We have a special short Disneyland update from David Koenig today:

Back on Track

With the installation of all-new streetcar track completed along Main Street, Disneyland’s horse-drawn trolleys will be returning to service this Thursday, March 29.

Portions of the removed rail date back to 1955. And as the trolleys return, there will be one big difference in how they had been operated for the last 62 years: the trolleys now will be following a figure 8 pattern instead of always bearing right and staying on one side of the track.

Evidently, the change is due to the fact that wear on the trolleys is greater on one side. In addition, the horses and their harnesses have suffered uneven wear to one side. At the advisement of veterinarians, the figure 8 path on the trolley tracks was agreed upon to even out wear and tear on animal and equipment.

Although the trolley has been down for two months, the horses have been regularly on property, primarily backstage. Recently, they have been spotted pulling buggies along the backstage roads and, before the park opens, walking the trolley track—but without the trolley.


As for other rehabs, Dumbo is entering the final weeks of its makeover, that will include a new color scheme (changing from purple to blue), relocation of its queue, and the addition of shade. When the work is complete, the Carrousel is scheduled to go down for TLC.

Splash Down

In the meantime, Splash Mountain is two weeks away from again drenching satisfied customers. One insider explained, “The big work to the main flume is to correct a mistake since the attraction was first built: due to an engineering mistake, the flume was built at a greater angle than was originally designed. This rehab is going to fix it.”

Back in 1989, Splash Mountain’s opening was delayed by eight months due to a variety of factors—one of which evidently was not fully corrected.

And that does it for this mini-update. For photos from Disneyland, please visit our Monday Disneyland Update HERE.