Today’s WDW update will take you to Disney Hollywood Studios Park, where Toy Story Playland is on track for a summer launch and Star Wars is racing toward an opening next year.  But first, let’s take a look at the newly reimagined auction scene in Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s Red as you’ve never seen her before. . .

Redhead Redux at the Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World finally re-opened Pirates of the Caribbean and videos/photos have started to flood in on the new Auction scene. Currently, Disneyland is slated for the same makeover beginning next month, take a look and let us know your thoughts? We have a video and photo of the new Redhead Animatronic below!

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Now back to our regular scheduled programming!

Welcome to Hollywood Studios

Welcome to Hollywood Studios!

With so much down and out in this little park, it isn’t surprising crowds are light even during a spring break weekend. The park is beautiful this time of year, some photos below show the great props and horticulture all around the park.

Light crowds for a weekend during Spring Break.
Beautiful reflections on Echo Lake.

Great colors in the park this time of year.

Star Tours 2.0

Some trees were added and removed around the show building.

Looks like some trees were cleared out in the outdoor portion of the Star Tours queue.

Galaxy’s Edge Updates

For the most part you do not see as much of this massive expansion to Hollywood Studio’s, but you can still feel how much of this project has taken away from the park.

Trees were, however, added to the exit of Tatooine Traders which for the most part blocks the view into Galaxy’s Edge.
Put on a tighter lens though, and you can see that some major progress is happening.

Grand Avenue.
The former walkway from the Muppet area is now walled and bricked off.
Disney is making it quite difficult for us to see the progress on Galaxy’s Edge with all these trees!
That First Order show building is huge.
No more wild colors or characters here anymore. This, we imagine, should serve as a secondary exit from Galaxy’s Edge.

Piggy is there, but no Fozzy Bear or Gonzo.
No progress to be seen outside of the Chinese Theater, but the new Mickey and Minnie ride is slated to open early 2019.

Toy Story Land, however, is getting very close.
Only three more months!
Some of the walls were pushed back recently, and you can get an idea of what the entrance to this new land will be like.
You can see the Tinker Toys and foliage here.
Won’t be long before this entrance to Midway Mania gets retired.
Another view on Galaxy’s Edge through, you guessed it, the trees.

This and that.

Stromtroopers incoming.

That’s a wrap!


That does it for this week’s column. Are you getting ready for Toy Story Land? Looking forward to stepping foot into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Let us know in the comments below. And how about that Redhead? Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon with more in-depth photos from Pirates and beyond!

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