We sent the Round Up crew home for the holidays. We hope that they and you had a wonderful Christmas. Today, you’ll find a mini news update with lots of great bits you likely missed over this busy period.  We have all sorts of stories from Disneyland and Walt Disney World as well as a brand new podcast to share.  If you get the chance, log in a leave a comment for your favorite columnists letting them know you appreciate their work. Everyone on MiceChat is a volunteer and your comments are their pay.

Set your calendars for February 1, 2 and 3rd as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of MiceAge! Christmas is over and it’s time to start thinking about our big February event. To mark the occasion, we’ve prepared three days of celebrities, meets, events, prizes, friendship and lots and lots of fun. Click the link and let us know if you see any events you’d like to attend. Keep in mind that our cocktail party and celebrity breakfast have very limited space. You’ll want to let us know if you’d like to attend so you’ll get first notice when tickets and schedules become available: READ THE MICEAGE 10th ANNIVERSARY EVENT INFO HERE

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What Needs To Be Improved At Disneyland?

Most of us have a very special place in our hearts for the original magic kingdom. But we also have a few things that stick in our collective craw that we’d like to see changed. Take this poll and let us know what you would change at Disneyland.

iPhone Panorama Photos – Got any to share?

Bee1000 gets into the panoramic software that the new iPhone has and shares his latest shots. Do you have any to share? Look at this thread to get inspired, take pics and share them here.

If themed appropriately and priced fairly, would you like to see body dryers at DLR

It’s cold, you just got off of Grizzly, and you are soaking wet.  Other parks are now offering walk in “Family Dryers,” would you like to see them show up near Disneyland’s wettest attractions?

Tom Staggs Says — “It Can’t Just Be About Nostalgia”

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Tom Staggs, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts was quoted as saying that, “It can’t just be about nostalgia.” Is this the way to justify questionable additions to the parks? Is this a sign of trouble ahead?


MiceTrip: Sail Away on the Disney Fantasy with MiceChat – October 19th – 26th, 2013
We invite you to join us on a very special MiceChat voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on the newest ship of the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Fantasy. Are you still looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Contact MiceChat’s travel agent, Teresa Cory, and book our Fall 2013 cruise. You can print out the itinerary and have it under the tree in plenty of time for the holiday!


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Here’s the best news: Mouseaddict is free and available right now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Visit http://mouseaddict.com to learn more and download the app for free.

Meg Crofton out as Disneyworld President and George Kalogridis in for 2013?

Kevin Yee breaks news on Facebook that George Kalogridis may be taking over for Meg Crofton as President of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Will Disneyland suffer? Will things improve for Walt Disney World?

Magic kingdom 1980

Take a trip back to 1980 when the Magic Kingdom was but a scant 9 years old. Some of the pictures, courtesy of MiceChat member, Sapphire-Light, are pretty amazing.

Communicore Weekly is filled with holiday cheer. Learn about the history of the Candlelight Processional.  Get the scoop on the book, The Art of A Christmas Carol. And enjoy a brilliant Christmas themed Five Legged Goat. Watch, share and comment to show your support.

In the Parks recently took a ride on the fantastically charming and deliciously creepy Elf Mountain Christmas overlay of the classic Knott’s Berry Farm Log Ride. Do you love it or hate it?

We would like to introduce a brand new member to the MiceChat family, The Unofficial Universal Podcast. The UUOP is the leading Universal podcast and now supported and hosted by MiceChat. The best just got a whole lot better. Meet the crew and enjoy a really classy production. Be sure to say hello and welcome them to the MiceChat community.

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Last but not least here is Sarah with another new MiceChatter

2012 — The Year in Review: Disneyland changes with the times

It goes without saying that 2012 was a huge year for the Disneyland Resort. While the big headline of the year was the grand re-opening of Disney California Adventure which included the roll out of that park’s new 12-acre Cars Land area, there was plenty of other news across the Resort over the year.  Andy Castro brings part one to you here.

Coffee with Kurtti #2

In episode 2 of Coffee with Kurtti, we finish our conversation about the upcoming Disney film Saving Mr. Banks. Jeff talks about what parts already revealed about the production aren’t entirely accurate, and why some of that doesn’t matter. Below is a paraphrased excerpt from our conversation.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom News and Construction

Cory Disbrow keeps us up to date on the latest information and news from Walt Disney World.  Fantasyland is open but far from finished.  See the photos here.

