Just in time for the big Spring Break rush, the walls have come down on Main Street at Disneyland. The big rains have left us, but crowds have swarmed the resort as many schools are now out for their vacations. Since Easter is this Sunday, we have an egg hunt at the bottom of today’s article!



No time of the year is more beautiful at Disneyland than spring. Now that many of the construction walls are down, we can see more of Walt’s original Magic Kingdom.

As you walk right down the middle of Main Street USA, you might have to get out of the way as the Main Street Vehicles are back traversing the street.

The rains were torrential this past week.


The crowd flow enhancement project is ongoing at Dumbo, as well as a needed refurbishment for the ride itself. The queue is being pushed back and enhanced so lines don’t get in the way of walkways.

You can see that the whole ride is disassembled at the moment. But never fear, it will be back!

It’s a Small World

This week construction walls have been pushed back a bit on small world Mall. Disney is hastily finishing up this project as we are now less than 3 weeks away from the debut of Pixar Play Parade at Disneyland on April 13th.

A few more repavings spots are needed

Taking a look behind those construction walls we can see the parade route is fully paved and trees are now planted as well. The area still needs fencing, electrical, and final landscaping. The route does look finished enough to begin an overnight practice of the parade though.

The new small world parade gate has been pushed far back to allow a large amount of newly shaded queue space for the ride.


With Disney pumping so much money into getting the park ready for Galaxy’s Edge, Toontown has seemed to get the short end of the stick. Below are some photos of construction seen from Toontown as well as a photo review of Donald’s Boat, which has seen better days. Many of the attractions in Toontown are in dire need of a long refurbishment . . . or better yet a replacement.

Parents, you might think twice about letting your kids play with the grungy equipment in Toontown.

The new Star Wars mountains should look fine from Frontierland, where the rocks sort of match, but they are going to be really out of place in Toontown. Imagineering is going to have a hard time coming up with a convoluted backstory to explain this one.

Star Wars Land Construction

Galaxy’s Edge is still building up at a feverish pace even with the rain coming down. You can clearly see the rock work and other notable changes for the construction.








This spot will look great once the mountain backdrop is finished. They were designed to hide the show buildings from within the land but also from Frontierland as well.

Unfortunately, we can still clearly see the parking structure from inside the park from rivers edge.

Large amounts of dirt being moved to the west side of the new land

From outside the park, more rock-work structure is being installed on the south corner of the Battle Escape attraction.

Splash Mountain Refurbishment

Splash Mountain continues its much-needed refurbishment, but there is still a lot going on around this classic ride. For those wondering (or hoping?) there doesn’t seem to be anything involving changes to ride vehicles.

We can hear Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah from the final scene echoing out of show building.
This Duck did not get the memo. Are you a cast member?

Pirates of the Caribbean

Get your rides in for Pirates if you want to see the auction scene with Red and the others in their classic state. Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris have already updated their versions and ours is set to transform next month.

Remember it’s “The Original”

Here is what we are expecting our Red Head to look like when the project is finished.


If all of the Movie tie-ins were removed from this ride would anyone even care?


This & That Around the Park


I’d like to share some fun photos from around the park. This week we have some interesting rainy day shots.

Disney has put out some Easter-goodies in the Candy counters.


The trees are green, the flowers are blooming, and the rain has brought new growth with it.

London Park in the middle of the Storybook Land has been repaved

I wonder if Mr. Toad is home right now?

Red Rockett’s Pizza Port will be remodeled to Toy Story’s Pizza Planet within the next couple weeks for Pixar Fest. The restaurant (and Tomorrowland as a whole) sorely needs an update (to the menu mostly). But with Pixar Fest starting next month, it is likely that this redo is a simple retheme of the existing space with no real construction involved.

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*Parks do not look like this! Multiply this by 10 this week
Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Arrive at Disneyland

The first day of spring has just passed and the rain has been coming down in California, but that hasn’t stopped the crowds hunting for those Easter Eggs.

Spoilers! The answers to the Eggs Hunt Are Below!

If you want to be surprised, just scroll down to the comments now and skip this section.

Here are the egg locations in no particular order.

The White Rabbit is at the Mad Hatter of Main Street
Mr. Toad is the Le Petit Chalet
Chip is just the left of Bengal BBQ
Dale is on top of Tarzan’s Treehouse
Mickey is inside the Little Green Men store

Daisy in on the New Orlean’s balcony above the French Market
Goofy’s on the Toontown Train Depot
Thumper is in Bonanza Outfitters
Donald is at the Harbour Galley
Tinker Bell is at the Emporium

Minnie is at Stage Door Cafe
Pluto is inside Disneyana
Thank you!
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