We are catching you on the flip side of the epic MiceChat Rallyversary. What’s that? We just celebrated our 15th anniversary with a full 3 day weekend of Meets, events, celebrities AND a massive Gumball Rally.  But we still kept you in mind and have a couple Disneyland Updates on your way this week. Today’s article is a little bit shorter than usual as we are all ready to drop dead from exhaustion, but that just means more photos and news for you later this week! We also have some of the results from the 2018 Gumball Rally!!!

So, let’s start with the elephant in the room.


If you are planning a trip to Disneyland in the next month or so, set your expectations correctly. There is a lot of construction and refurbishment going on right now. It’s jarring and jumps right out at you the moment you set foot in the park.

Main Street is a maze of walls from Town Square all the way to the Central Plaza.

New wider rails are being installed on Main Street, replacing the original rails from 1955. A brick inset will also be laid between the rails supposedly to make for better condition for the happiest horses on earth (as Disney likes to call them).

Signs laden with Disneyland history adorn the walls.

The walls block access to two of the most beautiful trees in Disneyland.

But it’s not just Main Street which is filled with walls, the Parade Route is being relocated near it’s a small world, resulting in even more construction. The move will allow for more queue and stroller parking space.

Rope drop moved

As a result of all those walls on Main street, rope drop at park opening has been pushed further into each land because there is such limited space in the hub.

The new rope in Adventureland goes right up to the shops.
I have never seen these doors closed before.

Arriving before rope drop allows you to experience an empty park, even if it’s just for a few minutes.


Crowds were moderate this past weekend. Conditions were just perfect on Friday and busy but comfortable on Saturday and Sunday. Which made for perfect Gumball Rally conditions!

Splash Mountain Refurb

More walls. Splash Mountain is closed for a long refurbishment. We still don’t know the expected reopening date yet. Let’s hope that this refurbishment address the persistent lighting and animation issues which plague the attraction.

The last time I saw that horizontal steel beam at the top was in 1988.

Breakfast Moving from Rancho del Zocalo to Fantasyland

Rumors are that changes are afoot on the breakfast front. If everything holds up, on February 7th, breakfast will move to the Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland. There will apparently be an all-new menu.

On Saturday morning I tried the Chilaquiles for the first time. I thought they were really good. On Sunday morning I had the Steamboat Breakfast. The eggs and sausage were good, but the pancakes were bricks.
This is the line for the traditional American breakfast items.
This was the line for the Mexican-inspired dishes. I can see why Disney would want to try serving breakfast at another location.

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Star Wars Land Construction

The mountains of Star Wars land are now quite prominent. But they also look like they are going to fit into the landscape just fine when viewed from Big Thunder Trail and Critter Country.

From outside the berm looking in, the show buildings are now fully enclosed with constant work going on inside and out.

The Battle Escape show building has a red border for some reason.

New Parking Structure

Some preliminary work is being completed for the new parking structure which will be built on top of the surface lot next to Mickey and Friends parking structure.

Congratulations Gumball Rally Stars!

Dusty will have the full results of our 2018 Gumball Rally later this week, but I wanted to share a few photos and the top 10 placing teams!!!

From left: 3rd Place – From The Land Behind The Eyes, 1st Place – Red Rose Painters,  2nd Place: Tipsy Teacups!
Top 10 teams

The top ten teams were:

  • 4th Place –  Team Blackjack
  • 5th Place – Axes of Power
  • 6th Place – Pink Striped And Full With Advice 
  • 7th Place – Coolant Runnings
  • 8th Place – Bibbidi Boppidi Booze
  • 9th Place – The FlamingOs 
  • 10th Place – Painting The Gumballs Red

The Rally was PACKED with teams this year. Here they are in front of the gates to Star Wars land:

Don’t miss the next fantastic Gumball Rally folks. Get your name on the info list.

That’s all for today’s update. I would like to thank the Howard Johnson’s Anaheim Resort and Water Playground for making this update possible. They provided me with a very comfortable room located just across the street from the Matterhorn! They’d like you to know that they are offering special low rates for MiceChat readers HERE.

And this isn’t all. I’ve got even more photos and news for you later this week!

Have a great week!
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