Let’s Go On Safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There’s one ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom which has earned the lion’s share of attention since the park opened. In today’s From The Mouth Of The Mouse, I chat with Cynthia, who worked the Kilimanjaro Safari.

Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Gingerbread House

Need a craft to work on with the kids during the holiday break? What about a fantastic centerpiece for your Christmas table?  Make your own version of the Gingerbread house that resides inside the Grand Floridian Hotel.

Disneyland the Nickel Tour by Bruce Gordon and David Mumford

Enjoy George Taylor’s review of his most prized Disneyland book, Disneyland, The Nickel Tour.

Merry Grinchmas From Universal Studios Hollywood

Get the latest news from Universal Studios Hollywood and see what they are rolling out for Grinchmas this year.

Knotts Berry Farm Merry Christmas

Knotts Berry Farm knows how to turn on the Christmas cheer.  So much so that they actually change their name to Knott’s Merry Farm every year from Thanksgiving into the new year (November 22nd-Jan 6th 2013).  They earn their name change by offering a Christmas crafts village that you can shop in, the wonderful It’s Christmas Snoopy Ice Show, the Elf Mountain Christmas overlay to the log ride, holiday parade, stage shows, holiday decor and more amazing food than you could ever eat in one visit.

In The Parks: Disneyland Resort Prepares for Final Week of the Holidays

Disneyland always commands a certain amount of magic, but add a light misting of rain, as was the case off and on this week, and you have a transcendent, surreal playground.  As the fair weather guests disappear from the park the remaining park goers are rewarded with a tranquil, magical wonderland.

Universal Orlando Resort Wraps Up 2012 With Huge Crowds

Universal closes out the year with a bright future ahead and plenty to gloat about this past year.  2012 brought record crowds and 2013 promises even more of the same.

Walt Disney World Discount Tricks Revealed

You probably know that you can get a sizable discount on your Walt Disney World or Disney resort room or vacation package most of the year, barring certain busy weeks, but did you know there are other, more obscure discounts available that can save you even more money? Welcome to the world of pin codes, dummy cruises, and bounce back offers.

Notes from Disney World Part Two

Sam returns to the right coast (WDW and Universal) to work out his Demons of Happiness that author Ray Bradbury once spoke of. He brings to this challenge his bias as a native Southern Californian and longtime Disneylander.

MiceChat Cruise on the Disney Wonder, Day Six

All good things must come to an end, and alas, this applies to the recent MiceChat cruise on the Disney Wonder. Today, BC_DisneyGeek shares the final installment of his photo documentation of this incredible journey. Never fear, however, because MiceChat is planning another Disney cruise at the end of next year, and we’d like you to join us! You’ll find more details on this trip at the end of the story.

Mystic Manor: The Back Story of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Newest Attraction

Weekend Update brings a great Mystic Manor pictorial update for you today with these brand new pictures showing the exterior of the Manor – now totally finished – as well as the buildings nearby. HKDL Imagineers are now working on the interiors and the ride system. Mystic Manor is scheduled to open summer 2013.

LuminAria — “See the Holidays in a whole new light”

LuminAria premiered at Disney’s California Adventure on November 9, 2001. It was the new park’s first Christmas.

Holiday Treats from the Walt Disney World Confectionery

Disney makes hundreds of different holiday treats each year.  If you’ve visited Walt Disney World during the holiday season, one of these is bound to be a favorite of yours.  Some of the most popular items can be found at a Disney Confectionery location.

Gingerbread Carousel and Holiday Goodies of Disney World’s Beach Club Resort

Disney’s Beach Club Resort features a unique holiday display – a moving carousel made of Gingerbread!  The Gingerbread Carousel is located in the middle of the Resort lobby and is surrounded by additional decorations. Let’s take a tour of some of the unique decorations in this Holiday Display.

Fort Wilderness Campground Christmas Display at the Walt Disney World Resort

Every year, starting in November, the guests at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort and Campground display elaborate Christmas and holiday decorations. Many guests and local families make the pilgrimage to the campground as part of their annual holiday traditions. Several of our intrepid agents at Fairy Godmother Travel braved the weather, rented a golf cart and took a tour of the displays. If you’re traveling by foot, you can take the buses to the Settlement where you’ll find the largest displays.

All of us at MiceAge and MiceChat would like to wish you and yours a VERY merry Christmas. We are so very thankful for your support over these last 10 years and hope your holiday is a safe and happy one

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