It’s a truly beautiful time to visit Epcot as the Flower and Garden Festival once again blooms throughout the park. There’s a lot to see from this year’s event, let’s take a look.

Welcome to Epcot!
Goofy greets guests at the entrance of the park.
Donald and friends are right behind Spaceship Earth.

Stitch over by MouseGear.
Not Flower and Garden related, but I love Figment and the original attraction just celebrated its 35th birthday.

No visible exterior progress on the huge Guardians project. We’ll keep you posted when we see big changes.
Interestingly, there is no Festival Center this year for Flower and Garden. 
Buzz is out near Mission Space again this year.

Cars topiaries on the walkway back toward the center of Future World.

The famous flower beds!
The butterfly garden is back again.

Always fun to catch a monorail gliding by the topiaries.

The waterfall was not running at the Imagination pavilion this weekend.
Food and Wine-esque gift card bracelets for food booth convenience.

Figment’s topiary has gotten a lot of use these last six months. He’s at the end of Future World for this festival.

This is why I still love this park. Just look at how beautiful this scene is. The tapestry of color on the banks of the lagoon, floating gardens, a monorail gliding by, and that optimistic architecture of the Imagination Pavilion in the background. There’s still a lot of magic left at Epcot.


Steve Harvey is in town this week filming his show on location.
Bambi and friends moved from Canada to near the World Showcase gift shops this year.

Spike’s Pollen-Nation Exploration is like an easter egg hunt.

This are is pretty cool and features all honey themed snacks.

This is a really nice touch.

Wood carvings are now where Bambi and friends used to be in Canada.

The Victoria Gardens looking beautiful as always.
Pooh topiaries are located between Canada and the UK.

Tinker Bell in the UK near the gift shops.

Hook and Pan are out near the Fish and Chips stand, Pan had been on the rooftop in years past.  

Belle and Beast in France.

Bansai trees in Japan looking beautiful.
Woody at the American Adventure.
Rumor has it that American Adventure will host the Epcot version of Club 33 (upstairs in the old sponsor lounge)
Lady and the Tramp in Italy.

I think we found Spike!
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Germany.

Lion King topiaries in their normal spot between Germany and China.

Some cool Flower and Garden merchandise featuring Orange Bird!

The dragon is back in China.

Trolls in Norway, although only for a limited time.
The Frozen sisters have their topiaries again as well.

Beautiful colors in Mexico. I wonder when the Coco overlays will get announced.

Time to head out.
See ya real soon!
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We’ll check back in on the festival again soon. but that does it for this week’s article. Are you excited for this time of the year at Epcot? Would you like to see more change from year to year at the festival? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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