In a little over a year, Star Wars land is slated to open. While just a few months ago that timetable would have seemed unlikely, look how far they’ve come.

A red border has been installed around the south face of the Battle Escape attraction.

We caught something being lowered into the attraction. Could be some exciting element . . . or, it could just be for the HVAC system.

And the rock mountains almost look like Pandora.

SO many workers all over the land.

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