Hello, and welcome to Dateline Orlando! This week we’ll take you to both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Let’s see what’s going on . . .

Over at the Grand Floridian, the giant Easter eggs were back to celebrate the holiday.

They fit in beautifully with the lobby in the background.

Pretty detailed!

This steampunk egg is great.

The Grand Floridian insignia.

In case you forgot about the Wizard of Oz scene from the Great Movie Ride.

Heading over to Universal CityWalk, Voodoo Doughnuts is now open, and boy is it popular.

If you are vegan or dairy free, ask about their vegan doughnut selection.

Voodoo is based out of Portland, and this location is only the eighth in their chain.
There have been roughly 25-30 minute queues to get doughnuts every day since opening.
But, they are worth the wait. Some of the best doughnuts we’ve ever had.
Gotta go walk those calories off at Islands of Adventure!

The Spring Break Bypass was open, helping guests get around Hogsmeade from Lost Continent on their way to Jurassic Park.
This shirt is kind of ironic, seeing as the Dragons are completely gone.
With the new Harry Potter attraction being built on the site of the old Dragon Challenge, the approach to Hogsmeade is quite different looking.
There are three large cranes on site.

The old Dragon Challenge entrance. Perhaps this will be repurposed for the new ride.

The cranes are visible from all throughout the land.

It was busy enough to require the Disney-esque entrance sign on a stick method.

Extended queue set up in Jurassic Park for the River Adventure.
Hard to believe that one of our favorite films is 25 years old.

I’m ready for Toon Lagoon to get redone. But, with talks of Universal really moving forward with a third park on the other side of I-4, I wonder if the project headed for this section of Islands might end up being built in the new park instead.

One of these Avengers is likely to not survive the Infinity War. Oops, not a Disney park.
Disney announced recently its plans to do a Spider-Man themed attraction at Disney California Adventure. Very curious to see how that turns out, as the bar is set pretty high by this one.

Not super news, but the Marvel Character Dinner is still happening at Cafe 4.

Time to head out!

That does it for this week. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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