MiceAge/MiceChat’s 15th anniversary and Gumball Rally are now in the history books, and what an amazing celebration it was! If you were able to join us for the cocktail reception, Gumball Rally and/or Disneyland Day of Play, or even if you just followed along online, we sincerely thank you. Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that we put this site online. We have made so many friendships in that time, met so many legends, and sailed the seven seas, but one thing truly stands out – through all these years we have grown into a most unique and wonderful family. We love you and thank you for your support!

Let’s take a quick look at the weekend that was and share the results of a most impressive Gumball Rally:

Group Photo

This photo says it all. . . Anniversary was special this year as hundreds and hundreds of you showed up for a long weekend of events.

A larger version can be found here – https://photomatt.smugmug.com/Gumball-Rally-2018/i-F9rQsVp/A

Cocktail Reception and Panels – Feb 2nd

The Anaheim Hotel hosted us on Friday night in their new wedding garden for a lovely cocktail reception with Disney Imagineers, Jungle Cruise skippers and celebrated Disney authors.  We sold the event out and then added an additional 50 of you!!!

The patio is now available for weddings and events.  We asked for it to be set up with reception space, two bars, a theater and stage.

The amazing Chuck Lucas brought model Jungle Cruise boats and Disneyland Magic Shop models for sale.

MiceChat’s celebrity author, David Koenig, hosted a panel of ex-Jungle Cruise skippers. It was simply amazing. Then they stuck around to sign autographs and books!

We also had beloved authors David Marley, Dave Bossert, and Mindy Johnson!


One of the highlights of the evening was the legendary Garner Holt (Animatronics wizard) interviewing the grand lady of Imagineering, Tania Norris. Tania was hired by Walt Disney to work on New Orleans Square. She ended up doing most of the design work for Club 33 and Plaza Inn as well as designing several of the Disney family’s personal residences!

Tania brought a photo of herself with Walt Disney taken in front of the plane she designed the interior for. She was such a gracious and delightful guest. And kudos to Garner Holt for bringing her to MiceChat Anniversary to meet with the Disney fans for the very first time!


Gumball Rally

And presto, just a few hours after we were done cleaning up the Cocktail Party, we had to be in the Anaheim Hotel’s ballroom for Gumball Rally check-in!

Pastries, fruit and coffee for the general admission guests and a full plated breakfast for the VIP ticketed guests.

Hundreds poured into the ballroom. With more still waiting for their teammates at the La Brea Bakery in Downtown Disney!

All ages compete in the Rally. It’s rarely the team you think is going to win that actually does.


Dusty explains the rules while the teams follow along. Essentially . . . ride attractions and answer questions to prove you rode them.  The team with the most completed attractions at the end of the day (in the shortest time possible) wins!

Then we walked the teams over to the La Brea Bakery in Downtown Disney to pass out their game books. Nearly 400 people waited while their team captains gathered the books.


This year’s books were inspired by the 60th anniversary of the Alice in Wonderland attraction.  Alice herself wrote many of the questions in her own unique style. Curious.


And off they go to find their teams!   

The Team Are Unleashed



Rally Merchandise

Rally Awards



Rally Evening

Card Sharks!

Our very own Hastin Zylstra created another amazing game show to entertain the teams while we were waiting for the scores. And from the hooting and hollering, it sure looks like they had a great time!


Rally Winners

Best Team Logo:

We’re All Mad Here

Best Team Name:

“Olaf With Her Head”

Team Spirit Award:

First time players “Nu? Orleans2”

Gumball Rally Traditions Award:

The Davison Family

Team Placement

1st Place in the Gumball Rally

Red Rose Painters

Top 3 Teams: 

(Left) 3rd Place – From the Land Behind the Eyes, (Middle) 1st Place – Red Rose Painters, (Right) 2nd place – Tipsy Teacups,

Top 10 Teams:

Names below

Results through 75th place.  If you don’t see your name below, you placed below 75th place – but keep on playing, who knows, you might just win the whole thing next year!

