Disneyland Resort is a frenzy of activity. But that also means walls . . . lots and lots of construction walls from one end of the park to the other. There’s also another must-have craze going on that has us shaking our heads in disbelief. Is this one a step too far? Let’s take a look around at all the current happenings.

Honoring the Presidents

It’s Presidents Day, and to Honor our 16th President, let’s visit Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln in the Opera House on Main Street.


And one from our archive from the D23 Expo in 2009:

Put some clothes on Mr. President


Main Wall Street

Work continues on the Horse-drawn streetcar tracks. The first of the new brick began arriving on the scene this past week. The Hub should be uncovered soon, which will greatly relieve traffic.

The spur section of track is still untouched, it should start to get its brickwork and rails as soon as the Town Square section is completed.

These walls should come down in time to enjoy the flowering trees around the hub.

Rose Gold Insanity

Meanwhile, more “Rose Gold” has arrived at Disneyland . . . this time at the churro cart in front of the castle. Yep, edible rose gold!

of course, the line for these new treats is very long.

Do you think they were inspired by these rock formations:

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Fantasyland Construction

or It’s a Wall World After All

Work Continues on it’s a small world Mall, where the parade gate is being relocated to make room for a more spacious queue.

New signage now adorns the construction walls exclaiming that Small World is open, but it sure doesn’t look like it. . .

Repavement near the Parade Gate continues backstage.

Rewiring work is underway before the repaving process begins.

Work continues on Storybook/Dumbo/Casey Jr.

Just a Jolly Holiday Penguin wondering around

The walls go on and on . . .

The scrim at Cacey Jr. is adorable. 

And all sorts of little refurbishments are happening in the attractions.

Force For Change

The new charity shirts have arrived in Tomorrowland.

It’s a great shirt and it benefits Unicef.


Benny the Cab on the front of Roger Rabbit has not been working for a few weeks.

Around Toon Town, paint is needed just about everywhere. The Pink Flowering Trumpet Tree blooming next to Minnie’s House really highlights the sun-bleached colors around the cartoon land.

The walls along the back of the land are looking more white than green compared to a nearby tree.

Also the waterfall next to Donald’s Boat could use a coat of color too.

Splash Moutain Refurbishment

Work continues on Splash Mountain.

I spy a Baxter…

The Flume is missing from the main drop. This is a good sign that this refurbishment will bring a smoother drop into the laughing place.

A crane is still parked at the attraction’s exit.

Star Wars Land Update

From the outside looking in it sure does feel like major progress is being made.

Rockwork can now be seen reaching the South-West end of the Battle Escape attraction

Inside the park, we can see rockwork taking shape. It’s impressive.

The tallest peak is on top of the Millennium Falcon attraction.

Rey (of hope) Coming to Launch Bay

Rey is coming in May to the Lightside meet-and-greet. Chewbacca will get one half and Rey will get the other half of the queue. Perhaps that will get folks to visit this lonely building.

The Darkside meet-and-greet already uses a similar split character experience.

Mickey & Friends Parking Structure


Over at the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, lots of changes are happening real quick. Disney is prepping to once again move the tram route, this time it’s to make way for a brand new parking structure set to take over the current Pinocchio lot.

It looks like original Zones 1 and 4 might be put back into use.

Disney is currently using the two closest zones to the security to load and unload guests but zones 3 and 4 are only being used for unloading.

As a result, the security tents have been pushed back and away from the tram route to be able to handle the loading at Tram Zones 1 and 2.

Inside the structure, work continues quickly to add a tram zone on the bottom level.

Looks like a handicap ramp to me

Also at the structure, it looks like Disney is starting to install motion sensors on overhead lighting so that the lights can dim and save energy when the level is not in use.

We have a whole lot to show you from DCA as well. That’s coming shortly. But we also have an update for you today from Universal Studios Hollywood from the Dusty Sage!

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