Construction for SeaWorld Orlando’s new blockbuster attraction, Antarctica, continues at breakneck speed as it prepares for a late Spring 2013 opening. Exterior theming and rock-work is taking shape and we are really beginning to see this incredible new land and attraction take shape.

Here’s how SeaWorld describes the upcoming Antarctica attraction:

Get ready for an epic exploration into an icy world like you’ve never seen before. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, the most immersive mega-attraction ever created by SeaWorld, is coming in spring 2013. Set in the majestic grandeur of the icy South Pole, this exhilarating ride will glide, slide and transport your family to the penguins’ surprising world where you can brave a blizzard. Be dazzled by ice and lights. Then it sets you free to explore a one-of-a-kind penguin colony in an expanse that brings you above and below their icy world. It’s an awe-inspiring penguin attraction as only SeaWorld could create.

The ride vehicles for the attraction are trackless and have a motion base. SeaWorld refers to them as “mobile simulators.” Visitors will choose their adventure and even the level of intensity of the experience!

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will feature four species of penguins found in the Antarctic and subantarctic regions: Adelies, Gentoos, Kings and Rockhoppers. Do you have a favorite?

Here’s a little video from SeaWorld teasing the new attraction:

We begin our recent spy mission with overview shots of the entire construction site.

The large multi-story show building to the right.


That’s the Manta coaster on the left.


It appears that the facade into the new attraction will feature craggy glaciers.

From the ground, we get another perspective on the size of the show building and ice-work.

The show building.
We can see many glaciers now. It’s amazing how quickly everything seems to be coming together now.

It won’t be long now until we experience SeaWorld Orlando’s coolest new attraction.

We close with the most recent video from Seaworld Orlando’s Behind the Freeze video series.

Are you ready to be chilled and thrilled at SeaWorld this summer? And what do you think about the multiple adventures, trackless vehicles and letting guests select the intensity of their experience?

  • mratigan

    I’m glad to see Seaworld get into the universal/Disney battle
    The ride reminders me of Indy+Star Tours+Transfromers.There all great rides so this should rock.

    • Plus, this ride is really just a pre show to get you to the animal habitat. like the old Wild Arctic on steroids. It’s a brilliant concept which one-ups Disney on interactivity and on the use of trackless motion base technology in the US. This is what Disney gets for being too conservative with its US parks. SeaWorld and Universal are now setting the standard for new attraction technology. I do hope that Disney is paying attention, because these interactive attraction vehicles are exactly what they should have been developing for their own parks in Orlando and Anahem.

      • Eric Davis

        I agree Dusty! This ride is going to be an AMAZING preshow to the animal habitat, and the fact that it will be a ride that anyone, any age will be to ride will be a great win for SeaWorld.

  • Malin

    Thanks for the continued updates. I was to be honest rather unsure if SeaWorld could get this attraction ready for the Spring. It just had such a small timeframe that it seemed impossible. But looking at the site today is another story. I’m really hoping this blows all expectations away. Walt Disney World needs a wake up call. And maybe another year with improve figures at both Universal and SeaWorld up while Disney attendance stays flat will send a clear message.

    • Eric Davis

      Yeah I was pretty skeptical too. But the proof is in the building! And WOW did they get this thing built or what!

  • TimmyTimmyTimmy
    • It’s hard to believe that Disney has been sitting on this technology for so long and never brought it to the US. Now SeaWorld has significantly upgraded vehicles with rider interactivity and they’ve beaten Disney to the punch. But I suppose that Disney is getting what comes to them for resting our their laurels for too long at WDW.

      • Malin

        Don’t forget Dusty that Disney is developing similar technology to use at new attractions opening up in the Hong Kong and Paris Parks soon. While the other Resorts realise new attractions is an attendance grower. WDW Management are more happy to invest money into new hotels.

      • Eric Davis

        I am dying to go to Tokyo Disneyland Resort so bad! I really want to ride Pooh!

        But I am THRILLED that we will be seeing this tech at SeaWorld! I can’t wait to experience this new attraction.

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  • lighttragic

    I hope something like this could make its way out to San Diego, The wild Arctic attraction and Penguin Encounter attractions could really use a freshining.

    • Eric Davis

      I think you will see A LOT of cloning of attractions from SeaWorld Orlando to San Diego and San Antonio.

      I know SeaWorld is trying to get San Antonio right now to become a full day park