Welcome back to the Disneyland Resort where today we will look at all the changes happening to Downtown Disney and California Adventure, PLUS a little update from Disneyland where the Hub has JUST come out from behind wraps. You can see yesterday’s Disneyland and the Mickey & Friends Parking Structure update Here.

Hubba Hubba

While it takes time to shoot and write these articles…the parks keep on changing. Yesterday, Monday, February 19th, Disneyland took down the construction walls around Disneyland’s central hub, revealing the new look we can expect along the entire length of Main Street when complete.

Disney is adding the bricks around the track to help prevent guests (or persons with strollers) from stumbling into the trolley tracks. This is a project that Disneyland has been wanting to do for over 20 years.

Hopefully the bold colors of the bricks will fade over time to match the more muted red colors of the surrounding brick on the sidewalks.

The slots in the tracks aren’t as deep or wide as they were previously, which should help prevent some of the trip and fall complaints.
What do you think of the new bricks?

Disney has left the original park survey marker on this end of Main Street. It’s a bit of history preserved when they could easily have replaced it with the more modern markers they use these days.

It also appears that Disney is reusing the storm drain covering for the track.

During the construction, Disney took the time to widen the Parade/Firework Crossings curb dips to allow more guests to flow through the already narrow walkway.

Tomorrowland Crosswalk
Frontierland Crosswalk – That’s a lot of different brick colors and patterns.

Currently, the Popcorn and the Turkey Leg Carts are still missing, but they should return in few days.

Quick Dumbo Update

Over in Fantasyland, Dumbo construction walls have pulled back to reveal a few of the changes to the spinner.

There is a new pattern on the concrete, possibly a circus theme.

Rockwork refurbishment continues on the water feature between the three attractions.

…and now back to our regularly scheduled program…

Downtown Disney


Changes are coming quickly to Disney’s Shopping District. Last week Disney closed about half of World of Disney to begin the store’s transformation.

World of Disney Goes Under the Knife

Earlier this week Disney closed the Western and Center doors of the World of Disney shop as it prepares to receive its first Major Refurbishment since the shop opened in 2001. Below is how the shopped looked on Wednesday last week.

On Wednesday, only the Esplanade facing door was open in the shop.

Inside Castmembers try to control guest traffic through the only door in the shop.

The middle half of the shop was closed off by a black curtain construction wall placed across it.

Construction walls are always in fashion.
Piglet is worried by the jackhammer sounds coming from across the room

Yesterday, we were surprised to find that the middle set of doors were opened but with a giant white wall placed down the center of the center room.

Nothing says exciting Disney shopping like a giant white construction wall. This would be a good spot for a mural or concept art for what is to come.

The construction makes this always busy store feel even more cramped than normal. Our suggestion is to avoid World of Disney if possible during the construction, especially during the busy evening hours.

Filling In

Right now over at Wonderground, a whole section of the shop is now dedicated to Jim Shore. This may be a result of the closed-off section inside World of Disney as Wonderground makes up for the lack of collectible space inside World of Disney during construction.

Naples Hipster Expansion

Across the way from the World of Disney, construction is underway as Naples prepares for its expansion. The concept art shows a sleeker space sans-whimsical touches.

Most guests just walk right on by assuming that the restaurant is closed. But it’s really open. Really it is!

New construction walls showing the concept art of the remodel. It looks much sleeker than the old whimsical style the restaurant opened with.  But also a bit more generic. Not unlike something you’d see outside of Disney.

Based on the art it looks a new glass outer wall will be built above a planter box. A remodel of Napolini, Naples’s quick service counter looks to be on the way as well.

Also, a new outdoor Terrazza Bar patio is coming.

Open Home

Also, the Disney Home Store opened this week.

Inside the Home store, Disney has brought together all the different home goods items around the resort into one oddly shaped store.

You want cookware, they got it; you want those Rose cups, they got it; you want Disney pet gear, they got it; if you want Nightmare Before Christmas throw blankets, they got it.


Although the merchandise inside looks nice, for the most part it isn’t unique. The merchandise inside can be found can be found on Main Street and Buena Vista Street just inside the parks.

Splitsville Shooting for a Spare

Over at Splitsville, more construction work is needed even though the restaurant/alley opened a few weeks ago.

Obligatory mention of the awful paint job near the front doors. Possible that they used the wrong kind of paint or didn’t properly prime it. But it needs to be redone as it sets the wrong tone for a brand new establishment which charges top dollar for food and entertainment.

Upstairs section is being closed off on Weekdays, understandable when there are only a smattering of guests inside.

There might be something neat up there – but you can’t go . . . even though the escalator is running.

The inside looks nice but basic. The exterior is still unfinished! Just look at the exposed drywall and flashing paper:

Across from Splitsville, Tortilla Joe has been pushed back into their own courtyard.

