It was a gloomy week in Southern California, but we got some much-needed rain. You’d think that the cool temperatures and uncharacteristic wet stuff might wash the crowds out of the park, but it was still busy, particularly with all those walls constricting traffic on Main Street. Happily, many of those walls are beginning to come down.

Wall-E World

Walls still dominate Main Street USA . . . But, it’s not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. The Hub and Town Square are both unwrapped, which allows for better movement of crowds.

The newest part of the project is taking place in front of the Fire Station and trolley gate.

Unfortunately, the walls do cause clogging at times, even on moderately crowded days.

There was a trolley out on display. Folks were actually climbing inside to sit and take photos.

Throughout this project Disney has attempted to keep guests entertained with bands and characters.

The Hub was unwrapped about two weeks ago, with Town Square following a week later.  It opens up a huge amount of space which makes the inconvenience on Main Street much more bearable.

It’s a Wall World

Small World queue expansion and parade gate relocation continues. There are lots of these little projects going on throughout the resort to ease overcrowding caused by stroller parking and to make room for the larger queues caused by MaxPass/Fastpass.

I spotted this picture disk LP in the gift shop. I’m sure it isn’t new, but I love seeing unique stuff like this. Now, where’s that record player when I need it? . . . .

Fantasyland Walls

The massive project that had construction walls stretching from Casey Jr all the way to Storybook Land has shrunk quite a bit with the reopening of everything but Dumbo.

The queue expansion and relocation at Dumbo has our favorite pachyderm sidelined for now.

S’Mores Churro

I don’t know how long these have been here. But while we were obsessed with the Rose Gold churros near the castle, these slipped by our radar. You can find them at the churro cart near the Haunted Mansion.

Splash Down

The Laughing Place is beyond our reach while a major refurbishment is ongoing.

As they seem to be doing with all their walls lately, there’s some history and trivia on the walls here too.

A Frontierland Far, Far Away . . .

The pace of change at Star Wars Land is breathtaking. From the park, you can best view the rock work from the Rivers of America. You can see how the shape of the new rocks mimic the look of the smaller rocks along the river and the bigger ones at Big Thunder Mountain.

This and That

Although we took these photos on a Saturday, crowds weren’t insane due to rain.  The park was still busy, but not the new normal with extended queues in use throughout the park.

The Magnolia Park fountain was roped off for overflow queueing for Mansion . . . but wasn’t necessary.

It’s because of the growing overcrowding of the park that a new project will soon transform Aladdin’s Oasis into a sort of food court/market with an open seating area.

It’s all part of that park-wide effort we told you about which seeks to get strollers and other obstacles out of the way.  Strollers took over the fruit stand last year, forcing the fruit and beverages to move across the way into the shops. Seating for Bengal Barbecue also moved inside the Indiana Jones shop area. That left a much-reduced area for merchandise in Adventureland. This new project will alleviate some of the lost retail, food and beverage.

Over in Tomorrowland it looks like they’ve skipped “Season of the Force” this year. While most of the old Season of the Force is actually still up and running (Launch Bay, Path of the Jedi, Jedi Training Academy), the marketing and Hyperspace Mountain overlay did not return this year as expected.

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Rainy day clouds made for an interesting backdrop.

Woody was doing his meet and greet in the walkway to Star Wars Land. Ironically, this is approximately where they once wanted to build a Toy Story Playland.
The park is pretty in pink at the moment. . .

We have more from the resort with Food and Wine Festival, more Star Wars construction and updates from outside the Disneyland berm. Please check back with us later this week!

All of us on the Disneyland Photo Update crew would like to thank you for joining us today. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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