Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular

“During Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular, you’re invited to embark on an emotional journey of friendship that starts when unlikely Pixar characters meet, set out on adventures and overcome obstacles together.” – Disneyland

Does Disney’s newest spectacular live up to the high flying expectations? Let’s take a look.

Fireworks are among Disney’s most popular attractions. So it’s no surprise that Together Forever is the most highly anticipated offering of the Pixar Fest celebration. This is a familiar type of show as it uses the projection technology that was added for Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary fireworks, Disneyland Forever.

Take a quick moment to watch this 3 minute teaser video of the brand new spectacular:

Together Forever begins with none other than Buzz Lightyear taking over Tinkerbell’s job of flying over the castle (or is it…falling with style?) and exclaiming “To Friendship…and Beyond!” And that is exactly the theme of this nighttime spectacular, as it celebrates the ever-present message of friendship in the Pixar films.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a streak of light! Wait, it’s Buzz Lightyear.

“My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you.” This show doesn’t shy away from using one film to introduce another, as Dug introduces the Monsters Inc./University segment.

Next, a Finding Nemo segment that introduces only a few quotes from a small handful of scenes before switching right to an Inside Out segment which does the same thing.

Oddly enough, they’ve managed to make everything flow pretty well, even when Inside Out ends with Russell from Up.

WALL-E has a short and sweet section, it’s sort of fun seeing him flying along the Main Street buildings.

Then comes the big Mac Daddy of the show, the Coco segment. There’s so much going on that depending on where you’re standing you may get a completely different show.

If you’re on Main Street, you might see some skeleton figures dancing along the rooftops of the buildings! 💀 (see Dusty’s video below).

The Coco section is definitely a standout in both projection mapping and pyro. With the addition of an extended version of “The World is Mi Familia” from the film, it’s one to remember.

After a quick trip down Route 66, we were dazzled again by an “incredible” Incredibles segment.

While you expect an exciting big band rendition of the theme song, what truly made the Incredibles exciting in Together Forever was the clever use of pyro and non-pyro effects like lighting and lasers to keep that excitement up all the way through.

Then, with a heavy swinging mood shift, Woody and the gang are in the incinerator ready to be melted.

Fire abound for the soon-to-be melted hunks of plastic.

This scene from Toy Story 3 is Disney toying with your emotions. And it works.

The Claw! Of course, the green aliens arrive to save the gang and send us into a lovely section from Up. 

The Up section features Carl Fredrickson’s house held aloft by its bundle of balloons. (the two photos below are from Disney)

In Up fashion, it’s all done to the delightful tune of “Married Life.”

As the theme of the show and the entire Pixar Fest, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” kicks off a final segment using projections to recap the previous segments with some cameos from the films that were missed like Brave, A Bug’s Life, and Ratatouille.

To finish it all off, a solid finale followed by tour guide Barbie from Toy Story 2.Dusty went LIVE on the media night preview of this show. Take a look:

Together Forever was a pleasant surprise. For what is essentially a glorified clip show, it comes together to feel like more than that. It struck a happy medium between pyro and other lighting and projection effects. The projection mapping is great, offering different images depending on where you’re standing. It’s a show that just begs to be watched again from another location. And luckily it offers some really good options. You can watch from Main Street, from the castle, from Small World, or from the Rivers of America.

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