New Restaurants on the Way

Next to Splitsville, outside Black Tap (the former Build-a-Bear) construction walls have been placed around the outer windows. The new restaurant is supposed to open later this year.

The Disney Dress Shop continues to take advantage of temporary space as all these dresses can be found on the Disney Store website and inside Disneyland Park at Le Bat en Rouge. How much longer will this shop be sitting here until the either Black Tap or Ballast Pointe takes over the space?

The Blind Don’t Care

Around Downtown Disney, maps have been more recently updated, but not the Brail options. I guess Blind people don’t need to know of shop changes.

The main maps have been refreshed more recently, but are still out of date.

Record-Breaking Panther

Did anyone see Black Panther over the weekend? Judging from the box office-melting numbers, many of you must have…but don’t spoil it…I cannot see it until Saturday.

Is This A Disney Hotel?

Earlier this week concept art leaked out with more views of the new hotel that will be taking over the west side of Downtown Disney. I am just not feeling this hotel as it really does not feel “Disney” to me. This looks like something you’d see at a convention center in a big city. It doesn’t have that whimsical and charming Disney feel to me. What do you think?

Everything from the Monorail beam to the Disneyland Hotel will soon vanish.

Disney California Adventure


Now, let’s head to the park and see what’s happening at Disney California Adventure.

Paradise to Pixar

Construction continues on the Pier as a few important changes are beginning to emerge. The Scream tubes are now starting to be enclosed on California Screamin’/Incredicoaster.

All sorts of construction equipment and scaffolds are packed into the Pier.

The Fun Wheel looks like a Borg ship.

A path remains open for you to get to Midway Mania, but the view looks quite a bit different with the rooftop spires removed.

Also this week the square shade structures over the Screamin’ queue have been removed. According to the concept art, we should expect circular shade structures to take their place.

Also work is beginning on replacing the pier facing roof line of the Loading platform.

Scaffolding can now be seen on the inside the scream tube on the largest drop as it too will be enclosed and painted red.

Midway Mania’s Paint Job is starting to appear

The billboards that line the outer wall walkway between the ice cream stand and the coaster have had their outer frames removed.

At night, the Pier looks dark and foreboding.

King Triton’s Carousel may not have long left before it closes for it’s remodeling but there is evidence that DCA Maintenance has already given up on the paint and weather repairing.

Bakery Tour

The Bakery Tour is still closed even though the bakery has begun production again. It looks like the Automatic Overhead Proofer is still being completed on the guest side of the facility.

Bear-y impressive

Grizzly Peak

Redwood Creek continues its refurbishment as behind this fence we can see debris from walkway replacement.

Grizzly River Run has reopened with noticeable repair in the geyser portion of the ride. All the fountains and misters have been upgraded and repaired. Let’s hope they continue working longer than they did after the last refurb.

The lockers have also reopened and they look shiny and new (which they are).

Hollywood Land

Black Panther Meet and Greet

The King of Wakanda has appeared in the streets of Hollywood Land, and just in time for the blockbuster opening of his new film.

If it all seems familliar… they did a similar meet and greet arrival for Black Widow.


Thor and Loki

Thor and Loki are still meeting with fans on a daily basis at the stage across from Monsters Inc. This spot was supposed to be for Black Panther, but the God of Thunder has decided to stay a bit longer forcing Black Panther to move to Stage 17.

Disneyland Gospel Days

On Saturday, Disney hosted Gospel Day inside Stage 17. This is where Disney once hosted Olaf’s Frozen Fun Festival. You’ll see that it still looks like Arendelle inside.

A Wrinkle in Time

Last week Disney opened a preview of the upcoming movie, A Wrinkle in Time. Posters lining Hollywood Boulevard and the queue feature Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Chris Pine; the movie releases March 9th.

Down the hallway of the Sunset Theater posters for past and future films.

The main lobby holds three dresses worn by the stars of the film.


Truly beautiful costumes.

Here’s the trailer online (not the one shown in the Sunset Showcase):

Let’s take a quick ride on my favorite DCA dark-ride attraction…


Monsters Inc! 

Line for Beer!
I still can’t love the junky exterior of the Guardians tower.

Bugs Land

Favorite part of an Animal Cracker is…All of it!

Over in Bug’s Land, the wall hiding the Bug Life Theater was looking awfully faded and ugly. Then, suddenly, they hung a temporary scrim over it. Not the tight wrap that was there before, but a loose-fitting tarp sort of a thing with noticeable seams and bad color shifting.

Here’s how it looked when I took my photos.

And here’s what Dusty found a day or two later:

Much better from a distance!

But up close you can see what a quick fix this was.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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