Happy Monday, and welcome to today’s Disneyland Update. Our fearless leader, Dusty Sage, is on a secret mission at sea (really) so I will be your host this week.

I was at the resort Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. On Friday, the weather was mostly cloudy with some mild breezes. Fortunately, the rain stayed away until late in the evening. Saturday morning was bright, crisp, and clear with just a few cotton ball clouds floating by. Crowds were a little heavier than a typical Saturday, but part of that was due to Spring Break, the Food and Wine Festival, and great weather.

Let’s get to the news and photos, there’s a lot to cover!

Disneyland After Dark – Star Wars Nite May 3rd, 2018

Image Copyright The Walt Disney Company

The Disney Parks Blog announced the second “nite” in their Disneyland After Dark event series will have a Star Wars theme. Tickets will go on sale to passholders on March 27th, and then to the general public on March 29th. The price is $99.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, the event will include:

  • Exclusive after-hours access to Disneyland park, with mix-in access beginning at 6 p.m.
  • Special entertainment, including character encounters and more!
  • Themed décor and immersive Star Wars-themed photo opportunities.
  • Commemorative lanyard, event credential and complimentary PhotoPass photos during the event.
  • First opportunity to purchase limited-edition “May the 4th” merchandise.
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Main Street Construction

The walls have been removed from Main Street, and guest flow has returned to normal.

Almost has a Hong Kong Disneyland feelings with all that new brick.
I bet MiceChat photographer Scott Attula wishes he was here for the reflections he could grab out of the water in the trolley tracks.

Now that the walls are gone, Mickey and Minnie can help lead the Disneyland Band as they dance their way down Main Street.

The trolley is still on display for a little while longer, and you can have a PhotoPass photographer take your picture.

On Saturday morning, they started walking the horses along the trolley route. They are walking in the reverse direction that the trolleys used to travel. It is unclear if this is temporary, or if the change will be permanent.

The only remaining section of walls is in front of the fire station.

A portion of the Candy Palace is walled off as they expand the candy counter opposite the existing handmade candy section.  It’s likely that the old counters will then be removed so traffic can flow more freely in this shop.

We assume this is a guest flow project, but we’ll have to see what exactly is changing.

Fantasyland Construction

Although most of the walls have been removed from Main Street, Fantasyland is still a labyrinth.

It’s a small world parade gate relocation continues. The project involved a portion of the parade viewing section.

The great wall of small world.

This picture was taken from the monorail. It shows the construction progress of the new parade route near IASW. Most importantly, the new pavement is now in.

But small world isn’t the only area behind walls in Fantasyland. Let’s take a gander at Dumbo.

Dumbo is still grounded and hidden by tarps and walls.

And across from Dumbo, walls are up around Pinocchio. This is likely also involved with crowd flow as this little pinch point will need to be used by more crowds than ever before when Star Wars land opens since it is VERY close to the entry to the new land.

The walls are still up outside the exit to Pinocchio’s Daring Journey (the ride remains open).

Casey Jr. is boarding guests again.

As is Storybook Land!

Pretty in Pink (and just about every other color)

Springtime is really bursting into bloom right now in Southern California. Let’s take a break from the walls and explore some of the amazing colors.

Splashless Mountain

Splash Mountain remains closed for its extensive refurbishment.

Does anyone know what the two white boxes in the center of the picture are used for? They look like cameras or light boxes.
The FASTPASS scanners are also being refurbished.

Splash should re-open in early April.

Tropical Hideaway

So far, there is no visible progress in the transformation from Aladdin’s Oasis to the new Tropical Hideaway.

We assume they planned on having this done before Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens, but they didn’t give a completion date during the announcement.

Star Wars Land Construction

The construction progress as viewed from outside the park will be featured in Thursday’s DCA Update. The following pictures show the progress as seen from inside Disneyland.

How well will this huge Star Wars mountain mix with ToonTown? Unsure. But it is a pretty good indication of just how big these mountains are!
Open. Open. Open.

Pixar Fest

Pixar Fest debuts at the Disneyland Resort on April 13th, and the Pixar Play Parade will move to Disneyland. They are now beginning to install bubble machines along the parade route.


Easter is almost here! Can you believe that we are already a quarter into 2018? Below are some of the featured items.

Easter Mickey and Minnie
Patty Peraza’s beautiful and whimsical hand-stitched Alice in Wonderland art piece.

New water bottle clips are now available.

Chewie didn’t see what was inside a Porg, maybe you will?

If you ever wondered what it would look like if Stewie Griffin dressed up as R2-D2, now you know.

Gotta love when they bring out the springtime balloons!

Around the Resort

Disney’s new ad campaign has been in full swing for a bit now, you can see it plastered all over the park and surrounding areas.

Every time it rains this “compass” is walled off, You can see it is in dire need of some TLC.

If you arrive early. or if it looks like it will rain, you can get great panoramic shots of a nearly empty Disneyland!

$9.50 corn dogs are still as popular as ever.  

There is often a huge line for Red Rose Taverne, but I got lucky today. I think the decor is nice, but I’m not a huge fan of the menu.

Remember, all of this is a temporary overlay. They’ve left this up for over a year now. Would you like Disney to make some permanent changes or revert back to Village Haus?

This & That

Pirates of the Caribbean will soon close for a brief update of the Auction scene, here are some photos before that glows away.

The middle pirate has returned.
This picture is slightly out of focus, but you can still make out some detail you might normally miss. The drunk pirate in the background is usually too dark to see.

Over at Haunted Mansion, we have some fun photos to share.

There is no line for breakfast Dole Whips.
Buzz was 101 on Saturday.

A new sign has been painted near Rancho del Zocalo pointing out additional restrooms.

I am so happy that TDA understands the importance of something as simple as a bench – especially one where Walt Disney sat and famously first dreamed up the idea for Disneyland.

And here’s a fun little bonus for you. MiceChat Facebook follower, Sergio Ramirez, posted a great Disneyland video to the group today from his recent visit.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did:

That it for this Disneyland update, see you all next week!

All of us on the Disneyland Photo Update crew would like to thank you for joining us today. Special thanks to Brian Pinsky for his contributions to this week’s update.

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