Five years ago this April the LEGOLAND Hotel opened at LEGOLAND California. Laser focused on the family market, the 250 room hotel proved so popular that a second hotel was planned. Ground broke in January 2017 for the new LEGOLAND Castle Hotel. With three floors, 250 rooms, top to bottom castle theming, and a continued focus on a family resort experience, the new hotel will open on April 27, 2018.

Legoland Castle Hotel Concept Art
The Main Entrance

The original LEGOLAND hotel featured three distinct themes for its rooms. Pirates, Adventurers (think Indiana Jones), and Castle. Over the past 5 years the Castle rooms have been re-themed to LEGO’s Friends and Ninjago IP, leaving an opportunity to turn the Castle theme up to 11 in the new hotel.

Your stay starts in the Grand Hall (the lobby/check in area). As with the original hotel, while the adults check in there are plenty of options for children who don’t want to wait in the line. There will be an interactive LEGO building area, a slide, and LEGO brick built castle themed items (swords, crossbows, wands, etc) to play with.

Grand Hall of the Legoland Castle Hotel
The Grand Hall or lobby

Moving upstairs from the Grand Hall are the rooms. 250 total rooms including suites and adjoining units. Every room sleeps 5, suites sleep 7. The room layout is similar to the first hotel. The most important room feature is the children’s area. Separated from the rest of the room the children’s area has a tv, LEGO building station, and a two bunk bed with a pull out trundle. A curtain will allow parents and kids to have some alone time after a long day in the park. Parents will appreciate the standard king size bed.

Legoland Castle Hotel (Adult area of a Dragon Knight room)
Adult area of a Dragon Knight room
Legoland Castle Hotel Children’s area of a Princess room
Children’s area of a Princess room
Legoland Castle Hotel Children’s area of a Wizard room
Children’s area of a Wizard room

Rooms will have one of three themes. Princess, Dragon Knights, or Wizards. Each theme features unique wall art and LEGO brick built decor in service to a rudimentary story. The Wizard room is an alchemist’s lab with shelves full of magic spell components. The Princess rooms have pastoral scenes and a twinkling starlight, canopy headboard. The Dragon Knight rooms have the most narrative story elements. The wall art shows brave (boy and girl) knights facing off against a flaming dragon and his evil minions.

Legoland Castle Hotel Adult area of a Wizard room
Adult area of a Wizard room
Legoland Castle Hotel Adult area of a Princess room
Adult area of a Princess room

After a long day at the park (or before) you can head to the Dragon’s Den restaurant. The only full service eatery in the resort, the Dragon’s Den is open for breakfast (included in your room rate for every guest), lunch, and dinner. LEGOLAND has upped its food game in recent years with sustainable and local ingredients. The new restaurant will continue this with a California inspired steak, seafood, and pasta menu.

Legoland Castle Hotel The Dragon’s Den restaurant
The Dragon’s Den restaurant

The U shaped hotel will have most of its entertainment options outdoors. From the back of the Dragon’s Den restaurant you step out into the courtyard. There are two playgrounds, one for younger kids, one for older. A guided play area will give kids the chance to be knighted upon completing various feats. An outdoor cinema will show family friendly movies (not only LEGO movies). And, of course, the pool area. A large beach entry pool, whirlpool spa for grown ups, and a bar and grill.

Legoland Castle Hotel The outdoor entertainment area
The outdoor entertainment area. The pool will be beyond the picnic/outdoor cinema.


Some construction shots and completed details:

The new LEGOLAND Castle Hotel looks to continue the high standard for family hotel options. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product when it opens this April.