We’ve got a Six Flags Magic Mountain Full Throttle construction update for you today. Preparation for the new coaster had some parts of the park closed off during our visit. There’s also news of a new carnival attraction called Slingshot.

Full Throttle
Full Throttle Construction has kicked into high gear since our last update. Digging is underway and rebar is on site for pouring the footers. The first pieces of track have also arrived at the park.

The construction walls have received some advertisements for the new ride as well as a QR Code to view a virtual ride.
A close-up view shows some fairly detailed artwork.

You can scan this QR Code with your smartphone to see a virtual ride-through of Full Throttle (or click here)
The walls and art work extend all the way behind the old Looney Tunes Stage and Arcade.
As we approach the construction area, the first thing we see is that some of the trees are still here. That’s a great thing and hopefully these trees will be saved.

From the other side of the old Log Jammer Queue, we can get a clearer look at where the active construction is taking place. You can also see the rebar for the footers ready to be dropped in when they are ready to pour.

A look up the hill shows quite a bit of land razing is going on

As we make our way to the back-side of the park, the path heading up to Samurai Summit was closed. Apparently they were building construction walls around the area where the tunnel and backwards launch will be.

The other side, near Ninja, was also closed (as was the Sky Tower). The area is now re-opened although you can’t get through to Superman Plaza (or Superman) while they are working in that area. No word on when this area may reopen.

Since our last update, the new up-charge carnival ride, Slingshot, has opened. Unfortunately, the ride wasn’t available at the time we walked by for this photo shoot, but hopefully we can ride it next time and bring you a review.

Slingshot Sign
The ride was erected in the area that was originally going to be the spot for Road Runner Express (near where Deja Vu was).
Even though this is the “portable” model of this particular ride, they have done a pretty good job making it look permanent.
The ride vehicle

Still, we  hope that this is only a “placeholder” attraction while something else is planned for this area of the park. With Deja Vu gone, there’s a pretty big spot for an attraction or multiple attractions. Maybe even some non-coaster flat rides? With this area and the area still being unused by Full Throttle, the park could add some decent flat/family rides in the next few years.

Around the park

Not a whole lot going on elsewhere in the park. Flags has received some new signs.

The Snow Globe picture spot is still up.

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So, look forward to a Full Throttle summer as we continue our coverage of this developing construction.  Will it be a worthy replacement for the classic family attraction, Log Jammer?  We’ll have to see.

Until next time, we’ll see you In The Parks.