It’s really hard to keep up with Disneyland these days with all the projects, events, and things going on. . . but we are going to try our best to fill you in. This is your last week to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure. The festival ends on the 13th and will be replaced by the Pixar Fest the next day. Let’s take a look at the Pixar Pier construction, monorail wraps, Disneyland app’s new super powers and more.

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That’s a Wrap

If you look above you at the Disneyland Resort, you might just see a little extra character added to the Monorails. The Incredibles and Finding Nemo are currently featured on Monorails Orange and Blue, and Monorail Red is rumored to be getting a Toy Story makeover.

That’s Hank from Finding Dory on the cab window.

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Mobile Ordering at Disneyland

A new mobile ordering service is on the way to the Disneyland Resort. You’ll soon be able to use the official Disneyland App to order meals at select Disneyland Resort restaurants. Passholders will be able to apply their discount to purchases. The app will notify you when your order is ready for pickup.

Is this a service you would use?


It’s Earth Month and Disney is doing lots of little things to mark the occasion. We happened upon a cast member beekeeper at the Disneyland Hotel and a cast member recycled art exhibition in the Opera House. Keep your eyes open for other displays and activities throughout the month.

It’s nice to see Disney celebrating the creativity of their cast members in full public view. Some of these garbage-as-art pieces are pretty good too. Which one would you select as the winner?

Here’s the award that the winner will take home.

There was also a cast member at the Disneyland Hotel showing off his beehive. It was pretty cool and guests seemed to be genuinely interested to learn more.


Pixar Pier

There’s a rapid change happening on the Pier. Colors, rooftops, signs, and theme are all in the process of being reworked.  They’d better get moving, most of the Pier is scheduled to reopen in June.

The Cove Bar has temporarily reopened for spring break. While it doesn’t look any different at the moment, we have some new concept art for what the facility will look like in the months to come.

Aside from construction tarps around the sides, everything looks the same . . . for now . . .

But changes are afoot. Here’s the concept art for the downstairs of the new “Lamplighter Lounge.”  The interior space, which once housed the Little Mermaid and friends in an undersea environment, will now be a boardwalk themed space with some subtle Pixar details.

The old tile mural (which would have been on the left) will become a brick wall. Carpet has been replaced with hardwood floors. A double sided bar is on the right and also services the outdoor patio (see next image).
Here’s the flip side of that bar. The roof-line will be extended a few extra feet for better shade and so the patio can remain open in the rain.
Furniture and rugs have Pixar themed patterns.
This is the modern age of concept art . . . even the fake guests are taking selfies.
Sure does look like an homage to the Pixar short, “One Man Band,” on the wall.
And here’s a comp of how the Pixar Pier logo may look in the Incredicoaster loop.

The new Lamplight Lounge is described as a California-style gastropub with views of the illuminated Pixar Pier and “World of Color.”

We understand that the outdoor section of the bar, which was just added last year, will receive a more permanent roof and be better integrated into the overall facility.

Leaving the bar behind (yes, I had a drink or two for research purposes), the Pier is under deep construction.

Avalon Cove is wrapped in construction scrims.

The launch tunnel on the Incredicoaster has been fully enclosed and painted red.
The lower outdoor seating area of Avalon Cove is being completely reworked. The old roof has been removed and will be rebuilt.
The old Treasures in Paradise looks nothing like its old self with all the ornate toppers removed.

Paradise Pier Ice Cream will become Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats.

Looking through the construction scrim at the coaster launch The new roofline of the Incredicoaster station will have a mid-century vibe. The new overhang is being installed now:   

The rest of the land looks like an Erector Set exploded. And somehow, Midway Mania continues to operate in the middle of it all, which is sort of fun.

   The new launch tube on the Incredicoaster has been fully enclosed. It’s pitch black on the inside and Pixar Red on the outside.   The 2nd lift is being enclosed now. There was a gaggle of orange vests standing at the entry when I shot these photos.   

Marvel Land

Another big transition has just begun in Bugs Land. Marvel will soon take over this little corner of the park.  It’s Tough To Be A Bug has already closed, but the rest of the land remains open for now.


Food and Wine Ends April 12th

Last call. Food and Wine Festival 2018 ends next week. If you’ve got unused tasting card tabs, it’s time to use them up!


Pixar Fest April 13th

There’s no time for rest if you are a Disneyland cast member. The day after Food and Wine ends Pixar Fest will launch. The festival will run from April 13 through Sept. 3, 2018, at the Disneyland Resort and will include new attractions in Pixar Pier, live shows, fireworks, parades, merchandise, character greetings, and themed food in both parks.

The biggest draw is likely to be the new fireworks show, “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular,” which will light up the sky over Disneyland nightly. The show will feature projections on Main Street, the Castle, Small World, and on the Fantasmic mist screens.  Buzz Lightyear will take over the Tinker Bell castle flyover.

TOGETHER FOREVER FIREWORKS (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)
TOGETHER FOREVER FIREWORKS  (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)
TOGETHER FOREVER FIREWORKS (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

The parades will also be refreshed for Pixar Fest and will flip flop locations – Paint the Night is moving to DCA and Pixar Play Parade will move to Disneyland. Both parades are getting new units.

The Play Parade will now be led by the Pixar Lamp and yellow Pixar Ball. Also joining the parade are characters from Up and Inside Out.

“Paint the Night” parade returns next week as well. It will also be getting a new Pixar Fest inspired unit . . . but not until June . . . the new float will be inspired by “The Incredibles 2”

Meanwhile in Downtown Disney . . .

All the banners in the Esplanade now promote Pixar Fest.

World of Disney continues its extreme makeover. Half the store is walled off and closed as the current decor and walls are removed. The new space will be a more open floor plan. We hope it doesn’t lose too much of the whimsical touches.

The store is currently the only location where you can buy the new Millennial Pink ears. They had sold out on the first day, but they’ve continued to get small batches on a daily basis. And if you can’t find a pair . . . we are giving a pair away! More info on that at the bottom of today’s update.

Across from World of Disney is the Naples construction.  A new bar and patio are being constructed.

They are working on a new overhang now.

The Disney Dress Shop is about to move again. The new location is where Anna and Elsa’s shop was previously located.

The current location will soon be used for two new brew pubs.

The Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer and Ballast Point are taking over the old Build a Bear and RideMakerz building. Strangely, the building is being painted white. I sure do hope it doesn’t end up looking like a hospital.  Here’s the color scheme as it looked before: 

And now the soon to be dearly departed. Everything west of the Monorail beam will be removed for the new hotel which will be squeezed in between the rest of Downtown Disney and the Disneyland Hotel . . .

The practically brand new Starbucks on the west side of Downtown Disney will close by summer.
Rainforest is also closing.
AMC is moving to the Gardenwalk mall.
Lots of folks are sad to be losing Earl of Sandwich. Disney has said that there would be some retail and other establishments incorporated into the new hotel design. We hope this is one of them.
The ESPN Zone is also in the way of construction. This is the last of the ESPN Zone chain.

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Thank you for joining us today. My sincere thanks to Suzanne Lee and Dsny Debbie for their help with additional photos.

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