(While we can’t answer questions about individual scores in the comments below, if you have questions, please contact [email protected])

Place                 Team #              Team Name


1 281 Red Rose Painters
2 242 Tipsy Teacups!
3 231 From The Land Behind The Eyes
4 252 Team Blackjack
5 235 Axes of Power
6 246 Pink Striped And Filled With Advice
7 286 Coolant Runnings
8 214 Bibbidi Boppidi Booze
9 212 The FlamingOs
10 238 Painting The Gumballs Red
11 336 T-Town Wildflowers
12 366 Watch Us Whip & Win
13 287 Mushu’s Merciless Mercenaries
14 499 We’re All Mad Here (Kim Schull)
15 201 To MARS and Beyond!
16 288 Los Disney Hermanos
17 258 Simply Impassable
18 284 Skip The Drama Stay With Mama!
19 296 Atomic Mice
20 278 Gotta Ride ‘Em All!
21 230 We’re All Mad Here (Matt Bunn)
22 280 OMG It’s Our Princesses…Down The Rabbit Hole
23 341 We’re All Mad Here (James Jackson)
24 338 The Famed Arts & Crafts Movement
25 245 The Tweedles – Dee & Dumber
26 283 Powered by Pixie Dust
27 234 Jack & Sally
28 261 Peculiar Little Figures
29 202 Off With Their Ears!
30 334 We’ve been DINAH meet you
31 355 Mad Hatters
32 254 Very Merry Unbirthday Party of 2
33 343 10/6
34 411 Team BAD
35 229 The Cheshire Chasers
36 279 No, YOU’RE Tweedle Dum
37 291 Bitter Bellhops
38 255 French Toast Mafia
39 233 Team Casper
40 208 Baloo’s Clues
41 321 Too Late, Too Late, These Rides Have Met Their Fate
42 259 Legalize Ranch
43 285 Smells Like Team Spirit
44 247 Oozma Kappa
45 475 The Dinglehoppers
46 248 Crop Dusting Park Hoppers
47 257 Yas’ Gay Old Time
48 232 Curiouser & Curiouser
49 222 Dodgers in Disneyland
50 466 Absolem’s Midnight Raiders
51 339 Wildflowers
52 220 Purveyors of Impossible Things…
53 275 Ron & Chris
54 241 TEAm TEA parTEAm
55 335 Sisters in Wonderland
56 481 Olaf With Her Head
57 243 As Lost As Alice
58 340 The Tweedles 3: Mum, He and She
59 239 Mome Rathes
60 240 The Mad Madam Mims (Marney Dragoo)
61 215 Go Ask Alice (I Think She’ll Know)
62 462 4 Mr. Meeseeks
63 250 The Tinker-Belles
64 437 Curse Reversers
65 422 The Evil Queens
66 272 Oo-De-Lally
67 333 The California Adventurers
68 473 Snow White Walkers
69 292 TEA for 2
70 264 Team Wonderland
71 282 5 O’Clock Escape to Wonderland
72 244 Mad Hatnerds
73 228 Feline Fatales
74 337 Harold’s Riding Royals
75 260 Trader Sam’s Clams



We had staff and former prize winners help announce the results this year.


We Couldn’t Have Done It Without . . .

We are blessed with an absolutely amazing team of volunteers. While there isn’t time or space to thank them all, this little video thanks the primary crew and sponsors who produced this year’s event:

Some of our staff working from the La Brea Bakery.


The Gumball Rally is a very expensive event for us to run. While we charge for the event, what we pass on to you is just a portion of the larger total. But thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we are able to produce the event and keep the prices as low as possible so more folks can afford to play.

Please join us in thanking the following AMAZING sponsors:


Next Gumball Event

The next Gumball Rally will be here before you know it.  We may even offer a mini event in the Fall. And MiceChat is always planning meetups, panel discussions, scavenger hunts, trips and more. Please be sure to add your name to the mailing list below so you don’t miss out:

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YOU are the reason we do this. You are the heart and soul of MiceChat.com. Happy Anniversary and thank you for the most amazing 15 years of friendship and fun in the parks!!! We can’t wait to get started on the next 15.

With love and thanks,

Dusty and the MiceAge/MiceChat crew

P.S. Many of the above photos can be found in larger sizes by going here – https://photomatt.smugmug.com/Gumball-Rally-2018/