“Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them” – Obi-Wan Kenobi. In a little over a year, we’ll be exploring a whole new universe of fun at Disneyland. This week, Disney released a fly-through of Star Wars land construction, and while it looks like they are quite far from being done, they are a lot further along than you may realize. Let’s take a look at a galaxy not so far away and some updates from Disneyland on a very soggy weekend.

Star Wars Rising

From the outside looking in, the Star Wars show buildings are mostly done. Rock-work is being completed and the smaller buildings and rocks are taking shape.


From the park, you really notice the rocks for Star Wars land but won’t see much else.

Disney released a short fly-through video of Star Wars land construction. We took some screen grabs so you can see what all those mountains you see above look like from within the land and what the show buildings look like from the land itself.

That’s the Millennium Falcon attraction at center with the yellow boxes.
Flying toward the Millennium Falcon
Mountains flank the right side of the Falcon
Battle Escape to the left and you can just make out the Disneyland Railroad tracks to the lower right.

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Wall Street

Main Street remains a series of construction walls, but this week added a new element . . . for us at least . . . rain.

looks like new bricks added to where the cannons used to be. The cannons themselves were moved into the gardens last year to free up walkway space.
The vehicles aren’t going anywhere, they are just for display during street construction

Rose Gold Churros now at the Churros Stand in Town Square
A large stretch of walls has been removed mid-street where the trolleys pass each other.
Another big segment has been removed between Photo Supply and Coke Corner.

Donald loves this weather

It’s a Wall World

Parade gate relocation continues at Small World.

Fencing has returned to the lower walkway

Trees can now be seen where the old parade gate was

The back side of the new construction wall

New Trees along what will be the new outer wall
The new section of parade route has been paved.

Meanwhile, out on Small World Mall, some of the cracked sections of pavement have been replaced. You can spot it right away because the new sections don’t match the old in color.

There’s also a new section of queue next to Storybook Land. The garden was carved out to make room for an open lane. This could be used for queue, or possibly to allow crowds to flow through the area more easily during and after parades.

Fantasy Walls

The Dumbo construction continues. Here’s what it looks like from Casey Jr.

Out in Fantasyland, some walls have popped up around the Pinocchio queue (the ride remains open).

The walls wrap around the garden patch and back to the attraction’s exit
That makes for double walls between Pinocchio and Dumbo.

Splash Down

You should be able to get your zip a dee doo dah on again mid-April. For now, the attraction is getting some flume work and paint. We sure do hope they’ve finally installed some fall-safety enhancements so they can properly maintain lighting and animatronics. Show quality deteriorates rapidly on this attraction.

Rainy Opportunity

Are you the type who loves an adventure? Would a little rain stop you from enjoying a day in the park? On what should have been a fairly busy Saturday, the rain washed away a lot of visitors, making for very enjoyable waits and beautifully reflective views of the park.

Interesting lighting on Space Mountain that night

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This and That

What happened to the awesome menu at Hungry Bear? They’ve turned a fun and unique menu into the most boring of offerings.

I’m disappointed with the lackluster offerings here. And quite frankly, for $11 the burger should taste better. An In-N-Out cheeseburger outside the park is about $2.50 (with high volume & friendly service). Shouldn’t we expect at least the same quality and service here at 4 times the price?

Roastie Toastie Troubles. All machines need maintenance, but it looks like the cute little figures who turn the popcorn drums at the popcorn carts aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Disney makes an insane margin selling popcorn. It’s like minting money. Why skimp on maintenance?

Popcorn People have not been working at various carts around the park lately

Cute but creepy popcorn clown Just standing still
Not only is this guy not moving, his eyes no longer light up.

How much would you pay to show your AP pride?

Would you pay $8 to advertise on your ear hat that you have a Disneyland annual passport? That’s about 2 cents worth of thread for you to do Disney the favor of promoting their AP program. Seems like they should just add it for free to any name they are already writing on a hat (they should probably make the same free offer to DVC members as well).

All of us on the Disneyland Photo Update crew would like to thank you for joining us today. My sincere thanks to Brian Pinsky who came through in a pinch with great photos when my SD card became corrupt, sending a full day’s worth of photos into the boundless realm of the supernatural.

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