Everything’s coming up Boysenberries at Knott’s Berry Farm for their popular annual Festival. Boysenberry Festival will run daily through April 8th this year. Grab a fork and let’s dig into this update from the Farm.

All About That Berry


Buy a berry vine to take home and plant.

Plenty of merchandise.

This year Knott’s is bundling their Festival T-Shirts with the Festival trading pin for just $12. At some parks you’d pay that much just or the pin and twice as much for the t-Shirt.

Tasting Card

One of the best ways to celebrate the Boysenberry Festival is to buy the Tasting Card. You’ll get your choice of 8 samples from 8 available options. If you like one of the items more than the others, you can use your tastes to repeat an item. The card itself now resembles Disney’s Tasting Card, where you rip off tabs to exchange for an item.

1 and 2 are inside Spurs Chop House across from Ghost Rider’s Queue.

  1. Boysenberry Short Ribs with Rice. Delicious!

2. Cheder Cheese Pierogis with Boysenberry Sour Creme. Lots of flavor, but very rich.

3.Boysenberry Chicken Wings

The Boysenberry Chicken Wings returns this year. Messy but a crowd favorite.

4. Boysenberry Coconut Macaroon. Crunchy, chew, sugary deliciousness.

The Macaroon is available in the quick-serve window adjacent to the Ghost Town Bakery.

5. Boysenberry Elote

Corn served with Boysenberry Mayonnaise, Boysenberry butter, Cheese and added Cayane pepper season is located next to Sutter’s Quickservice Window.

6. Boysenberry Hummus with Grilled Pita Bread

This booth is a bit hidden but it’s behind Wagon Camp in the walkway between Ghost Town and Silver Bullet. Not everyone is going to like this one. You don’t think of hummus when you go to a festival like this. But those of you who enjoy hummus will probably like this unique version.

7. Boysenberry Cheese Quesadilla

This booth is located on School Road next to Ghost Town Candy Store

SO good!

8. Boysenberry Gilled Sausage

The Boysenberry Sausage is located at the back of Ghost Town back near Western Dance Hall.

The Sausage is served with Boysenberry Relish but if come over to the side of the booth you can add Boysenberry Kuctup and Boysenberry Mustard on to your bun. Do it! This is one of the best sausages we’ve ever tasted.

All three!

Other Foods To Try

Mosey on over to the Calico saloon and try the Boysenberry cream soda or Calico soda for short. Highly recommended! $4.59 and you get to keep the mason jar plastic mug. What a deal!
Boysenberry Cheesecake Not on tasting card, but is inside Spurs and very good!

3 food hotdog. That’s one big Dog!

The make your own boysenberry pie shop returned.

Caught Dusty Sage making his own pie… Then he got it all over that hipster beard when he was eating it.  I’d post that photo but I don’t want to get fired.

Boysenberry Bacon Jerky anyone?

A little Boysenberry Icecream Sandwich is delicious. Maybe they will add Boysenberry Chocolate chips next year.

There are over 75 Boysenberry items to explore this year!

It really tastes like Boysenberry Pie

You can get a boysenberry slushy with boysenberry soft-serve floater.

All the new boysenberry chocolates and caramels are VERY good.


Fun and Games

In Calico Square, the whole family can compete for glory . . .  and maybe some pie.

Old Time Melodrama

The Boysenberry Bedlam melodrama has returned to the festival this year. I’m crazy about this show. I wish Knott’s would do more Melodramas year-round inside the Bird Cage. SO MUCH FUN!

“The Horse Rode Inn”

“What’s in your wallet?”

“Don’t send me back…anywhere but Anaheim!”

Dance Parties

During nights when the park has a 10pm closing, Knott’s hosts two Dance parties: one in the Boardwalk Dance Hall and the other in the Fiesta Village.

Tied Up In Knott’s

Knott’s is hosting an art exhibit inspired by the park, located inside the Western Dance Hall.

Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree

Favorite, Snoopy’s Boysenberry Jamboree, has returned this year. Knott’s has made the right decision to move the show times into the later parts of the day to accomidate better lighting and lower heat in the viewing area.

Around the Farm

Camp Snoopy

In Camp Snoopy, Spring has sprung with giant metal flowers.

The Beagle Bonanza overlay to the kiddie railroad is a cute touch.


Knott’s newest Coaster has begun testing.

Queue awnings have started to be installed.

Also, a new mural is being panted on the back side of the Calico Mine Ride, overlooking HangTime’s queue.

Lights are being installed in the new gift shop.


Xcelerator reopens today (Sunday, March 25th) we are excited to see the the coaster return from such a long downtime.

Durning the last few weeks, matienance could be seen refurbishing the car and the station.

Main Parking Lot

Construction work is occurring as Knott’s is ripping out a portion of the sidewalk along the front of the lot. We are unsure why they’d do this as it will surely force more guests to walk in front of traffic.

Thank you!
All of us here at Micechat would like to thank you for joining us. Today’s article was written by Brian Pinsky and Dsny Debbie with photo help from Air Merino.

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