The Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special has returned for a second year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  This year, due to increased popularity, the show has been moved to the larger Premier Theater.  Premier Theater is located behind Muppet*Vision 3D and by the Streets of America.

For years, the Comedy Warehouse was a hit club on Pleasure Island. It had a following among locals and tourists alike. When Disney closed Pleasure Island, we all feared we’d lose the club forever. Last year, Disney brought the club back for a limited time as a holiday gift.

Unlike last year, they are not pre-loading the waiting area as early.  This, plus the added extra space, allows for the regulars (mostly AP Holders, DVC Members, Florida Residents, and Cast Members) as well  as the casual guest who stumbles upon or read about the show in the park Times Guide to attend.

The show is just as witty and charming as last year, if not more.  With more original Cast from Comedy Warehouse at Pleasure Island, it’s a great show.

If you’ve never experienced Comedy Warehouse, here’s how the show goes.  Each show is simply unique based upon the improv talent of the actors.  Now they’ve been moved to Hollywood and in Hollywood, it’s all about collaboration!  This is why they need your ideas more than ever.  Of course, each show starts with the disclaimer that you are at the most magical place on earth and with certain words, ideas, thoughts, and phrases cease to exist here.

The show is approximately 25 minutes long and includes a few different sketches.  Some sketches directly involve audience participation (with one or more individuals on stage) or others are songs based upon an individual’s story.  Popular segments including, songs about individuals in the audience, a couple’s story with actions dictated by the audience’s words,  and “the game show that for legal reasons we must call smepardy.”


Disney has announced that for 2013 they will have “Limited Time Magic.”  As far as I’m concerned, this is it.  They have this show back, just for a limited time.  It’s creating magic for guests of all ages.  It’s creating and allowing the memories to flutter back to previous experiences of shows at Pleasure Island.  The fan base, even during these busy holiday weeks has been great.  Can you imagine what it would be like if it was during a normal or slower time of the year?  It makes me think about what else they could bring back — The Adventurer’s Club?  Even just for a “Limited Time Magic” experience — how magical would that be!

Also new this year are beverage offerings.  The original Comedy Warehouse at Pleasure Island had cocktail servers offering a variety of beverages and popcorn for each show.  The setup they have is nothing like that (mainly because of the theater seating.)  A small bar is setup in the back with non-alcoholic bottled Coke products, a list of (pre-mixed) specialty drinks, bottled beers, one beer on draft, and a limited bar selection.

I ordered the Blue Christmas.  It sounded good enough with pineapple juice, blue curacao, sweet and sour, vodka, and something else… but don’t order it.  It tasted like cough syrup.  Maybe it was because it was pre-mixed and there was a heck of a lot of blue curacao in there?  I couldn’t tell you, but for the price spent, go for the over-rated Magical Star instead.  Next time I visited, I tried to get a drink with cranberry, but that wasn’t available so I settled for the Magical Star.  The bar itself is limited so if you have a specialty drink in mind, save it for High Octane Refreshments located on the other side of the Streets of America.

Shows started Sunday, December 23rd and run through Saturday, January 5th.

The ABC Sounds Stage Theater is now the home to Disney Holiday movies from 10:00am-5:00pm. I’m not sure if that’s something I’d jump to take my kid’s to when they can watch the same film at home for a lot less than we spend to visit a Disney theme park.

Have you seen the Comedy Warehouse Holiday Special this year or last?  How do you think it compares to the original Comedy Warehouse shows at Downtown Disney?