Boysenberrry Festival is just about ready to return to Knott’s Berry Farm and we’ve got a little preview for you. Knott’s is offering a variety of entertainment options for this year’s Festival, including a new celebration of the park’s history and future. We also took a special look at the new HangTime coaster construction progress. Knott’s is moving fast on this one – the ride is already testing!

We even have an event you can attend on opening weekend so you won’t have to visit the Boysenberry Festival alone!  Boysenberries are always more fun in groups. . . . or something like that.

Boysenberry Festival

Knott’s Boysenberry Festival is less than two weeks away! The Knott’s team was kind enough to invite some of the MiceChat staff to sample the boysenberry items last night and we are excited to share a preview of the tasty treats you can enjoy starting March 16th (through April 8th)! Knott’s is offering over 75 boysenberry items this year for the festival’s 5th anniversary. From savory foods with a boysenberry twist to refreshingly sweet and tangy drinks and specialty desserts, these special treats can only be found at Knott’s Berry Farm.

But it’s not just about the food, there’s a lot of great entertainment and merchandise as well. We weren’t able to preview the shows, but we can’t wait to see them. Last year was just about perfect.

Returning this year will be Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jam-boree on the Calico stage. It’s an old-fashioned theme park show that works great at the festival.

Snoopy and the Peanuts get into the act too. . .

Pie eating contest? We don’t need an excuse to eat pie. Just set a slice or a whole pie in front of me.

Similar to the set-up at Christmas, Knott’s offers a craft fair of booths with all sorts of bath, beauty, chothes and collectible items.

There’s also a petting zoo, melodrama, Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies, Ghost Town Miners, a knott’s history video, and a gallery of Knott’s art, plus all sorts of other stuff . . . but, yes, the main draw is the food. And from what we tasted, it’s going to be really good this year.

Here’s a little overview I shot for you:

And some mouthwatering images from Photo Matt . . .

Let’s start strong. The Boysenberry Short Ribs were FANTASTIC. Savory with a touch of fruity sweetness.
Here’s another weiner winner. The boysenberry mini sausages are absolutely amazing. They are infused with boysenberries and served with your choice of boysenberry mustard, boysenberry ketchup or boysenberry relish. Don’t miss!
This may look like dessert, but it’s corn on the cob . . . rolled in boysenberry butter, boysenberry mayo and topped with parmesan cheese! It’s another wow!
Here’s one you probably wouldn’t expect . . . boysenberry pierogi. Served with bacon and onion and filled with boysenberry cheddar cheese. Rich, but also very good.
You might not think of hummus as a fun festival food, and it’s not, but it is a delicious and healthy alternative to many of the other options . . . and it’s vegan. I really enjoyed it. I probably wouldn’t seek it out, but it’s a great healthy snack.
You can eat it, they just didn’t want us to eat the display. LOL. The boysenberry quesadilla is MUCH better than it looks. Tortillas infused with boysenberry are grilled with cheese and served with an incredible boysenberry salsa. It’s a fantastic pairing.
The crowd favorite chicken wings are back. Wings aren’t my jam. They are too messy for me and too little meat for the trouble, but everyone else seemed to love them.
You’ll need help with this one . . . a 2 foot long hotdog on a boysenberry bun.

Desserts!  Boysenberry funnel cake, boysenberry cake, boysenberry pie, boysenberry cheesecake, strawberries dipped in boysenberry chocolate . . .

Boysenberry filled churros!

Boysenberry milkshakes and boysenberry boba tea . . .

And then there’s the wine. They have some high-end stuff too. Flora Springs has been served many times over the years in the White House! But you can have it down on the farm during the festival.  😉

And there is also an endless line of boysenberry products: syrups, honey, punch concentrate, dressings, jerky, sodas, caramel corn, candies, bonbons, lip balms, bath salts and bath bombs! And it all smells great.  I tried the Boysenberry Pie candy bar and fell in love.  SO good!

These peanut butter and boysenberry jelly mini pies are filled with actual boysenberry preserves.
Lots of different flavors. They all look the same color and have similar labels, so look closely before buying so you get a flavor you’ll like. They have a boysenberry ginger ale this year!

Chocolate bark

That’s all just the tip of the iceberg. They featured the new stuff and some of the most popular items. But there are over 75 items this year, so they just couldn’t share everything.  VERY impressed with the items I tried.

There’s a little house near the Wilderness Dance Hall which has been converted into a pie kitchen.  I decided to make a tiny boysenberry pie of my very own.  Not bad for my first try!

The room has a long table surrounded by antique kitchen items.

They give you a pie shell . . .

And pie filling . . .

Then you pipe on a whipped cream topping . . .

Top with a chocolate Knott’s disk. I think it should say “Dusty” since I did all the work.  😉

New this year, Knott’s has expanded their tasting card – 8 items for $30 instead of 6 for $25. And it’s a bit more flexible this year as well.  There are more items you can choose from and you can do 1 of each, double up on your favorites, and it’s good for the length of the festival so you don’t have to eat it all in one day.


Join us at the Berry Farm on Sunday, March 18th as we enjoy the tastes and entertainment of Knott’s Berry Farm’s amazing Boysenberry Festival.  Information on our Facebook Events Page HERE.

Event Information HERE



It’s almost time to hang ten with HangTime! The 150′ tall coaster is already testing and will be open to the public by early summer. Our photographer, Dsny Debbie, was able to catch some testing and it looks scary, but lots of fun. Smooth turns and a fast but sane top speed of 57 mph will make this a very popular attraction.

HangTime features 5 Inversions. A holding break will stop you before the first drop at 60 degrees, which will give you the sensation of looking down over the first drop. The Negative G Stall Loop – only the 2nd roller coaster in the Western Hemisphere – means you’ll feel weightless (in theory). And at night, colorful track lighting will chase the coaster trains. But the big thrill is the 96 degree first drop. That’s 6º past vertical, which will make you feel like you are plunging directly into the ground.

Here’s what the new coaster cars look like. They seat 4 across in 4 rows per train. 

We’ll be back on the Farm shortly with a full photo update for you. But we wanted to make sure you had time to plan your Boysenberry and HangTime adventures.  Don’t be shy, join us at our event on the 18th. But whatever you do, have a great week and we’ll see you again soon . . . in the parks!